Today I have a very different Korean theme cafe to share with you!  Let me introduce you to Monster Cupcakes in Itaewon, one of the most entertaining and yummy places I have visited in some time!

I’m sure the owner thought I was crazy, as soon as I waked in I got SO excited! unfinished walls, cakes, and creepy toys~ Ahhh I love a good solid theme, it does not always have to be Kittens or rainbows lol!!

Ahh it’s Chucky and Gizmo! Brings the memories of nightmares I had as a child in the 1980’s lol!

Yes, Chucky has on a Hello Kitty watch. This is extremely awesome. 

The cupcakes are adorable and horrible!  Regardless of whether you would like to nibble on a bloody severed finger or a cute purple teddy bear,  every single one is decorated with great detail and care.  Prices rage from 4,500-5,000 won (so around $5 usd or less) which for fancy cupcakes seems like a standard price.

The cupcakes are decorated with home-made cookies, fondant, and even a kind of decoration jelly which tasted too delicious to not be home-made.  I actually hate fondant back home because it often tastes like chalk and what they use in Korea is always gross sweet,  what she makes here is perfect though~ so yes, the decorations are just as yummy as the actual cupcakes!

in fact, she was in the middle of making a new batch of colored poops when we visited!

Looks like my kind of kitchen

We placed our order and found a tiny seat in the corner.  Just a warning, this place is EXTREMELY tiny and can fit maybe 5 people max for seating.  If you come with a group be prepared to ask for your cupcakes to go.

let the Korea Cupcake sugar carnage begin!

I decided on the bloodshot lemon eyeball cupcake while Nara opted for the strawberry birthday cupcake.

So I LOVE cake, mainly birthday cake.. you know like the sheet cakes you get at the grocery store?  Japan has its own style of cake which I love, but in Korea the baked goods are almost always completely wrong or way too dense and sweet to satisfy my cheap cake craving…. but these are SPOT ON!!

The cake is fluffy and flavorful (mine had a nice hint of lemon and Nara’s tasted like strawberry) plus her icing is whipped and perfect American-style icing in my humble opinion.  It is light, creamy, and flavored~  so many places that have “Icing” in Korea on cupcakes just make this weird whipped cream topping and nothing close to the delicious betty crocker jar butter cream icing from back home that you can buy.

 Monster cupcake has lots drink basics as well as a few fun things to try~ Like Monster Blood packets!

On display and in the glass case they had a dozen cans of “Monster” energy drink you could purchase if you did not feel like coffee or tea.  Do they actually sell this in Korea?  I never really see it, so perhaps she has it imported? Dunno, obviously it fit the theme perfectly though.

Prices range from 4500-6500 won for drinks and everything is listed in English ♥  They even have Mojito and Pina Colada cocktails available, gotta love Korea.

I just needed a glass of water~ which came out to me in a cute jug with a splat coaster! Love it!

 Bloody knife, tombstone, bugs, and guts! Her designs change depending on her mood and season!

Occasionally (and seasonally) she offers other treats at the shop like cookies, cupcake balls on a stick, and other goolish or adorable sweets!  How about some yummy finger cookies?  These would be perfect to give out as treats for a Halloween Party in Korea!

 Ghost busters, Monsters inc, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Kittens~ gotta love Korea! Always room for kittens

After we had our fill of sweets it was time to go~ but the cupcakes looked so cute I wanted to take two more for the road to try later!  I picked out the Dark Chocolate Dirt + Worm cupcake and the Vanilla Skull (Jack) cupcake!

If you need your cupcakes to go they will get placed in perfect little individual plastic cases + long baggy!

It was SUPER hot that day, but the cupcakes seemed to make it home in one piece just fine thanks to the containers ♥

My Dark Chocolate Worm Cupcake’s icing de-fluffed the worst though, but whatever~ did not harm the taste at all!

Like a hungry Mogwai, after Midnight I was ready to feed on some more cake.  CUPCAKE MURDERING TIME

The “Vanilla” did in fact have a very nice & flavorful vanilla taste in the cake + icing, she uses a nice amount of extracts in her baking which I like!  The Dark chocolate was also extremely tasty, the cake itself was a nice fluffy choco and the icing was a much richer dark chocolate!  I think she used actual dark coco power for that flavor, it was great and each taste was unique!

♥ ♥ ♥

Even though the space itself was small and could use even more decorations and creepy treats (seriously!  Go all out!!!) I was so impressed with this cafe!  It is a unique character for a cafe in Korea to have, and I hope that she gets lots of business because she deserves it for making delicious treats and being so original~ It was refreshing.

Monster cupcake does custom orders for events and her blog has many other beautiful designs so she is quite skilled and obviously an artist at heart. If you are living in Korea and you need a proper birthday cake, or just some yummy cupcakes please do stop by!  I will absolutely be placing an order from her for my birthday or some other fun event sometime, I really want to custom order with her and get something fun!


 Monster Cupcake ♥ 몬스터컵케이크

Hours: 9am-11pm


서울특별시 용산구 이태원동 305-7


 If you frequent the Itaewon area you will be happy to know that Monster Cupcakes is just one train stop away at Noksapyeong! You can walk to the cafe from Itaeawon if you are already in the area, but it is a little bit of a walk on a busy and kind of boring road so I prefer taking the metro or just hop into a cab if I am not exactly at the closest station.


 The easiest way is to take the Seoul Metro on the brown line #6 to Noksapyeong station, and use Exit #2!  From that exit you will have to cross the street and walk down a little ways, but it is not too long even though it seems a bit far on the map.

Keep walking till you hit this street (I think it will be the 2nd street on the right) a great landmark is the Church steeple on the right!  When you see that and the large school gates you will know that is the street to walk down ♥  Just head down this street and you will eventually hit “Monster Cupcakes” on the left side~ it is a small little cafe so make sure you do not miss it, but the street overall is fairly quiet most times of the day so it should stick out a bit.

  Thank you so much to “My Soul Searching” for dropping me a line on my facebook page about this amazing find! Check out her blog for other goodies!!

So what do you think of Monster Cupcakes? Have you been? What did you like? Share your thoughts and experiences below with other readers!!

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14 Responses to “Monster Cupcake ♥ 몬스터컵케이크”

  • WAH! This place is amazing! I love that splat coaster and all those dinosaurs. haha

  • AHHHH they have Jack Skellington cupcakes! That’s the cutest thing :3
    Not going to Korea anytime soon but this is on my must-do list, I think I will love it! Thank you for sharing ^^

    • Elle:

      haha yeah he was the vanilla flavor that day! She had quite a few figures of him around the place, I wish she would cram even more XD So glad you enjoyed the post!

  • nya~ this cafe is so cool and cute at the same time. I’d love to try the teddy-blueberry one ^-^y

  • Ahhhh!! I’m a freak for anything Halloween related. This place looks perfect! And I am completely impressed with the Jack Skellington Cupcake especially! So awesome! Cute and Creepy is the best!

    • Elle:

      I agree! I love kitties and rainbows, but I also LOVE these sorts of places! I wish she had even more decor… like more wall art, bones hanging from the ceiling, haha you name it! Glad you enjoyed it, please share with your friends 😀 hopefully I can order some cool cupcakes from her again soon. Time to bulk up for the winter lol

  • Custom avatar Moni:

    what an interesting place! those “blood” drinks caught my eye… a bit creepy but cool at the same time! lol

  • This is so cool~! ^^ I really love the monster blood juice pouches~~ hehe

  • This place looks very cool! I’m not sure I’d be comfortable a bloody finger cupcake… then again when have I ever turned down a cupcake? Haha. Cool theme!

  • Custom avatar Tina Hernandez:

    Just went here today, very small cute shop. I got the vanilla cupcake cause I like the Jack from
    Nightmare before Christmas. The frosting was yummy and I got a Cherry Ade which was good and I
    Like the blood bags :).

  • Custom avatar Ashley r. d.:

    This!! More more more! I love this post so much

  • When I was in Korea back in May, I did find a few convenience stores selling Monster Energy drinks but none of them had the Monster Rehab teas and I <3 Monster's Rehab tea & Lemonade.

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