I am SO slow with my posts….I wanted to share these photos and way too much time has passed!

Back in Feb. was my Fiance Nara’s 30th Birthday~  31st if you go by Korean age, but we do not 😛 not happy about adding extra years on thank you! lol!  The big 30! Spring is actually really busy for us because we have his Birthday, Valentines Day, our Anniversary, and his Mothers Birthday~ mini break, then my Birthday comes in April.

We eat lots of cake this time of year lol! Expect lots of birthday posts because it is the blog & Milk‘s birthday too!

We had a quiet Birthday for him this year because it was the day I actually came back from helping my friend at an expo in Tokyo~  So I arrived a bit late and quickly showered him with Japan gifts to make up for his birthday and valentines day which I also missed because I was away.  Poor Nara!

For his belated Valentines Day gift I brought him a beautiful set of Mademoiselle Macaron‘s from Tokyo!!!

Flying and keeping these safe was a challenge, I made it though!

They have ADORABLE collections of swirls, sparkles, hearts, even a sanrio collaboration! I opted for a sample set which set me back around 2800 yen I believe~  In my sad broken Japanese I asked the shop girls if they had any locations in Korea and they said not at this time, only Japan! Pity!

As expected of Japan, they came out perfectly!!  Macarons are a hot trend here in Korea now too, but while we do have a small handful of places doing them correctly, we have DOZENS more selling expensive and dry wafers being called “macarons” when they would be closer to a Ritz cracker with food coloring~ Boo! I did find a few places here in Seoul that I will have to share with you all very soon though ♥ 

A handy flavor key was included!  “Milk Ichigo”~ mmmmm!  If you visit Tokyo you can find them at Lumine department store in Shinjuku down in the food court/cafe area <3

On to the birthday gifts~~  Nara loves colorful things so shopping for him is usually a fun challenge, especially in Japan since they have such a great selection of unique men’s clothing!  I found him this beautiful blue knit sweater (finished it off with two knit flowers from 8seconds) and a really cool fitted skull flower shirt from “Details” in the men’s department of Lumine which is an amazing place to shop if you are in Tokyo.

Nara is not much of a smoker, but likes to keep a lighter on him so I found this really cute matte hot pink and blue one + an amazing unisex pastel watch!  He loves pastels, so this has gotten a lot of use this spring!  The lighter ran about 4000 yen and the watch was 2900 yen I think.

Final thing was this amazing silicone pastel bag to hold all of his man treasures inside his backpack or something lol!  These are by P+G design and are so fun and squishy, I got greedy and bought myself one as well ^^;  These run about 1500 yen and they have a few other bag styles in the line.

Can I just say that the owners and employees at Lumine were SO CRAZY NICE, and not in a “I’m nice because you are spending money お客様” way.  Like actually chatting about where I was from and just sweethearts  ” big sister, ahhh your sweater is so cute! You live in Korea!?” or “big sister, ah you have nice legs” hahaha そうですか?! (*_*) うそ!   On the guys floor I must have chatted to the owner of the shop I bought Nara’s things a good 30 min lol I really love how kind people are there and more often than not it is (or sure feels) sincere!

So back in Seoul~  for dinner went out to eat at our current favorite Greek place  “Santorini” in Itaewon (It is so yummy, thank you Yuri for showing us! Will feature it hopefully soon) The hummus is blah, but they give you this amazing cheese sauce to dunk everything in and it is pure heaven!

when we got back home I had a bundle of balloons waiting for him (sadly forgot to take a pic! ) + my sorry attempt at a cake!  They have party supply shops scattered around the residential areas of Seoul, so this year I managed to visit to get the balloons, candles, and some cool dorky birthday shades.  For the first year I lived here I could not find a party store at all, now I see them all the time! They also have a few on the Toy street of Dongdaemun.

For Nara’s birthday he loves it when I bake him a funfetti cake with funfetti icing… also my favorite! My friend Stephiee brought me a few boxes when she visited a while ago, so I have been hoarding them for special occasions while we are here since usually in Korea the cakes taste horrid even though it looks pretty.

♥ ♥ ♥

Only problem is I have a mini oven, so it is hard to bake the cake evenly!  I end up with a kinda crispy outside and soft inside if the cake is too big, so I had to make some kind of mini version…. then I rushed and iced while it was too hot T__T  it looks like a mound of god knows what lol

The result is kinda ugly…but still cute?  Nara thought it was a nice balance of ugly x cute lol do they have a word for that?

I will make you a pretty one next year Nara, I swear! 오빠~생일죽하합니다! 

You still look 16, damn you…. ^^;;

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15 Responses to “Nara’s 30th Birthday ~ my ugly-ish cake & gifts from Japan!”

  • Custom avatar James:

    LOL I like it, love the ugly cake =p

  • This was so cute! The cake was adorable and the lighter looks really cool. Haha, I might carry one around just if it looked like that too. 🙂

    BTW, you should still post posts even if you think it’s been a while. Reading these are always fun 🙂

    I hope Nara enjoyed turning 30 😛

  • Custom avatar Kate:

    Happy Birthday Nara! I love this post Elle x

  • Custom avatar Sophie:

    Happy birthday to Nara! The gifts you bought him are awesome, I love the pastel watch! And that cake looks so good, I don’t think it looks THAT ugly to be honest. 🙂 And what matters is always the taste lol. Funfetti cakes are sooo good! Maybe korean cakes are so pretty but as you said it, they don’t taste good so it’s not better after all:p

    • Elle:

      Aw thanks! He is fun to shop for, so it is a nice challenge you know? like hummmm what will he LOVE!? Nothing beats funfetti~ I swear I want to have it in my wedding cake somehow *_*

    • Custom avatar nagrom:

      OMG!! how do you 2 not age?! 😉

  • Awwww! All the gifts you got Nara are sooo cute! I wish I could get my husband to dress colorful and so stylish! The Macarons looked very cute and tasty! I think the cake turned out cute, I mean really how can it go wrong when its a funfetti cake with funfetti icing!!! Happy late Birthday Nara! It looks like Elle made it a great day!

  • Custom avatar Ronda:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I just really wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your blog! I live in Kentucky so it’s like my peek to the rest of the world!.. But I have a question.. on the cake.. what is that rolled up an around the sides of it? Meat? lol I have really bad eye sight soo i’m totally not making fun of you =)

    • Elle:

      hahaha omg nooooo not meat XD those are crispy cookies! I forget the name, but they are like a roll of cookie and icing, Italian I think hehe. So glad you enjoy the blog, meat cakes and all! <3

  • Custom avatar Leann:

    Happy Birthday, Nara! He does look 16, not fair, right? lol. I’ve been enjoying your blog and drooling over all the things to do in Korea. Hopefully I can visit next year or so.

  • Custom avatar Mimi:

    ☆Happy Birthday, Nara!☆ I never would have guessed he was turning 30! Craziness. I love that all of his gifts were so cute and colorful – it must be so fun to shop for him! I wish more guys would embrace pastels and floral prints! 🙁 Major kudos to him for being able to pull those off!

    Ack, Korean cakes must be like Chinese cakes! They look so pretty but are always dry and flavorless (I suffered from a severe lack of icing in my childhood). Yours looks so good, though! I don’t think there’s such thing as a bad funfetti cake, especially when it matches the gifts AND has pink flute cookies around it!

  • Happy belated Birthday my dear 😀
    *omg* Macarons from Japan. They look delicious and so kawaiii ^___^
    And wow, that cake looks awesome xD yeah!

  • Custom avatar Kelly:

    Happy late birthday to nara!
    Gaah, everything is so cute. Is the lighter refillable? Id be sad when it ran out if not. And im a sucker for skulls, specially with contrasting things like gorgeous flowers so clearly I need a shirt like that.

    Who needs cute cake! I think it actually tasting good balances out its cuglyness. (cugly, cute+ugly? It kinda works)

  • Custom avatar Virginia:

    There is something inexplicably yummy about funfetti. Like you, I’ve got a pretty small oven in Korea, so baked goods have been a challenge. I had fun doing the decorated 빼빼로, though, and my Korean coworkers were so surprised! Got the idea from you.

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