To celebrate ♥ our engagement ♥ Nara brought over a cake the other day from Baskin Robbins Korea!

We had been wanting to try this one for a while! Gah it is so cute!!

4 Leaf Clover II ♥  네잎클로버 II

Price: 25,000원

This cake consists of 4 mini heart cakes topped with ice cream stars (god I love those!) and a bit of icing for decoration, generally this is a sold ice cream cake like most Baskin Robbins Korea cakes VS a cake plus ice cream combo. The flavors in this cake are…

Chocolate Mouse 초콜릿무스 topped with Chocolate Stars

Cherry Jubliee 체리쥬빌레 topped with Cherry stars

Mosco Mellon 머스크메론 topped with Banana stars

Blue Berry Popping 블루베리파핑 topped with Blueberry stars

This cake was really great!!  Nara picked it out because it was very pretty, but also because we like different flavors of ice cream (I am a die hard chocolate ice cream fan, he likes more berry or mint ones) so this cake was great because it gave us both what we wanted!  This cake would be great for a group party because of that reason, no flavor contamination either lol.

The mini cakes are actually quite large, we are kinda pigs with ice cream and half was plenty to satisfy us…. although I did go back and finish the rest of my chocolate heart after an hour break haha ^^;

My favorite new flavor to discover was totally “Blueberry Popping” which I am pretty sure is a special Korea Baskin Robbins flavor since Koreans LOVE pop rocks in ice cream…. I’ll do a blog post about that soon.  It was a bit like the famed “Shooting Stars” flavor, but without the jelly ribbon, so just a nice creamy sweet blueberry with lots of big blue pop rocks in it ♥


So yes, thank you Baskin Robbins Korea for yet another adorable cake + pretty bow I totally kept and used around my house.

Ah I am hoarding bows and bags… my Korean Ajuma tendencies are starting to grow… look out.

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7 Responses to “Nomming on Pretty Baskin Robbins Cake!”

  • Asia gets such beautiful and creative cakes, it’s like their Baskin Robins is a totally different company or something.

    • Elle:

      I agree! For the price they are really pretty… Baskin Robbins here in Korea is so amazing though, they release a new flavor almost monthly and rotate them in and out so we always stop by to see whats new…. I think this habit is making me fat hahaha

  • Custom avatar Zanna:

    Those are too adorable! And an actually reasonable price for the decoration/style! St. Patrick’s Day is actually my parents anniversary and we got a little cake, but it wasn’t nearly as cute as that! Very neat that it has multiple flavors!

    That ribbon is really cute. I love saving bits and pieces of cute wrapping to later use for crafts and decorating.

    Oh, and before I forget, do you still take commissions for banners and things for websites? I’ve got a bit of a business and blogging venture I’m cooking up and would love for you to work on some of the art. 🙂

    Stay fabulous~

    • Elle:

      Hi Zanna! haha yeah, I ended up using the ribbon on my heater fan, I twisted it up the bottom base and it looks a little pretty now lol! Sure I still do those sorts of commissions depending in time, I’m booked up with clients at least till next month though (Painting for the My Little Pony show!) so if its not in a rush we may be able to work something out~ just drop me a mail sometime with your budget and project when you are ready to start ♥

  • I still have a collection of all the pretty bows I got from ice cream stores, bakeries and pizzerias in Korea! Bow-nus! ^.^

  • Custom avatar Rida Abbas:

    yea ur right Elle Bows Bows 4ever hahahaha ………..

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