Since I started the blog this spring I had a few mails asking to see men’s clothing in Korea,  so since Nara really likes to shop and most of his stuff is pretty interesting and cute~ here is one of his hauls from Edae this month! Korea is a great place to get awesome jackets for guys, so the mission that day was to find a few more to add to his wardrobe.

Nara managed to find this vintage vest from 원이씨, a nice white jacket with a really awesome collar, and a super cute men’s dress shirt with hearts! Gah I love it!  They had a really awesome orange/pinky version of the white jacket and it was really hard for the two of us to pick out the best one *_* I hate when you get stuck on two things in diff colors.

He also managed to find a nice new safety pin cuff bracelet, screw earrings, and some cute nerd glasses.

Each of these only cost a few won…. maybe 5,000-10,000 max!

I can’t believe he found such a sweet heart shirt, I was off wandering around and he came with the bag and was like “you are going to love this” haha. It is really nice though because the hearts are small and subtle~ cost was about 18000 won ($18)

Little wrinkled because he wore it out and I had not hit it with the steamer yet ^^;

 Nara wanted needed some color jackets badly so we spotted this cute lightweight blue one with cute lining on the cuffs~  Yes it came with a cute flower pin too! Free gift lol  I believe this one cost around 65000 won, but we bought another from the same booth so after haggling we got both for around 110000won ($110) which is not too bad for men’s jackets here at all… guy’s stuff is so marked up (despite the quality) that anything cool-looking for under 60000 is really good.

Also grabbed this really nice pink summer jacket with stripe sleeve cuffs and a dusty/minty green vest

 some of the stuff in action, so fancy! Check out the Kitty button on the pink vest~ atta boy!! ♥

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9 Responses to “Nara’s Edae Shopping Haul”

  • Aw! I LOVE Nara’s outfits. Men look amazing in pink! And Nara is wearing dessert colors! Tell him he has an awesome style. 🙂

    • Elle:

      I remember when he haaated pink, haha now he seems to have the most pink items in the house (*_*) It is a pink explosion around here! Pity more guys do not wear it, I think it looks really nice on a lot of guys skin tones!

  • Custom avatar caz:

    oh my gosh I love the heart shirt!!

  • nara always has such an amazing style! he needs to help chris out! n wtf i love these captchas!!! FEED THE ANT SOME TASTY BREAD! OK 😀

  • Custom avatar Lianne:

    Wow! Seriously jealous. I wish my bf was as stylish. I don’t know if it’s because I watch too many dramas, but are a lot of Korean guys that fashionable? Definitely not like here in the states.

    • Elle:

      We have the lazy and plain guys of course, but I think overall the guys do dress really nice here!!!! Lots of clean cut fitted things and they are willing to try any color for the most part, although Nara gets mistaken for Japanese in many shopping areas… I think because he wears a bit more colors at once or pushes things a little more vs most Koreans in a poppy fun way.

  • Hi! First off – I love your blog!! I’ve bookmarked a lot of places thanks you to! My boyfriend and I are also from San Francisco and we’ll be coming to Seoul at the end of August to celebrate my 30th bday (*cries*). Could you tell me where your (very stylish!) fiance bought these shirts and jackets? It’s totally my boyfriend’s style, so I must take him there too!

    Thank you!

    Your fan,

    Jen from SF

    • Elle:

      Hi Jenifer, glad the blog can be of some help 🙂 still lots to add!
      He gets most of his shopping done in Edae, which is why this post is called “Edae haul”~ for lots of the hauls here I have to say it by the area vs an individual store because (you will soon see hehe) most of the stores smoosh together here and carry the same things since everyone buys from the same wholesale market pretty much, you just have to pick a general area and hunt! Best of luck!!!

  • Custom avatar Jethro:

    hiiii Ellie
    i simply love your blog i think i have ready almost everything

    i’m getting prepared for when i’m visiting Korea :3
    quit psyched at the moment

    but is was wondering i often shop and buy brands like deepstyle and rememberclick but do those brands actually have like a store or something?
    are there a lot of shops for guys there?

    <3 Jethro

    ps you look like ashley tisdale on some pics :3

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