Naturally the studio Jetoy behind the famous line of Choo Choo Cat products here in Korea MUST like cats, right?  That would be correct!

♥ ♥ ♥

At first I thought these cuties were studio/office cats, but judging by the photos these are the artists/designers personal cats ♥  Having Cats as pets is still kind of a new thing here in Korea with the younger generation, so it is not often you see someone own several like this! I wish I could just bring home kittens for “work” or”inspiration” hehe~

Meet Dori 도리 ♥

Meet Choo Choo 츄츄 ♥

Meet Bud 버드 ♥

Meet Chi Chi 치치 ♥

Chi Chi is actually the the mascot cat for Choo Choo Cats!!

Chi Chi and Chu Chu’s first birthday party

Seems like all the cats have a very nice life of looking adorable and posing for photo reference!  Sounds good to me!!

Do you see these kitties as muses in any of the Choo Choo Cat illustrations?  Now that I see the artists cats I can totally see some of the eye differences in the art and which kitty she must have based the photo off of! I see a lot of Dori and Choo Choo’s eyes especially!

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One Response to “Meet the Cats of Jetoy~ Choo Choo Cats Inspiration!”

  • You know, I’m definitely more of a dog person than a cat person, but these photos are adorable! And I’m loving the artwork they inspire! How cute is Choo Choo?! That face! *melts into large puddle of goo*

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