I really enjoy the  K-pop group “Mighty Mouth” atm (^o^) they are a hip hop/pop group here in Korea that debuted in 2008 and have a very carefree + fun style about them! Even though they pose all super serious in lots of shots you can tell they are just a couple of goofy guys having fun ♥

Mighty Mouth + Soya performing “나쁜놈” live

Mighty Mouth‘s newest hit single for 2012 is “나쁜놈” aka “Bad Boy” which is really catchy and currently on the playlist of almost every shop here it seems! If you hear a hit single once in Korea your ears will remember it and you will end up hearing it non stop for at least a month….it WILL follow you haha.

Photo from the set of “랄랄라” last year with Soya

For this song they brought in the female singer Soya who has worked with the two before on other singles like “Tok Tok |톡톡” and “Lalala | 랄랄라” which came out last year.  I really like the addition of her voice in Mighty Mouth~ It always ends up working great with the rapping and breaks it up a bit so it is a little more enjoyable to listen to. They bring in other guest vocalists, but they really like using her lately it seems.

The “Bad Boy” music video is just as fun to watch as it is to listen to~ I was not disappointed when I finally got to see it on TV!!   The video is a little lower budget, but they make up for it with some fun props that are mainly cut out style to match the video effects + really funky, but modern styling for most of the the outfits in each scene! Some of the clothing is a little wacky (I think they dressed some of those girls in Ajuma pattern clothing) but its all very interesting overall and works!


I especially love some of the suits with patterned shirts Sangchu and Shorry J wear in this, they look really sharp!

Really cute butterfly shorts and the drip scooter helmet is awesome!


Other pretty girls are nothing to me!

Soya looks really cute in this scene

Ok this is a really cute idea for nails! I usually do the one finger a different color thing~but in this MV she flips it on the other hand!♥ Gotta try that!  I wonder what polish that peachy color is.. hummmm.

Hello random Hulk hand.

Call me Mr One Love

Die 나쁜놈!!

Farewell Mr. Bad Boy!

Mighty Mouth Vol. 1 – Energy

Yesasia does not have this single up for sale yet sadly, but you can buy Mighty Mouth’s first CD which has plenty of other awesome tracks on it!

and here is my sad attempt to recreate Soya’s main outfit on Polyvore (minus the huge necklaces and socks)

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2 Responses to “마이티 마우스 ~나쁜놈 | Mighty Mouth~ Bad Boy ♥ K-pop Eye Candy”

  • watched their performance on inkigayo and I must say it was entertaining, haha.. I love how they were like.. jumping all over the place xD and the song is quite catchy, I haven’t seen the music video yet, but from the screencaps you gave, it looks cute! ;D

    • Elle:

      check out the video, I have it linked in the post 😀 It is nothing amazing, but it works well with the song and is pretty fun to watch! I want to see them live, they seem like a couple of goofy fun guys ♥

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