This happened a few months ago, but I found it kinda amusing!  Nara and I like to buy artbooks since we are artists…we have a huge collection….well, actually its mostly Nara’s since he is super hardcore about it lol.  Hongdae is the hip artsy area around here and as a result they have a few very interesting bookshops geared towards designers and artists, many are imported. While shopping in one we happened to discover they imported two artbooks I am featured in, one I had actually totally forgotten about so that was kinda cool to see it on a shelf here in Korea at random!  One book is by a Chinese publisher and the other is from the UK I believe, so yeah~


If you are curious you can check out a nice list of books I have been published in HERE on my main art site.

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6 Responses to “Me-Spotting”

  • Oh! How exciting! <3 I think your blog is amazing! I am in love with Korea! You are so cute! your art brightens up my day! Thank you! Please post more! <3 ^O^

    • Elle:

      Thank you so much! I have so many fun things to share, so please keep stopping by ♥ ♥

  • Custom avatar ivey:

    That is kickass. what were the chances? still, it must feel honorable spotting your art in a country miles away from where it was created!

  • Custom avatar Maeva:

    your drawings are really cute and colourful, it looks great. Do you have a store (like etsy) or do you plan opening one online ?

    • Elle:

      Before I moved here I had a full online shop running~ but while I am here I have closed it down and just do gallery shows mainly down in LA. It is a little easier for me to manage right now in my current situation 🙂 you can see more work and books I am published in by going to <3

  • Custom avatar Kiki:

    I have moved to Korea (for a year) and I wondered could you recommend (give a name or adress) some of these ‘bookshops geared towards designers and artists’. I’m really interested in illustration and desing and would love to find bookstores selling artbooks, but I’m not sure where to start looking. Thank you in advance. I find your blog very imformative and interesting!

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