So if you have not read on my facebook or related pages, I’m officially Engaged to Nara after 9 years of dating! haha YEAH WOO-HOO at last, I know right?  Now people can stop poking us in the sides about how long we have been together 😛  To surprise me he did the most amazing and cute proposal ever with this huge sneaky plan + video AND the execution was filmed as well… Yeah he surprised me pretty good *_*  Watch below to see how I got engaged in Korea

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Wanna Know More?

I met Nara our first semester as art students at Ringling College of Art and Design in Florida, he was 19 and I was 18.  He came from Korea to study at RSAD (now called RCAD I guess) because it was well known for its Animation program and he wanted to be a computer animator!  I went to Ringling because I (like most Artists)  liked to draw, it was my life and I wanted to figure out just what I could do with it.

I remember the first time I saw him, our campus was SMALL and at orientation they pulled him up on stage while some people did a break dance.  I thought it was a joke, because these guys are dancing away and suddenly they yank up this Asian guy with long bleached blonde hair who looked surprised and just kinda freezes on stage for a sec.  We leaned in to see what would happen, and holy shit… he started doing all these crazy tricks and was the best one!!!  I was like (O_____O) wow that blond guy is SO COOL! I never forgot that moment haha.

We eventually met properly weeks later because a friend of his he went to High School with in Russia (small world, and yeah Nara lived a bunch of places!) had gone to Ringling as well and was living in my dorm hall… which was co-ed because we all had single private rooms.  One night I had my hall door open with people inside watching a movie when Nara wandered in with his friend and stayed to hang out.  He fell fast asleep and I (being the obnoxious person that I am)  got some tiny rubber bands and made a bunch of braids in this guys hair…he had come by and just fallen asleep~ Fair game! haha!  He woke up a while later and looked pissed while he shook them off grumbling, I thought “ah this guy is so serious… ok he must not like me now” but the next day I heard a knock at my door and he was standing there by himself  and wanted to hang out together some more.

♥ ♥ ♥

He kept coming every day and we just sat and watched movies together or talked… he was so calm and kind, it was really nice.  He seemed to have no romantic interest in me at all though, we hung out every evening for a month or so and everyone thought for sure we had been dating, but nope…..just hanging out.  I had been friend zoned! I was not sure how I felt about that though, It was one of those “ah do I like this guy?  Does he like me?  Why is he always around me? Do I even care if he does not like me?”  It was something I kinda argued about in my brain with myself for a few weeks.  Finally Christmas came and everyone had to go home for a few weeks, I realized over winter vacation just how much I missed his company and that I actually did REALLY want to know just how he felt…So I confessed and he confessed back!  The rest is lots of fluff that I will spare you guys.

♥ ♥ ♥

I knew I loved Nara very early on and it kinda surprised me because I usually was very meh deep down in every relationship I stumbled into. I was never very serious, but he was very different and I knew it right away~ We have had our ups and downs for sure after all this time and all the big changes we have gone through in life and as people, but I am glad we stuck it though to adulthood together. That toy is the very first gift he gave me for my Birthday after we had been dating just 3 months, he made me a stuffed Hello Kitty out of anything he could find in his dorm because he did not have a car. HOW SWEET IS THAT???  That’s when I knew I had found a very special guy.  It’s here in Korea with me on my special shrine shelf, out of all the Hello Kitty plush I own~ it is the cutest to me. ♥  If you make fun of it I will throw my other stuffed animals at you.


I mean come on we dated for 9 years, right?  Well I knew one was coming, I just had no idea when… PLUS our anniversary and valentines day had just passed which I had braced for something to happen, so when not a word was mentioned I totally flushed it out of my brain and thought it would not happen till later on in the year.

I am shocked that I was 100% surprised by this!!!  Seriously, No idea. I thought it would be impossible for him to catch me off guard like that! I had been expecting “so you want to sign those papers today?” or maybe a proposal at a restaurant, something simple because we had already talked about it so much… after being together that long you kind of come to an agreement haha. I knew years ago that I wanted to be with him forever, it was all just a matter of time and when the right moment would be due to everything going on with the move to Korea and uprooting.

We went out for dinner before the cupcake place, but he was on his phone the whole time. See? I even took a pic to complain about it later! lol

The day of the event was his birthday party… which was a Sunday even though his birthday was that Saturday… so I was asking him all weekend why anyone would have a party on Sunday!? Why didn’t he want to go out on Saturday?  Even on the way over I was teasing him about being so easy-going by having a party at 9pm on a Sunday night.  He kept telling me to dress up extra nice, oh paint your nails pretty, wear your hair down etc. and was texting on the phone all day non stop so I thought it was a little odd he was acting like this, but assumed it was for the party and he just wanted us to look nice for photos…it just didn’t click together till the end.

When I arrived (you can see in the video) I was wondering why the two tables of people I knew had not sat together… They said they had too many people so they had to split. It turns out the entire cafe was filled with Nara’s friends, but I had never met them or they stayed hidden so I did not notice them at all. I saw the huge thing covered in pink paper, but someone quickly said it was something the cafe was building so I bought that and just sat down.

I was so distracted by everyone talking and how cute the venue was…when they brought out the tray with the ring box, I remember thinking it looked like my friends work, snapped a photo of it to tweet on twitter, and that’s when I saw the red envelope.

Even then I STILL did not realize, I thought this was some embarrassing thing his friends had planned to do with me for his birthday, because before (as you see in the video) his friend had glued his camera on me and kept asking me to say romantic things about Nara and wish him happy birthday! I thought AGH what are they roping me in to!?


The moment I realized this was a THE PROPOSAL was when I smacked my forehead on the video, but I was having so much fun watching the video that I did not start to cry till a few min in because I was so moved by my friends doing this…at first I was laughing, but then I started thinking “oh wow… this is for ME..for US”. It took a little bit to sink into my brain.

Some people asked (I guess the could not see? Its kinda subtle) why I was not sobbing!  I pretty much was fighting not to cry as soon as the room jumped up with the signs. When Nara came out I was grabbing my face to try and stop it and managed *somehow* to stop myself from sobbing uncontrollably  and only TEAR TEAR TEAR.  I have NO IDEA how I managed to do that… I sob like a baby and cry really easily, so I was telling myself “omg stop… dont… you can’t let it go and have your mascara EVERYPLACE + RIVER OF RUNNY NOSE WITH 5 CAMERAS ON YOU. STOOOOOOP”  I almost lost it 3 times in the video.  I mean it,  I am a sloppy crybaby so its for the best that I didn’t let big fat crybaby Liz out of its cage.

♥ ♥ ♥

He was so sneaky with this Cupcake Proposal…. even with all the videos he had to edit and the time spent planning, he did such an amazing job hiding it all from me!  He told me he would wake up early every day at like 5am to work on it, called in sick a few days, pretty much spent 2 months on that video gathering and editing it all up while he planned.  Valentines Day in Korea had juuuuust passed and technically so had our Anniversary which I had been braced for something~ So when nothing happened I assumed we would be waiting till later in the year or next year even.  To do this on the night of HIS party was a clever trick.


Everyone in the video is such a beautiful person, even if we are not so close to the point we know each others deepest secrets and all that~ I can say that that video is hands down filled with some of the NICEST and MOST TALENTED people around.  I wish I could gush and just list everyone out, what they do, why they are amazing etc~ but its like 50+ people O_o so just believe me.

at the Sanrio Nerd party in LA 2010

“How to Train Your Dragon” Dreamworks Premier party in LA

Aside from just being amazing in general, everyone brings joy to others by being so talented or kind as wellWe are all in the business to make people happy, with our art, acting, photography, or jobs as curators, coordinators, film makers, shop owners, etc~  In turn, that makes US happy.  You can see it in everyone’s faces~ beautiful people inside and out who glow and want to make the world a brighter place.  People I am so happy I got to meet or share a connection with….and even if we are not best friends, I feel like we are all from that same weird sparkle planet out in outer space and share a connection, you know? I’m pretty sure that planet also had Kittens and Pie.

at the Sanrio Nerd party in LA 2010

Thank you, you pretty people~ for taking the time to make a memory for Nara and I that we will treasure forever.

♥ ♥ ♥

Its a bit lonely here by myself with Nara away from my family and friends, so when I feel a little sad that I cant have the celebration dinner with everyone or prance around while people go “OMG lemme see the ring, OMG how does it feel?”  I can just look at that video and its all I need to feel loved by Nara and by others ♥

This is the sort of blargh sap personal drabble that I roll my eyes at online, so I am going to try and make this a one post deal ok??  Nara had to answer some questions in an interview about how he came up with the idea~ So I’ll give his Q&A its own post next, but that’s it for sappy-sapness for now.

haha thank you everyone~ and I love you Nara, We have grown into adults together and I think we came out ok.  Lets make even more memories and smile forever ♥ Keep those cupcakes coming.



 ♥ ♥  Twinkie-chan made the cute cupcake ring box for my ring. Check her blog for more photos + info. ♥ ♥

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♥ ♥ Fabsugar does a quick spot about us! aw we are stylish and cute? haha nah, just nerdy artists! ♥ ♥

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54 Responses to “Lovely Day- My cute proposal in Korea”

  • Oh I love this post <3 Lovely reading! Love the blog! <3<

    • Custom avatar Elle:

      xoxoxoxo Anneli! Thank you so much for everything! Also, thank your sweetie for filming with you as well, I just saw the cut footage the other day! Nara said he is sorry he could not get that other shot in <3 he liked the single one a bit more with your baby tummy hehehe!!

      • haha no worries, with so many people to show in that little amount of time we totally get it! 😀 <3 <3 And we where like stiffs compared to your other friends, we recorded it when we where sooo tired hahaha <3 But Im glad you got to see a glimps of Patrik too 😀 BTW – He's so cute, he sings to my baby bump every night, and the lyrics are never the same – I have to bite my lip not to laugh at him (I still do sometimes) – but it's just soo cute!

  • Hopped over from facebook ~ most adorable proposal ever! Awesome guy and awesome friend. Congrats!! 🙂 I got proposed to over playing kingdom hearts lol

    • Elle:

      haha that sounds adorable too! Hopefully it was not while you where trying to kill a boss or something! ^^

  • Custom avatar Ashley:

    I am so very stinkin’ happy for you! Even though I don’t know you that well or anything, I truly am excited for you! Been a fan of yours for years and I just think you’re super awesome and deserve this happiness <3 🙂 I watched the video a few times because it was so damn sweet! (Yes, I teared up the first time haha, I'm a sap too x.x)~ It's SO nice and refreshing to see couples like you and Nara. I bet you'll have a blast planning the wedding!

    Congratulations to the both of you!~ 😀

    • Elle:

      Thank you so much Ashley! You know, I’m so glad he did this because I could share it with all of you guys as well~ I’m glad it makes some other people smile besides us, you know?? I mean, DOODLES AND CUPCAKES~ thats ok, yeah? lol. Oh you can bet I will have a blast… I wanna do something crazy like a tower of cakes or rainbow punch! Sadly the wedding will have to be here, so it will prob be a bit serious because of “expectations” or something, but hopefully we can slip in a little bit of crazy someplace lol.

      • Custom avatar Ashley:

        Haha~ I’m sure you’ll find a way to add some Liz flare to it 😀 And I’m very glad Nara shared the moment with us as well 🙂

  • Custom avatar Jennifer:

    This was so cute! Congratulations~

  • Wow! Omg! I don’t know you personally, but I’m sooo happy for you! Congrats!!! Such a sahweet proposal! <3 XD

  • Custom avatar Cate:

    I first saw the video when Stephiee tweeted about it and although I don’t know you very well personally I’ve been a fan of your art for many years and seeing this video brought a happy tear to my eye and I’m so very happy for the both of you and wish you a wonderful future together <3

    • Elle:

      thank you very much cate T_T I’m glad our little event could be enjoyed by others as well!

  • I saw the video on Irene’s facebook. I was having a not-so-great day when it was posted, but it made me feel a little better. 🙂 I’m such a sucker for proposal videos, but what amazed me about this one was that Nara didn’t have any companies to pay for things or organize it. He did it all himself. THATS LOVE! TT_______TT

  • I finally RSS’d your blog a few weeks ago then saw this video went…uh, viral? It went viral in the kblogging sphere, anyway! I’m glad you made a post about it because I’ve been bursting to tell you that this is AMAZING and I’m SO happy for you two!!! I totally teared up when watching it ㅠㅠ I’m also in Korea right now, but I’m doing the whole teaching thing. I met my own boyfriend when he studied abroad at my school 3 years ago. I love your blog because it really IS different than the usual EFL teacher thing.

    Anyway, TL;DR version: I’m so happy for you! This is one of the sweetest things ever, and I wish the both of you the best of luck~

  • I saw the video on Twinkie Chan’s site, and I must admit there was a little tear from me….how beautiful! I wish you all the happiness in the world.

    I showed the video to my husband, he feels bad and wants us to get engaged again 🙂 That ship has sailed 🙂

    Again congrats, you have an amazing adventure ahead of you xxx

  • Custom avatar Bex:

    How lovely to read about it from your perspective! You seem like such a wonderful couple, and Nara is just… let’s just say I hope to meet a man like him soon! Congrats again~

  • Custom avatar Caz:

    This really was the cutest thing i’ve ever seen 🙂 It’s really nice to read about how you guys got together!! CONGRATS!!

  • I actually found your blog after watching the video on Drop Dead Cute. I shared it with my friends on Facebook and we all agree that this has to be the sweetest proposal ever! Congrats and I hope the two of you continue to make each other very happy! ^^

  • Ahhh this post made me so happy! Congratulations! Your love gives me hope! ^^ I’m still patiently waiting for my love story to begin. 🙂

    Meanwhile, as far as I’m concerned continue with the sappy posts! 😀 You two are an absolutely adorable couple and I enjoyed reading about your story!

  • It’s so great to read the story of how you and Nara met! I actually really wanted to go to Ringling for awhile when I was younger, but every time I mentioned going to a college anywhere other than in MD my dad would say no and in the end I ended up not going to college at all and now I’m a hobo (not really, but I took some online school and self-teach myself often!). Anyway TANGENT! You two are such adorable and talented people and I’m really happy to know you. You looked beautiful in the video and I bet it was really hard to break into a massive pile of heaping sobs. I probably would have turned bright red and just died. I recognized Mary Winkler and Erica/Zambi in your video and probably a few other of your many talented artist friends. I hope I finally get to meet you in person someday when you move back to San Francisco! You two have a wonderful life together full of adventure and a lot of fuzzy kittens wearing cute bows, mmmkay? ( ^-^)/且☆且\(^-^ )

  • OMG, congratulations on your engagement! You are perfect for each other!!

    You guys make me believe that couples can make it even if they are years together already! Thank you for sharing your beautiful love story with us. : )

    • Elle:

      Thank you so much!! I’ll admit, because we went through two pretty dramatic growing periods as people (from entering college, to starting out on our own after) it can be so difficult because you kinda change from point A to point B sometimes, but I am so glad we were able to grow together and make it through into adulthood… or semi adulthood since we are still kinda big kids inside! XD

  • haha i like how you guys were hanging out for a good month wondering…WHAT ARE WE? ARE WE DATING? ARE WE JUST FRIENDS? because that’s EXACTLY how i felt with Chris…just two people…HANGING OUT…FRIENDS…:P cool beans…n then one day it just clicked 🙂

    i like how you posted the homeless photo of yourself in the end! HA! Miss you! <3<3

    • Elle:

      I should have been like “STATE UR NAME AND BUSINESS” before I let him in my room after a certain point lmaoooo. I cant wait to move back and be a hobo outside for sales again lol that was so fun even if it was so damn early. Miss you!! Come back soon for bacon and cooked kimchii!!! We found a crazy legit butcher/BBQ joint that is so cheap next to my house…. needless to say they know our faces now because we have been going so often *_*

  • Wow ok, somehow I managed to watch the proposal video (maybe a direct link from facebook?) but I missed this post about “how you met” etc. Ahhh so good! And just like the proposal video, amazingly cute but not cheesy – know what I mean? Like cute and genuine.

    Heh I love that you messed with his hair when he fell asleep in your dorm room… he totally had that one coming! Also, you are brave to have confessed first! In college I confronted this guy about “what we were to each other” but I made him admit to liking me first before I told him I felt the same. Never seen someone look so terrified. I’m mean like that!

    Anywayyy super cool. It’s nice to read about your story – it gives the proposal some context too. ALSO I didn’t know Nara worked for Dreamworks until I read a few more of your blog posts today. And you were at the HTTYD premier party?!? AHH! One of my top five favorite movies EVER!!! The only problem with that movie is that now I’m eternally depressed that I can’t have my own dragon.

    Also, good job on not bawling when he proposed! I am completely not a crier but even I had a hard time fighting back tears when I watched your video. =)

    • Elle:

      aw thank you Kelsea! haha yeah, he was SO not happy about waking up to a little tied braid in his hair~ Now Nara laughs off stuff, but years ago he was kinda shy and had a hard time laughing at himself so I really embarrassed him a lot! *_* hehe How did you miss the Dreamworks info? haha yea for like 4 years, he had to put in on hold to come here~ but I think he really wants to go back when we finish in Korea. The Dragons wrap party was SOOOO much fun, we even got a leather replica of Hiccups sketch book + twig pencil lol. The “Memegamind” wrap party was also a blast up in SF, good times~ I miss the parties back home.

      Oh man, dont ask me how I did not sloppy cry. It was a miracle!

      • I don’t know how I missed that he worked at Dreamworks!! But, MAN that is so cool! And the Hiccup sketchbook replica… I’m so jealous! =)

        Talking about sloppy crying (believe me, I avoid crying in public not just because I feel embarassed but because seriously I look like some sort of huge druggie mess when I cry)… reminded me of this video (Kristen Bell Sloth Meltdown):

        Have you seen it? I just remember how she said if she wasn’t between a 3 and a 7 on the emotional scale, she was crying. Hehe. I dislike most of othe youtube videos that become huge sensations but that one I have rewatched several times. So funny!

  • Custom avatar Hyeon ah:

    I cried when I was watching movie on FB..
    And now I came this blog!
    You in Hanbok(on the profile picture) looks lovely & nice!^^

  • I wanted to reread this because I miss you and wanted some feel good loving vibes from the video on this slow day.

    Reading about how you two met was great, and while we all know I’m not one for mush, I like learning things about my friends and the extra info is the cherry on top of the video.

    Thanks for hyping me up and telling people I’m beautiful muahahaha.

    When you come back, there will be a celebratory dinner for you to show off your ring and gush about it all over again. <3<3<3

    • Elle:

      Aw Irene, I miss you! ♥ Yes, we will have much snacking and fun times when I get back I hope~ We can talk about your pretty face and my pretty ring and be all te-he-he-he HAHA! Don’t go moving far away or anything, ok? I promise I will haul back a sack of things for us to all munch on and we can have some sort of crazy korean snack slumber party or something lol I just saw your sanrio post on the train while I was riding home, aw man it is so funny~ Its a bit lonely here some days so it makes me feel a lot better when I see those sorts of things ♥ I’m sure the grumpy old guys on the train wanted to know what I was loling at on my phone though! haha

  • hi Elle 🙂 <3, I saw the video and i read the whole story and believe me, i cried like crazy, i've been watching proposal videos for years, and of all this one is the best one because it was Nara's idea! :3 Well I'm a bit of a cry baby my self and well I was kind of a foster kid and belive me, my life hasn't been easy, but after all the suffering God sent me Beni, my actual bf and he has made my life change for the better, i hope we grow up old together cuz he makes me really happy, (sorry for the long unnecessary story) but as you know at first the guys are a bit suspicious about engagements and stuff like that, well beni has been teasing me about the proposal and that the ring its ready, but he said that the engagement was coming when i least hope and expect it, so i believe that i will never happen 🙁 and he tells me it will and winks (i hate-love that) but i guess i have to wait (why? xc). i know it might not be as great as your proposal in presentation, but for my heart it will be the best in the world 😀 <3 anyway i'm really happy for you even if i don't know you personally c: <3 i hope you have a beautiful future and very soft and snugly babies! haha

  • Custom avatar ivey:

    i’ve said it before but i’ll say it again, congrats on becoming engaged to nara! may the two of you have a long, happy and prosperous life together!

  • Custom avatar Bridget:

    that was the most thoughtful and lovely proposal I have ever seen!

  • Custom avatar Maeva:

    wow, I firstly read all the post and I was like omg, your story is so amazing. That’s so great to date a really good friend. After I watched the video and honestly I was so nervous for you than even my stomach felt it and then I was constantly smiling, I’m really happy for you. I can’t even imagine how you were happy that day and getting happier each day since then. Congratulations for this 😀
    And of course congratulations to your boyfriend and best friends, this video is so amazing as well 🙂

    • Elle:

      Aw thank you so much!! haha the video is long, but I am really happy Nara managed to somehow shoot all that and edit it all into one vid for myself and everyone else to enjoy 😀 After 9 years dating I am still surprised he managed to catch me off guard like that! Thank you again for your kind words *^_^*

  • Custom avatar coco:

    oh my gooooood that was sooooooo nice and adorable and just …. perfect
    I know you and your website since …. this morning in fact (excuse my hooooorrible english )and i’m devouring it seems then
    before I watch this video I doesn’t know that i was so sensitive , I cryed during the whooooole video (not of sadness of course )
    thank you so much to share this moment with us that’s so priceless
    congratulaaaaaation, félicitatioooooooon
    and i hope to see your wedding fotos soon I’m sure that you will be wonderful

    • Elle:

      I am so glad you found my site, and thank you! Aw I am sorry it made you cry, hehe it seems to be touching for a lot of people which warms my heart and Nara’s too since the video was originally made for showing my family and close friends! I am so thankful he was able to capture the moment so well, and to all my friends back home that participated because it made me feel a lot less lonely! Hopefully I will be able to share some wedding photos soon <3 <3

      • Custom avatar coco:

        haha now that I watch your whooooole website
        I will run to see your youtube channel
        and thank you to answer me it’s so sweet ^^
        I wish you a loooot of happiness for the future
        love your blog, it’s a big dream for me to go to live in a foreigner country so watch your blog make me travel and discover things with you thank you so much

  • Custom avatar Ronda:

    I am sitting here with Tears of Joy! That was one of the most wonderful things I have ever watched! I wish you two the most love an happiness! What a Sweet man!

  • Custom avatar Belinda Ngoo:

    Sweet love of you and Nara….loves reading your blog on the Korean culture and activities…a very touching and romantic video proposal…wishing you both a blessed and everlasting marriage with cute cute babies…

  • Custom avatar Eunice:

    This was aaaamazing. You have such an amazing circle of friends as well :’) Congratulations you guys <3

  • Waaaaaaah! Congrats to you both! (^_^) Your story sounds like a Hallyuwood love story! Hope you post more of your pics with your fiance! xoxoxo

  • Custom avatar zee lis:

    im silent reader…and wow!!!!its look romantic when nara give you suprise….and its make me crying watching the video with title the most amazing and cute proposal ever….how sweetttt….:)

  • Custom avatar Ali:

    I am in Korea on a short (3 months) stay, and love your posts. Super photos and useful info. This post is really awesome. God bless you

  • Custom avatar Christina:

    You guys are so creative! Cheers to you! Tears were running down my face as I watched the proposal. With such lovely friends and family, it’s definitely a lovely day. 🙂

  • So cute and romantic! hope you will have many years together !

  • Custom avatar Myles:

    OMG OMG OMG..this is the best proposal eeeeevvvveeerrrr….i couldnt help tearing up (coz am a sapI wish you all the happiness in the world…OMG OMG

  • Custom avatar MrsLauraW:

    Crying all over my iPad! You both truly are Cute in Korea – thank you for sharing 🙂

  • Custom avatar Addie:

    That was the most amazing thing I have ever seen! It felt like I am there and I am part of it. I cried out my tears and my make-up was ruined, too 🙂 Anyway, thank you for sharing this, I wish both of you all the best ♥

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