The other day Nara and I stopped to try a room cafe that we have been walking by for months,  Cafe Atti / 카페 아띠 outside Sillim Station in Seoul!


Room cafes like this are very common around many popular stations, the most common is a chain called Ann House which actually also has a location just across the street from Atti ^^ Basically room cafes have ok basic menu choices, but are mainly there because it is a series of private rooms with slide doors so you can meet and have conversation away from sight.

Young couples love these kinda of cafes because they can sit together and have a nice date holding hands in semi-privacy

Atti on the inside was cute, but very average cute in terms of room cafes… not bad, just OK. They have a few room choices, smaller darker rooms for a couple to sit next to each other, larger rooms for 2-4 people with doors (but only high walls dividing, so you can still hear people behind you) and a few rooms that are slightly larger for maybe 6 people.


the couches are a little old, but nice and big! ♥

The menu is a typical room cafe affair, you have your coffee, teas, fruit drinks, shakes, as well as snacks/food like curry, kimchi rice, ramen, parfait, and 팥빙수 patbingsu. These are all slightly overpriced for simple food because you are paying for the intimacy of the place mainly. Surprise~ Surprise ^^

♥ ♥ ♥

The fruit patbingsu seems to be the most popular here atm since it is the summer. several tables around us ordered it and it seemed to come with a bunch of fruit and was a nice larger size for sharing.

We came starving, so Nara ordered a Ramen which came with some vegetable and an egg.

The ramen was instant, but when you order Korean ramen it is always instant even at actual ramen houses.

Nara said it was good, hard to mess it up though haha

I ordered the curry which was also instant, but came with an ok amount of vegetables mixed in~ typical golden curry flavor and was good.

I also ordered a Cherry Aide which was really sweet and yummy, I am addicted to “Aide” drinks here which are essentially a punch or juice mixed with Cider (Korean Sprite) ~ Nara got a fruit juice.

Romantic junk food Lunch lol.

For dessert we saw lots of people ordering the fruit popingsu which looked huge and not too bad, but we opted to order the Atti Parfait because the waitress said it was cute haha!  It was cheap, but still pretty good~  Scoops of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream with a layer of cornflakes and cherry aide slush at the bottom!!

I wish I had known the parfait would have cherry aid again at the bottom, I would have skipped ordering the drink with dinner and saved 6,000 won *_* haha

One weird thing though, it was topped with a tomato…. why does Korea do that??  Every so often I get an ice cream topped with a cherry tomato *_* Not the same thing Korea! If I come back here I will just order the parfait next time ^^

Perks for this place are that it is open 24 hours and very close to the station if you want someplace private, but if you want to sit and have a meal you should eat before you come here since it is expensive (instant ramen was around 6,000 won) for what you are getting for the most part. I do love these sorts of places for talking though, having the doors just makes it a bit more comfortable to chit chat and since it is usually couples in these places it does not get too loud most nights. Cuter cafes are around, but not all of them are 24 hours like this one.

♥ ♥ ♥

It smells a little smokey and could use some cuter touches, but again~ 24 hours, so late at night it becomes a much better option VS the other things around.

Address: 서울 관악구 신림동 1639-1

Hours: Open 24/7


Finding Cafe Atti is very easy, at Sillim Station come out exit 4 and walk straight down that road till the end of the street.  Atti is at the very end corner on the left, 2nd floor~ hard to miss!

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7 Responses to “Parfaits and Curry at Room Cafe Atti in Sillim”

  • haha! A tomato!
    It looked like fun!

    • Elle:

      haha I know, right?? I thought it was a HUGE cherry at first and got excited! It was a lot of fun, I really enjoy room cafes in general 😀

  • Haha that’s hilarious! Umm, cherry tomato =/= regular cherry as far as I know…

    This looks delicious!

  • the prices seem very expensive~! but I guess they want to make sure they get their money’s worth from couples that just come in and order one drink only!

    I actually have a Korean friend who is living in NYC and he just posted a photo of some amazing-looking 팟빙수~ It turns out there’s actually a Paris Baguette in Manhattan~! >/////< Maybe it will spread to the rest of the US~ a girl can dream, anyway~ love that stuff like whut.

    • Elle:

      Yeah it is REALLY overpriced, but so are most cafes here… we have so many cafes it is insane. Have you tried to make your own 팟빙수? I bet you could! I do not like red beans very much, so my favorite version comes from baskin robbins~ it is just ice cream and fruit on shaved ice and cornflakes with milk *_* mmmmmmm

      • I totally want to~ I need to find a device to shave ice with first~! ^^ I told my friend that if I opened a 팟빙수 shop, I would probably be rich~! ^______^ I’m not a huge fan of 팟 either, so my homemade version would probably end up very much like what they sell at Baskin Robbins! ^^

  • That looks so good!!

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