Adding some colored dye to your dogs hair and dressing them up is no big deal here in Korea, actually I was shocked to see that a lot of random older men and women seem to do it the most VS hip girls like you would think.  Sometimes pets are sold in the stores here with some colored hairstyles to make them more appealing in the window, but generally this is just an extra flair that is added when you take your pet to be groomed. Back home when my Mother has our family dog groomed they often send him home with a little scarf or top bow (he is a Maltese) so think of it like that.  I have also spotted some cats with light amounts of color as well *_*

♥ ♥ ♥

This will be my post for all my awesome doggie hair dye jobs I spot here in Korea!  I will add new ones to the top and please send in your photos if you have any ^^

They had this beautiful cat up for adoption at our vets office this month, he was HUGE! For added cuteness they applied some pink dye on the cheeks, it looked adorable, but the cat looked so unamused by everything haha. Hope someone adopted him ♥

Dog hair dye does NOT harm pets, they are special organic dyes and it is safe and washes out over time ♥

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3 Responses to “Korean Pets~ Doggie +Kitty Dye”

  • Custom avatar Tony:

    Hi! I’m looking for dog hair dye.. Pls reply… Thank you friend.

  • Custom avatar Danny J:

    What tpte of dye do the Korean groomers use. We have had some luck using the “Screaming Pink” dye but the results are not like the Korean groomers product. Any help would be appreciated.

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