The following are all the crunch bar style (aka cookie coated) ice cream treats you can find in Korea!  As I discover new ones I will add them to the list! ♥

Name:    Pig bar ( 돼지바)

Price: 900-1000원

Calories: 210

Maker: Lotte

Yum:   5/5

My very first Korean snack review!!  Piggy bar is a yummy and classic Korean ice cream treat ~ vanilla ice cream bar with strawberry syrup (icy!) and coated with a gram/choco cookie crumble. So yummy!  It has just enough syrup in the center that its not too sweet, and the balance of that with the creamy ice cream is a perfect combo. The cookie crust is nice and thick + usually keeps its crisp which is nice~ make a bit of a mess while you eat since pieces still do drop off, but it tastes great so whatever! That center syrup does not stay sticky or runny like it does on the package which I love since syrup centers can be way too sweet or have a gross sticky goo texture.


So I ask why the heck it is called a “pig” bar???  I mean, with the red syrup and pig I did not think to much of it… maybe the cookie = mud and the red=pig or something?  Its just usually the name has something to do with the treat, you know?  Nobody I asked knew! haha

Well thankfully the Lotte website came to the rescue to answer my question (with a little help of translating by Nara!)  The site states:

One of Korea’s most original ice-bars. Called the Piggy bar because of its greedy contents – covered by 5 million crunchy, crispy chocolate cookie coating, inside is soft vanilla ice cream which is also covering the delicious center which is strawberry jam.
Since 2010 the pig character was added to the current packaging.

According most of my peers, this bar has been around a long time (since 1983 according to the package!) and it’s kinda a nostalgic Korean ice cream snack for Nara + other 80’s kids.  He remembers eating it for like 300원! The photo above is a bit more current from 2009 it seems when the bar was 700원~they actually have stopped printing the prices on most ice creams like this  since the price changes kinda often now.  Years ago this bar did not have the current pig on the package,  that’s a newer change from 2010. The old pig above was not nearly as cute  at the little strawberry piglet pig they use now + he was a little creepy looking don’t you think?

Well that explains it I guess!  Anyway, Pig bar ♥ 돼지바 is one of my favorites here and is my stand-in ice cream when I am craving something like a Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake bar.  Have you had this Korean snack?  Do you like it??  I wish they would make more flavors!!

Name: Black Crunch Bar ( 까마콜드 )

Calories: XXX

Maker: Lotte

Yum: 5/5

Another common and yummy crunch bar in Korea is the “Black Crunch Bar 까마콜드”!  This is a straightforward and easy to love cheap ice cream bar~  Vanilla ice cream with a coat of chocolate and (oreo-ish) cookie crumbles on top.  I really like this ice cream when I want something nice and simple like I would get back home, it has a ton of crumbles all over it so its great if you like cookies-n-cream or anything similar to that.  The ice cream filling is a very basic and kinda icy vanilla, I wish it was a higher quality smoother ice cream~ but you cant have everything you want! hehe

♥ ♥ ♥ That outer layer of cookie looks promising! ♥ ♥ ♥

This ice cream is hard to dislike, so I always try to keep a few in my freezer on hand…. you know, for myself company

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