God I LOVE the K-pop group Orange Caramel (오렌지 캬라멜)~  I love the singles they have made, the style in the videos, the face they have rocked both HUGE hair and HUGE bows multiple times, its great!!  I just want every outfit they have on stage, seriously… I’m very tempted to have some of those dresses commissioned because they are so adorable. Orange Caramel started in 2010 and is actually a sub group formed by three members from the other K-pop group After School the singers are  Nana, Raina and Lizzy.

this is a super image heavy post, so continue gazing at the adorable outfits and screen shots after the cut!

It always makes me smile to watch an Orange Caramel performance because its always very lighthearted and playful.  So many groups now feel so sexual or serious… but the art director, style coordinator, whoever behind this group makes sure they are always very unique and stand out with every single and appearance + a dash of sillyness.


They really remind me of the whole darling and sweet look + dancing style that most Asian girl groups in the 90’s had, don’t you think?  Or even like Creamy Mami come to life!  I wonder if the stylist is inspired by such things? Would explain all the magic wands lol


Buy the 1st Album on YesAsia HERE

The first single debut was “Magic Girl” on June 2010 which became a bit hit and topped the Gaon Chart at #2

True to its name, it had a very girly and whimsical feeling to the video. Bows and cupcakes + soft pastel colors everyplace + an old fashioned American soda-shop twist. Lots of big rings, fluffy clothing, pastel painted nails, and in the green outfit sequence they have these crazy fruit boots haha love it

Buy the 2nd Album on YesAsia HERE

On 18 November 2010, they released  A~ing♡ on the “Orange Caramel Second Mini Album”  which quickly reached #4 on the charts.  This video used lots of bold saturated colors with brown overlays to fit a fairy tale theme.. all I could thing about was those leg avenue sexy costumes the first time I saw this haha so shiny.  While some of the outfits seem a little too like Halloween off the shelf outfits, its still a REALLY fun video to watch and the live performances also had fun outfits usually keeping with the theme. Hanging stuffed unicorns, rocking horse fluffy sheep, and the TINY chandelier they have in the shots for “Alice” give it such a fun and playful feeling.  I wish I could see the nail art better in this, in some shots I can almost make out a design on them *_* I want to see…


Buy the 3rd Album on YesAsia HERE

On 30 March 2011, the group released “Bangkok City”  which was a BIG hit when I first moved here!  Loooooved the song and video, apparently everyone else did because it reached #1 on the charts making it the most successful single so far! You could not go a day without hearing it someplace and god I could watch the music video forever! Its a very funky, dance club, crazy saturated explosion of hair and awesome party.  I’m not sure if that reflects Bangokok or not, but THOSE BLOND K-FROS ARE AMAZING.


Buy the 4th Album on YesAsia HERE

They continued on in October with “Shanghai Romance”  which is also a super fun song and topped the charts at #3, but I was kinda disappointed with the video since it was a bit goofy overall and felt like it could have upped the color a little more.   Visually, this video is also very unique and distinct among the other MVs they have done so far~ The colors are a little under-saturated for my taste, but I love the bold reds with teal and those adorable plaid dresses they used in a few proms. Not sure I get WTF is up with those weird hair hats or the water wonton though… seriously? lol


The airplane outfits with bunny fabric are SO cute. Wonder if I can find that around here…

And finally, here are some misc images from the web of various other cute outfits they used for appearances and concerts~

If you are curious to watch any of the videos or listen to the music just fire up youtube and search for “Orange Caramel”Do you have a favorite outfit of theirs? After getting my hands on the HD videos I was able to see a LOT of things up close at last, I really want to see if I can find some of the jewelry they rocked in the videos~ lots of it looked super familiar.  Also, those nails… maybe I’ll dedicate a post to reproducing K-pop nail looks??

You can buy 4 of Orange Caramel’s super cute CDs on YesAsia now! Yesss!♥ Hope they add “Funny Hunny” soon

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23 Responses to “K-Pop ♥ Orange Caramel is super cute”

  • Custom avatar Ashley:

    I would love to see a K-Pop nail post! I saw your adorable nails in one picture before and loved them 🙂
    This whole blog is an awesome idea by the way. I really like reading through and seeing the images you post.
    Nice to see you’re enjoying it there for the most part.

    • Elle:

      Aw thank you! Yeah, sadly finding a good nail art salon is really hard here~ because of the lack of good nail art I invested in my own UV lamp~ BEST IDEA EVER. Makes it so easy to try all the fancy stuff! Now I just have to find some K-pop nails to try and do hummmm! It was hard being here for the first several months because I was kinda bored out of my mind, but now that I can kinda find my way around better its been a LOT more fun haha

      • Custom avatar Ashley:

        Yea I remember your tweets and statuses where you were having a difficult time. When I saw you made this blog I was very happy for you 🙂 It’s so hard to move to another country with completely different culture and language, but you seem to fit in so well. Makes me more confident for my move to Canada (not as huge a leap as your move of course, but still daunting XD).

        Any ways! I hope you do find a way to do k-pop nails! That’d be so adorable <3

        Also you totally got me into this group haha

        Stay cute lady 😉

        • Elle:

          yeah every day is def a new exp, but now its not so new and I am a bit more numb now I guess? haha its also easier now that I have my own apartment…. sometimes you just need to sit in your underpants all day and watch TV You know??? ^^ How exciting that you are moving to Canada!!! Do you know what area yet? God…everyone I know from Canada is so insanely nice~ seriously, I know you will have a wonderful time. Stay strong girl!

          • Custom avatar Ashley:

            Haha yes I do know what you mean! Lounging with no pants on is one of the greatest pleasures in life that no one should be denied!

            I’ll be moving to Calgary with my girlfriend 🙂 I stayed there for a month last January and I loved it. Leaving in less than 2 weeks and I’m not even packed >.< haha Yea every one is mostly nice! I'm so damn excited XD

          • Elle:

            haha omg get packing! I always do that.. I’m ALWAYS up the night before any trip or move cramming things in my suitcases. XD

  • I love their outfits!! Bright colors and cute themes… Hard not to love those. =) this blog is so much fun!

  • Their outfits are so painfully cute!!

  • Custom avatar Katie O:

    Those yellow Belle looking dresses near the end look like cupcakes! <3 Also have to say I love the styling of the girl in the middle in the shot with the green outfits and matching girl dolls.

    • Elle:

      I wish I could have nabbed a proper screen grab of those green outfits entirely! They have these awesome fruit boots they wore with them! ^^
      YES! Those yellow dresses with the stockings are so adorable! Normally I do not enjoy yellow THAT much, but that shade is so sweet

  • Custom avatar Zanna:

    Ah, the yellow outfits kind of remind me of Belle from Beauty and the Beast! Super cute! I especially like the teal/starry fabric outfits.

    Their music kind of reminds me of like, bubblegum pop/dance music from the 90s/early 2000s. 🙂

    • Elle:

      Totally agreed!! I really miss those days!
      I’m in love with that star and dot fabric~ they have a giant fabric place here that’s kinda like a wholesale warehouse too…. I wonder if they sell it by the yard.

  • Custom avatar Liz:

    That’s it. I’m making all those outfits. NOW.

    • Elle:

      OMG PLEASE DOOOO! Actually~ Omg Liz, what if I got you to recreate one of them for me and I could do a post on it or something??? I was going to replicate the nail art, it could be a full on thing though! lol that would be so cool to see one actually made

  • Custom avatar Tara:

    Hahah…the Alice in Wonderland outfits remind me of that Halloween in college where we all went as that….Love them

    • Elle:

      Best Halloween ever… except for Nara being all RANDOM PRIEST. lol its ok, we looked awesome and that’s what is important muhaha. Lets spend Halloween together this year for sure~ mine was so lame all alone!

      • Custom avatar Tara:

        Yea the priest thing was hilarious though…hahaha. You need to come down for Halloween this year! It was so fun last year, but would have been better with you ^^

  • Custom avatar Nishi:

    My favorite OC song is Funny Hunny. It’s super cute and adorable, but they didn’t promote it and therefore no costumes T^T. And the mv is animated too. But still, I highly recommend it.

    • Elle:

      Funny Hunny is growing on me~ At first I did not like it do much and found it a bit slow and less dance or upbeat vs the other singles, but yeah~ now I seem to enjoy it when I hear it haha. I wonder if OC is busy working in Japan atm, they have been very absent around Korea since Shanghai Romance it seems~

      • Custom avatar Nishi:

        I’ve heard that they’ll be coming back to Korea maybe in the fall. After School has Japanese promotions until August or September. Maybe they’ll have a Japanese/Tokyo theme song next time! First Bangkok City, then Shanghai Romance…Japan must be next!

        • Elle:

          I would looooove that haha! Since it is Korea I have a feeling they will avoid a single about Japan though, they try to avoid those sort of things here (u_u;)

          • Custom avatar Nishi:

            Oh right…I forgot about that :c
            But whatever song it is, I’m sure it’ll be adorable.
            Maybe they could get some inspiration from Japanese fashion trends.
            OMG, I would die if they dressed in lolita outfits!

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