Time for a simple cute post~ Pororo snack time!!  I kept seeing all these cute treats and finally caved one day and bought them all so I could give them a try!  I am such a big kid.. so now that I have a blog to share this with it kinda gives me a good excuse to buy extra cute junk hehehe

♥ ♥ ♥

Do you know Pororo? He is a hit children’s character here in Korea!  I will feature him soon!

 These cute character cakes are from Paris Baguette and come in two flavors, Banana and Milk!

 They were like little pound cakes, nice soft and fluffy plus they tasted exactly like the flavor listed on the package.  Milk flavor is a bit strange for me because it is not really creamy, but has a legit milk aftertaste.  Overall I found these perfect snack sizes, but way too sweet for my taste!  Maybe because it is a kids treat *_*

The cracker boxes can be bought at lots of places, but I got mine at Daiso! They come in two flavors, plain & cheese

10 different character shapes! Wow they got pretty much everybody in the bag!

I really liked these crackers, especially with cheese!  Hard to pick a favorite, but they made really good snacks while I worked this week ^^ the bag in each box is actually quite large too, so you can munch on them in multiple sittings if you like.

Finally the cute drink~ this one was “Milk” flavor again… must be a popular kids flavor in Korea?  This drink was very strange for me personally, but Koreans love semi milky sweet drinks so it is pretty normal here.  It was like a sweet cloudy juice that had a bit of a milky aftertaste, but also tasted a bit like the blue soda flavor here in Asia.  This was so sweet, I don’t know how Mothers here can give this to kids because it was like drinking candy!  Same with the cake, and this is coming from someone who eats junk food all the time!  Ack!

Time for a cute palate cleanser~ how about some cute Pororo balloons?!

 Or these adorable Pororo backpacks??  The pink one is really cute!!!

♥ ♥ ♥

If I find any other cute Pororo snacks I will be sure to add them to the post!!

Do you know of any other cute Pororo snacks I missed? Do you like buying “little kids” snacks sometimes just because they are cute?  What are your favorites?  Share in the comments below!!

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17 Responses to “Lunch with Pororo”

  • Custom avatar Regan:

    I personally love cute snacks. princess fruit snacks and the like 😉

    • Elle:

      yay! haha I was such a sucker for all the fruit snacks that came out as a kid! I remember one with a special white shark gummy in it and we would all freak out over who got to eat it lol

      • Custom avatar Jaime:

        I remember that white shark gummy! I wish I could remember what those came in! I still love gummies. We have cute Hello Kitty ones at Walgreens.

  • Custom avatar Kery:

    I bought the same Pororo drink in Barcelona and I agree with you, is just like drinking candy! I couldn’t finish the drink since it was too sweet T_T
    My best friend and I have a huge obsession with Pororo (it’s too cute~~) and I was dying to know what snacks I could find with his face or something lol Thanks for posting this <3

    • Elle:

      aw yeah! I love how cute the kids drinks are, but they are so gross sweet! 😛 blah! I am going to visit the Pororo park and feature him a lot of other times in future posts, so hope you will enjoy those 😀 If I find any other snacks with him I will be sure to add them to this post. They make a TON of things with Pororo on them, but I am trying to find ones with special shapes vs just his name on the bag if that makes sense ♥ 😉

  • Wow, Pororo is really cute * u * The name sounds cute too… I love kids stuff, however here in Sweden there aren’t a lot of character snacks available… most moms here are really strict about what their kids eat (like all organic/sugar-free stuff, it’s pretty silly).

    There are some Tintin candies around though and they’re not very good but I love Tintin so I buy them anyway… Some places have Hello Kitty and Star Wars candy which is awesome! Like gummies shaped like yoda haha <3

  • Custom avatar CECE:

    Hi 🙂
    I love your pink blog ! 귀여워요~~:)

    I am sure we can be a good friend.!

  • Custom avatar Olivia:

    Have you tried the Pororo liquid yogurt? It comes in these tiny bottles that you can finish in like 3 swallows. They serve it on Wednesdays at my elementary school’s cafeteria as a treat. I thought I’d hate it but it’s actually pretty good. The grape flavor is best I think. ^^

    • Elle:

      Oh I have seen it before, but I never buy it because I am not a fan of yogurt! Nara is though, so I should pick some up to add to this 😀 Thank you!

  • Custom avatar kim:

    i still love eating junk food hahah im lucky i only had to get one filling for a cavity

  • Custom avatar Lucie:

    I love character cakes from Paris Baguette!!! I eat it every morning for my breakfast 😀

  • Custom avatar Gladys:

    Hello… may I know where in Korea can I find all kinds of Pororo snacks? and Pororo stuff as well.. My girl loves Pororo sooo much 😀


    • Elle:

      You can find pororo snacks at some convenience shops, daiso (some locations have a snack section, check my daiso here article for locations), and emart. For toys of him I always see a bunch in toysrus here, I also feature that on the blog here with locations ^^ they also have a mini pororo theme park at sindorim station inside d-cube city mall

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