Recently my local convenience store has started to stock a brand new brand of drinks called ICE Sparkling!  The flavors being sold are apple, peach, grape, and cream soda which sounds a little strange to some I am sure, but creamy soda-ish drinks are fairly popular here.

I decided to try the peach flavor since I love peach sodas, but Korea is seriously lacking in those!!  I had a really great peach cider drink in Japan, so I was hoping that maybe this would satisfy my need for a fizzy pink drink!  This is ICE brand, so you can actually get this drink with a plastic drink cup of ice to drink it if you like, but since I live next to the store I passed on that.

So how was it? Well while I did enjoy the fact that it was ELECTRIC PINK when I poured it out of the can, I was not a fan of this drink… much to my shock since it sounded so good.  It is EXTREMELY candy sweet, I felt like I had to water it down or something.  A bit of this in a glass of cider would have been enough flavoring, but it tasted a lot like a kids drink.. and not in the good way.  Keep in mind I eat a lot of junk food too 😛  This is a major problem I have with most ICE brand drinks actually, they are just so sweet that I want to be sick :/  I do want to try the other flavors and the milky soda though, so I will update this post with them once I buy some cans! ^^

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4 Responses to “New sparkling ICE drinks in Korea”

  • I got the peach and cream soda…alone they are WAY too sweet, but I used it as a mixer with soju and it was perfect. haha~ maybe that is why these cheap drinks are so sweet!

    • Elle:

      yeah I had to add cider to mine just to finish it! Ugh! I also tried those mojito packet ones by this brand and it was icky sweet as well 😛 Its too bad because the flavors sound good!

  • Custom avatar Crystal:

    In America cream soda is a soda flavor. It isn’t creamy or milky. It’s vanilla flavored. Apparently the original formula had cream in it.

    • Elle:

      yeah~ I have not tried that cream one yet, but chances are it is a bit milky since that is a popular type of drink style here 🙂

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