I loves me some nnonn Magazine! Since many shops contribute to each issue you have lots of interesting combinations and style VS the normal large fashion magazines.  Here are some adorable photos (edited for maximum cuteness + color by mwah!) from an issue in 2011, but its still totally worth seeing.  Amazing styling in the candy ones by bongjashop and the “blooming garden” shoot styling is by Luxury Girl Shop 2

Very soft and romantic feeling to all of these~ I normally find cream/off-white colors a bit bland, but with all the layering and lace textures they look almost princess like!

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5 Responses to “nnonn Magazine- Love Me Sweet”

  • i am so loving the dresses!!! and all those colorful (fake) cotton candy… gosh

  • Custom avatar sheng:

    hey girl.. i want to purchase this nnonn magazines, where can i buy them here in seoul?? by the way, thanks so much for all your efforts in posting/ blogging about the cute places in seoul.. i always try to go to the places you mentioned here in your blog.. it made my stay in seoul much colorful… thanks thanks!! cheers!

    • Elle:

      My pleasure!! Nnonn comes out a little randomly, however I see them all the time at the larger book stores when they come out~ It’s pretty much any larger mall so I cant name ones in particular. If you live around Sillim I know the book store at Podo mall has them! Pretty much any shop with a larger selection of Korean magazines will carry these~ so think of places around you that maybe sell Japanese magazines, art-related Korean magazines, the K-pop pop star ones, etc ^^ I hope that helps!

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