One thing I love about living in an Asian Country is the amount of free things you get when you shop!  Drinks come with free key chains, free gloves when you buy dish soap, face lotion when you buy magazines, cotton cosmetic pads when you buy makeup, etc etc.  Quickly I ended up with mountain of things for free that I used to have to buy on a regular basis!  What I like about Korea is all the free crap they give you is pretty useful~ jugs, food taped to food, whatever it is I can usually use it or just give it to a friend I am visiting.  You get a LOT of free gifts here to the point it is almost a little crazy, everything comes with something else.

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I’m not sure how interesting seeing what free stuff you get for shopping is to some people, but this post will be just for any free goodies I get and remember to snap a photo of.  I just remember this sort of thing really amusing me when I first lived in Asia as a teenager~ haha so maybe you will too?  I will add to this post when I get something new ♥

 Recently Milk’s Vet sent us this really nice “new pet” box for bringing him in for treatments~ it came with a lot of stuff!  We got a really nice bowl for him, 5 packets of food, and a very soft large towel!

I made use of the things right away~ the towel is really soft so it is in Milk’s little box house + he really enjoyed the food haha.

 Nara went in for a haircut and as a gift we got a cheap comb and coffee mug.  You can never have too many coffee mugs lol I use them for my 500 pens around the apartment.

went shopping and got a free water bottle with my cereal + a free sports drink with my orange juice.


I got lots of other cute things for free that I blogged about here (like my headphones, lego kit, etc) so if you type “free” on my search bar above you will see many other goodies I received for blowing money! XD   What is the best free gift you ever got for buying something deal-wise or cuteness-wise?! 

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  • Custom avatar nagrom:

    lol, i wish they did that here,in the us. T_T only time i get freebies is when i read my seventeen magazine T_T not even in teen vogue! reallllllllyyyy makes me sad.

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