The Korean brand Peripera and graphic artist Mari Kim 마리킴 have teamed up to create pretty packaging for a new revamp to the brands tint line!

Most people into K-pop will recognize Mari Kim’s art style right away ♥

last year she worked with the K-pop girls group 2 NE1 on the fully animated music video for “Hate You” which also included plenty of Illustrated promotional materials.

  ♥ ♥ ♥ Check it out! ♥ ♥ ♥

Peripera is a smaller makeup brand (sub brand of CLIO Cosmetics) founded in 2005 that can be found in cosmetic and beauty shops like Watsons here in Korea.  This brand is notable for its lipsticks and nail polish, but it also has a modest line of BB cream, powder packs, eyeliners, etc. as well.  The pricing is fairly inexpensive, typical medium range drugstore makeup prices from under 10,000 to around 20,000 won ($10-$20) per item.

♥ ♥ ♥

Like with most Korean brands, despite the lower prices the quality is always exceptional when you compare it to some of the junk they sell back at home!

Peripera always has a nice girly, but elegant flower look to its packaging (they have an amazing lipstick case I will feature sometime!)~ but this new collection launch really stands out at the stores right now in Korea because few are as heavily illustrated as this with bright colors. Bonus points because artist Mari Kim really has a nice and instantly recognizable style to her work which~I am sure that made her very appealing to Peripera since the 2NE1 video was such a hit.

♥ ♥ ♥

The pieces she made for Peripera still have her signature style of unique grey toned girls with playful pops of colors and those amazing dreamy eyes. They feel like someone went into an old black and white photograph and colorized elements, I love it.

Wise choice Peripera!


Samples out and ready to be tested at Watsons!

This packaging revamp with Mari Kim is focused on Peripera’s lip tint products (14 total) which are boasting a new and improved formulations.  The art is also being used for some giveaways and extras like makeup bags, mouse pads, etc which is always awesome ♥

Even the box packaging is very sweet!

The feeling of the Mari Kim products is a lot more modern and edgy vs the original ornate floral+cute product designs from before…I wonder if this is a short term thing, or if the tint line will keep this look for the long term. They did a line tie-in with Wondergirls a while back that is long gone, so these maaaay not be a permanent change to the packaging…meaning STOCK UP…MAYBE. lol

*Update* this week I went back and the stores are all out or down to the last few of popular colors in this set~ it may not be around for much longer since I am kinda late with writing about this!*

Lets take a look at some of the showcases of this collaboration!

Tint Water collection in ♥Cherry Juice♥  ♥Pink Juice♥ and ♥Orange Juice♥

First we have Peripera’s Water Tint line with the new art added. These come in the usual tint shades here in Korea~ Red, Pink, and the new trendy Orange which looks quite pretty on fair skin. I am a big fan of stains and tints, they last a long time and you can layer them up without having to worry about a smudge later.

Peripera Cherry Tint Water (next to Milky Pink) on my hand

Orange and Pink Juice was sold out at my location, but I did get to try cherry!  I tried the Water Cherry and Benitint side by side when I got home (my swatch was still on my hand lol) and they both started off similar, but the Periperi‘s lingering tint had a little more orange to it later on! I noticed these water tints are prone to feathering, but most are so its nothing new.

Overall, this is a nice and inexpensive tint line with a pretty result, but you may need to layer it up for longer wear!

I am really fond of the firm applicator on this VS a brush like USA’s Benetint which is way too floppy!

Milky Tint collection in ♥Milky Pink♥ and ♥Milky Peach♥

Next we have the Peripera Milky Tint in Peach and Pink.  These colors (like the others above) are frequently found in Korea, but the packaging sure is cuter with these VS the ones Etude sells because of the art!  Milky tints usually have an icky taste, and these do as well~ but it goes away after you apply some gloss.  I found these tints to be very fun and a bit more vivid than I expected, but the color lightened up quickly so you have apply a few times if you want a brighter pink.

sorry for the tiny photo! 1 coat after one hour

lingering stain was very very light  (vs my Benitints cream pink which stays around looking more purple pink, or my Etude cream pink which is super bright neon pop pink) I am not sure if it would show up on my lips that light, but the soft pink is very pretty on my hand at least.

♥ ♥ ♥

  If you want something subtle and creamy with a bit of pop, but dont mind if it does not stain your lips all day~ this is a great tint to try

Jelly Sticks in ♥Cherry♥  ♥Pink♥  and ♥Orange♥

I was excited to see these swatch photos because I am on the hunt for a good jelly lipstick~ yes these exist! I read about the L’Oreal Lip Glow sticks (google them, the pics look really cool) but by the time I found out they had been removed from the stores and the reviews online did not seem too impressive.  Jelly lipstick is usually super light, and hopefully will glide on like lip gloss… just in a cool transparent stick form. These float around the trendy makeup stores in Korea, so I was happy to see Peripera gave it a shot as well!

I love the soft color of the Peripera Cherry Jelly Stick.

These are all VERY subtle tints, so maybe it’s best to pick the one that will enhance your natural color VS change it.

I picked out cherry because it looked the nicest on my skin, the result is a super pretty and soft color~ I really love it!  It is great for those days that you want to look natural and be like “oh yeah, my lips are just kissable rosy like this all the time~ whateva!”

The jelly lipstick goes on smooth~ not a very glossy finish though.

it has little bits of sparkles you can see inside~ but they do not show up on your lips.

I love the idea and color for this, but the taste is gross… it’s like soap! blargh!  The smell is a kinda perfume and fruit-ish scent, but the taste is icky when you apply it. hard is it to add some flavor?  I have had worse though, so its not unusable because of this taste since it does go away… but its kinda a put-off. Last thing, the color remains, but the soft gloss feeling goes away super fast so I found myself wanting to add another clear gloss on top of this quickly.

And last for the lips we have the popular mainstay item for Peripera, Wonder Talk Balm.

Peri’s Tint aka Wonder Talk Balm was apparently was reformulated in 2011 for this new launch, however since I did not use the older formula I really cant compare~ Just comment that I like the new tins a lot better!  The tinted balm comes in 7 colors and claim to give you some plumping, but this varies with each color~

And because I love everyone so much, I translated this chart into English for you! Stunning, yes I know! lol

Colors from left to right are …

#1 Dear Honey 디어허니 , #2 Very Pink 베리핑크 , #3 Sugar Peach 슈가피치

#4  Kissable Red 키써블레드, #5 Cherry Pink 체리핑크, #6 Orange Red 오렌지레드

Hands down the most unpopular color is the clear honey, I’m guessing because it has no plumping or tint..its just plain old balm~ why bother?! My local shop was sold out of all the pinks and only had one left of a few others, but TONS of the Honey color so I had to dig through them.

They had all the colors to sample still, and I was sure my favorite color would be one of the sold out pinks… but actually the oranges in this set look super nice too!!  My favorite was the #6 Orange Red, which I was kinda shocked about and had to triple check that was the color I was seeing arm since it looks super unappealing and bleh in the tin.

My favorite was the Peri’s Tint #6 Orange Red

#5 and #6 have lips in the center that are another color you are meant to swirl your fingers over with the gloss. The more you rub over the center color, the redder your gloss will become.

These tints are very smooth when you touch them, and apply softly without a sticky finish~

I really liked how nice and natural they look on! The balm is scented with a nice fruity smell, but no taste in it~aw!  I ADORE this color on, it is a beautiful flushed red that feels so smooth and pops~  but still looks very natural!  It is one of my favorite things to apply when I want a less pink lip with my outfit, my only complaint is I hate tin lip balms >_<  I just keep it at home because I need to apply with a brush or wipe my finger clean after applying it or it will stain red lol.   Still though, in love with the color and feel of Peri’s Tint.

Peri-tints used to come with this wacky applicator magnet thing, but these new art tins do not for some reason


So the products overall are basics, but good basics that we all need pretty much~ which is great if you need an excuse to buy something.

The art is worked into the packaging fairly simply (no complex patterns or wrapping around, unique crazy shapes, etc) but the illustrations are very cute, but not childish to carry around in your purse!  Its also nice that they are well-made products, no cheap stickers to apply the art or anything.  The plastic has a nice weight and feel to it and is a soft peachy off-white, but something you cant see in the photos is it also has a very fine pearl finish to it which is much nicer vs flat colored plastic.

If you are a fan of Mari Kim’s art this is a great set of makeup to buy~ it’s all very usable and something you would want in your purse.

♥ ♥ ♥


When I bought my pieces at Watsons I received a very nice rubber mouse pad for each item! YAY KOREA FREEBIES!

They also had two kinds of nice plastic zipper makeup bags~ I forgot to ask if they are gift items or actual bags you could buy though.

♥ ♥ ♥

You can buy these pieces online through ebay, gmarket, and some of the korean/asian cosmetic online stores.

Some places may only have older styles vs the Mari Kim packaging though, so keep your eyes peeled.

Do you own any of these? Do you want any of these?  What is your favorite?  Do you like artist collabs with makeup brands? 


♥ Peripera USA Online store ♥

♥ Peripera Korean Site ♥

♥ Mari Kim’s Naver Blog ♥

♥ Buy The 2NE1 CD with Mari Kim’s Art HERE ♥

I will do a blog about the peripera makeup line overall if enough people are interested + I will be doing a proper feature on Korean artist Mari Kim soon!

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25 Responses to “Mari Kim for Peripera makeup”

  • I loved the artwork in the Hate You video by 2NE1. So it’s cool to find out more about the artist. As well as to see her cute designs on this makeup…it is so adorable. And the makeup sounds very cool too. I haven’t used lip tints before (except some yucky brand I tried a million years ago), but should probably try them since I tend to like a more natural look. And I found some of the PeriPera makeup with Mari Kim’s designs on it listed on eBay. So it looks like I could get it here in the U.S. if I really wanted to. (Wish it were on Amazon…I got a gift certificate for there.)

    • Elle:

      Glad it was some interesting info for you!! If you like a natural look the jelly and gloss are really nice, lots of Korean makeup is VERY MUCH about looking as natural as possible I have noticed hehe. Tints are a bit tricky, but I do like them… mainly the red, red lipstick looks funny and gets everyplace on me~ but red tint is a lot easier to wear IMO!

  • Custom avatar Zanna:

    Oh wow, I really like the designs on these! I’m such a sucker for pretty packaging. I have to say that the makeup actually looks really nice too. I like how they’re more natural colors but slightly jazzed up, if that makes any sense?

    I’m rather pale with pink coloring (translucent skin XD) so a lot of makeup looks overpowering on me, but these look like they’d suit me just fine~ Do you know if they have a tendency to stain? I rarely wear makeup because if it has any staining, it’s going to stay on me for days. XD May have to go on the hunt for them online!

    Oh, and according to DeviantArt, today is your birthday? Right or wrong, happy birthday to one of the most stunning and inspiring women I’ve met on the internet! May the upcoming year fulfill more of your dreams and bring you lots of happiness!

    • Elle:

      Aw you are right Zanna 😀 haha I’m getting older!!! ^__^ thank you so much!! ♥ ♥ ♥

      For staining~ maybe not the red tint (its still pretty red!) the tint gloss and jelly stayed on my lips for several hours… but it did not stain in a bad way if that makes sense, I was quite pleased with that. I totally understand not waiting a lot of stain bc I will wear some tints (like the ones cover girl made in the markers) and it will NOT COME OFF sometimes at the end of the day so I go to bed looking all creepy or they are just TOO DARK and I look like some lady of the night. These have such a light amount of stain in them that I think you will be happy with the color if you have probs with that, if anything its too subtle for most. Lots of makeup here is made to look natural-ish, and since they are very big on cleansing the face 100% I have not had any issues with any of the major brands being difficult to remove at the end of the day which is also very nice.

      Since you have nice fair skin I would think Korean makeup would be a really nice try for you, although if you have pink undertones I would avoid any of the foundations and stuff since many seem to have yellow undertones like my skin VS pink. ♥ I’ll be doing reviews of more lines and all the major brand (or just my favorites… we have so many here) soon so you may find some more names to google a bit.

      • Custom avatar Zanna:

        Nothing wrong with getting older! We all get older every day. Hopefully a bit wiser with it too. XD I hope you had a super lovely birthday!

        Thank you so much for all the tips! 😀 I’ll keep that in mind! I’m a bit of an odd bird when it comes to coloring so info like this helps a lot!

  • Custom avatar Yume:

    T___T omg i didn’t know about this
    super super cute!!!

    • Elle:

      Any excuse to buy more makeup at this point lol!! My favorite that I bought is that tint tin though, its really nice on ♥

  • Custom avatar Jen:

    Ah Love it!

    Peripera has great products! I love their name polish and lipstick!

    Need to try out their new products soon too.

    I bought them off gmarket as I’m in Australia but now you can buy some peripera stuff here now too!


    • Elle:

      Oh yay someone that knows the brand! If you have anything you would like to recommend please do let me know, I am looking to do a full peripera feature soon~ I do hear that the nail polish and the lipsticks are the popular items to grab though 😀

      • Custom avatar Jen:

        ohh yes well the nail polishes are said to be really good I have a few colours but I keen to see if they rest stand up to the saying 1 coat, 1 min, 1 week promise.

        I’m also keen to see the staying power of the My colour gloss. I sure it will look great but will it last!

        and I need to get my hands on some of there quick dry spray for nails! I’m pretty sure its part of their Nail science range.

        I have to order most of the products I review through Gmarket. I so jealous that you get to actually see them in store!

  • Custom avatar Erika:

    I saw your review and it is very helpful. So I ordered the Water Tint. 🙂 I want to ask about the Tint Balm, how do you use the #5 and #6? Do you use the middle lips first, then the gloss on the outside? or you combine them together? (sorry for the stupid question) :/

    • Elle:

      Not a stupid question at all! I just swirl my finger all over, and extra swipe the sides if I want it lighter. I LOOOOVE the tint balm I got, it has been in my bag ever since the review! ♥ If you get a chance please come back and comment on how you like the water tint~ Some people searching for reviews may end up here so I am sure they would be interested! I did not get to use any on my lips, just my hand for the swatch ^^

      • Custom avatar Erika:

        Thanks for the help! 🙂 Ofcourse, I would love to share to everyone what I think about the product once I got it. ^^

  • Custom avatar Erika:

    As I what I said, I will post about the lip tint once I get it. 😀
    Well, this is the first lip tint I tried, so I can’t really compare it to any other product. But, I got the cherry juice and when I applied it twice, my lips was pretty red already, so I didn’t need to apply more. I think its good cause I don’t need to apply more of it. It has a little bit of cherry smell, but not too strong and you can barely really taste it. I ate, drink, and keep licking my lips and it lasted for about 4hrs. on me. 😀

    I think it’s a good product and I recommend it to everyone.

    P.S: The product was smaller than I thought it would be. Maybe its just me cause when I saw the pictures I thought its kinda big, but when I got it, its kinda small. But, you don’t really need to apply more of it, so I think its all good. 😀

    Hope this review/comment helps. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. 😀

  • Custom avatar Tissa:

    hi i love this review…
    i wanna buy this lip tint…. specially the tint jelly, i prefer the orange one, what do you think of this color ?

    if i compare the water tint and jelly tint, which one is the best ?

    hope you can help me ^^V

    • Elle:

      Hi Tissa~ Water tint is more like a stain liquid, while jelly stick is a light color gel..veeery faint! My favorite item out of the collection is the “Peripera, Wonder Talk Balm” in the tin, out of all product I enjoy this one daily now because the color is very nice and it gives a good gloss result! If you do not own any tiny water I high recommend buying at least one because they are great basics and last a long time.

  • Custom avatar elevendotz:

    Hi Elle! Sorry for asking something not related to this post (I don’t know where to ask). I’m interested in getting some Clio products when I head to Korea next month. Do you know where can I get Clio products in Seoul? It seems like they do not have individual outlets like other brands do. Thanks!

    • Elle:

      Hello! No worries at all, I am trying to work on a proper shop list for products and stuff here so I dont have any good info up yet for you guys! I know for sure you can get Clio at the “Olive Young” shops here, which are fairly common and easy to spot since the shop is green and the logo is in English + eye grabbing. The Edae / Ewha area has a few, as does hongdae, gangnam, pretty much any major area of Seoul you should be able to spot the Olive Young shop while you walk. If you do not know that name, it is kind of like a pharmacy here so it has a range of beauty brands and health/body products… we also have a chain called “Watsons” here that is even more common and the same idea, however I am not 100% sure if they carry Clio… chances are they do though! I hope you have a nice visit, the weather should be perfect by the time you get here!

  • Omg! everyting looks amazing. Since i discovered the korean liptints I’n always looking for new ones to try 😀
    your nails looks so cute ♥

  • I love love how innovative most Korean brands/products are! It’s just amazing how much thought they’ve put into packaging and ease of use! I’ve been eyeing on this brand for a while only cause one of my friends had this lovely nail swatches with uber cute nail polish bottle hehhe. Thanks for doing this review! Amazing!

    xx Donah

  • Custom avatar jr:

    i love asian cosmetics
    I want to try the korean..heard they were awesome.
    I LOVE Canmake, not sure if sold in Seoul.It is Japanese i believe.

    • Elle:

      they are! I will feature more soon 😀 I want to cover them all eventually! You can buy canmake products at many cosmetic drug stores here, its not as large a selection as what they sell in Japan and a bit more expensive though~ mainly the blush, face powder, and lipsticks + tints 🙂

      • Custom avatar jr:

        thanks for reply Ellie
        Loving and enjoying the blogs each day..ty
        ya, canmake is a fav of mine but NOW i am reading and “liking” FB page of ETUDE cosmetics..this looks so nice…….as nice as Canmake, even better colors possibly.I may give this a try..this is Korean i think…….very popular there..
        I am finding Korea/and KR products to be just a “kawaii as in Tokyo JP….so similar….loving it…..ty again…GLAD i found u!

        • Elle:

          I think you will Enjoy Etude House 🙂 it is Korean and the mineral bb (my fav BB cream for the last 3 years) is extremely popular with girls in Japan right now, I always see it in stores when I visit. Etude makes a lot of cheaper similar products to popular Japanese or USA lines sometimes too, they are really good~ 2 years ago they had a dazzle gloss just like MACs and shimmer white eyeliner for just a few won. I promise I will do a proper feature on the brand soon, I have so many products from them in my house haha

  • Custom avatar jr:

    LOVE IT ALL…Koreans have great cosmetics
    All the korean woman i have ever seen are georgeous and makeup in flawless….

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