One thing almost every business seems to have in Korea is a cute Mascot or Logo Character!  Each one is always so cute and fun, but they are often overlooked on the busy street~ so I am here to share my findings with you! ♥ Many of these characters are used for restaurants~  Korean fried chicken, BBQ, and Fish places love to make characters of the critters you will be eating… it’s slightly disturbing to have a happy cow waving you in to eat beef though.  Sometimes I feel like I am eating Hello Kitty *_*

♥ ♥ ♥

Please enjoy this showcase of Korean mascot characters and as I come across new ones I will add them to this post on the top! If you spot one and want to add it to the post please drop me a mail with the JPG and I will put it up!


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3 Responses to “Mascot Spotting in Korea”

  • Wow, looks like every store has a kawaii mascot requirement! I’ve only realized this unique thing about Korea based on your entry ^^v

    The last on the left looks like a mascot for a.. toppoki food stall? Or it isn’t? Haha not so sure!

    • Elle:

      haha just about, at least when it comes to restaurants!! You are correct~ that is a 떡 mascot haha! XD

  • Custom avatar Jules:

    Oh, I spotted the Haha-Logo! I understand what you mean with cow happily waving you in to eat it XD

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