Time for a Seoul Flea Market feature!  Today lets visit the Platoon Night Flea Market in the ever trendy + swanky Apgujeong neighborhood of Gangnam!

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Platoon Night Flea Market is by far the hippest of all the reoccurring flea markets held in Seoul, which is to be expected I suppose considering where it is held.  This is a market that feels like a mixture of Seoul & LA hipster swirled into one event~ sweaters, hot pink nerd glasses, funky broaches made of old gold charms, colored Nikes, vintage leather briefcases etc.

The locations full name is “Platoon Kunsthall” (which means an “Art exhibition facility” in German) and it lives completely up to its name as a gallery space that looks uniquely and stylishly like army conex containers inside and out!  Platoon is not just a gallery, it is a truly unique space for Korea that is used by all sorts of creative minds for a slew of events, exhibits, workshops, and much more.  Since its opening in Spring 2009 it has served up xbox tournaments, concerts, VJ workshops, art shows, dance lessons, indie film screenings, and even parties featuring drinks from around the world! The original Platoon art space is located in Berlin, but the Korean location keeps up the original spirit by offering German food and drinks at the bar/cafe during open hours.

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Night Flea Market has been a popular event at Platoon for some time because it occurs on a regular basis and is becoming known as a go-to place for unique items.  Apparently even fashion stylists for stars will visit this place to see what kind of unique items they can find.

Often the flea markets in Korea have great finds, but are run by Ajuma’s selling junk~ but Night Market is all young trendy people selling unique things for unique people in Seoul!  It was so great to see so many interesting people all at once in Korea, colored hair… mohawks, fun clothing, etc~  You see them often in Japan, but in Korea people that stand out even with a piercing or crazy colored hair are a bit rare.

Some sellers are getting rid of old or thrifted clothing dumped into massive piles, others have modified things to make it more unique, some are selling original brands, and sometimes you will see an artist or two selling work. It is a really fun and creative vibe~ Nara and I instantly felt in love with the scene.

Since Platoon Night Market is more of a hipster flea market the prices are not dirt cheap, but they are actually not unreasonable either!  Clothing raged from 10,000won to 50,000 won and accessories ranged from around 8,000 won to 20,000 won depending on if it was handmade or not.

You have to bring cash of course and you can haggle here… in fact we really should have haggled MORE honestly. On average you can bring down about 5,000-10,000 won off the asking price of pieces at least, and at the end of the event you can sometimes get leftover pieces for about half the original asking price.

At the front of the room they also had the bar open so you could grab a drink and hang out~ they had a spot for people to mingle outside and upstairs so lots of people just stuck around after the shopping to drink and socialize.

The drinks here are really good!  I got a green apple martini and it was yummy with a nice kick.

For the event (and the hours after) they had various DJs and bands up to preform for the crowds.

Unique Harajuku-inspired broaches by “Fantasy”~ I met her at the Seoul Handmade market too!

the new broaches she made look like nerds candy!

candy-colored collars by Koubou

pile of old fake channel and glam jewelery!

Totally 1980’s bling-tastic wallet clutch!

AMAZING Nike shoes, are these custom? The seemed to be. Regret not buying these so much, maybe next month.

awesome neon dress spotted in a pile of clothing.  Since a lot of the sellers at this event are fashionable young adults, you can find really nice brands here sometime like topshop, Ralph Lauren, Guess, etc.

Awesome leather bag modified with studs. Loved it, but so HEAVY! haha

Also customized studded shoes~ studs are huge in Korea atm.. everything has them clamped on!

piles of fun used shoes at the market this month!  Most ranged from around 6.5-7 in size

Designer selling his handmade leather goods!  Guys crowded around this table since large leather clutch bags for men are really in this summer in Seoul.

The crowds are REALLY bad for the first two hours at this market! You have to come early to snatch the one of a kind good stuff!

Time to dig for the good stuff!

Music blasting and everyone dresses to impress!

Adorable modified clothing from an aspiring Korean fashion designer

This seller had shoes for sale in larger amounts, I think they had them designed special.

Adorable Cherry Sandals!

I regret not buying this! Argh so pretty!

really unique headbands, pins, and bracelets made with vintage toys!

Amazing shoes straight out of the 1980’s cartoon JEM!

Adorable Dino rings and other treasures from “Fantasy“!

Don’t look at the camera random white guy! lol

Funny story, those pink Nikes are a special Easter Court Force style from several years ago. I spent 2 years creeping on ebay to find a pair even close to my size (I found them finally, and brand spanking new ta boot) go figure all the way in Korea the same shoes in my exact size appear again before me!  I had spent so long looking for my other pair I almost bought these to have as a scrubby backup pair hahaha.

Smart jackets, man bags, and ties from this seller

After an hour the room started to finally die down a bit. You can see each of the sellers sections marked with tape~each only costs about 20,000 won for the event  ($20 usd) so if you have cool items to sell it is a great cheap place to set up!

some people just had piles to dig through, a little lazy… but that is half the fun I suppose!

One really sweet girl was selling some of her gently used shoes, handmade tassels, and bracelets!

Piles of cool ties and fun handmade bracelets!

outside was a back area (can you see it behind the truck?) with seating that you could mingle and drink or smoke.  Even the valet parking booth is awesome at this place!

Korea Shopping Haul Time!

So do you want to see what Nara and I managed to find?  Haul time!!

Nara managed to find a really nice white denim jacket that he may modify later in some way, a soft star scarf, and 3 handmade chain bracelets!

haha Korea double trend of Punky Pop and Neon on one wrist!

I managed to find a few cute things as well!  I found this awesome jacket/dress by “See by Chloe”~ asking was 55,000won but I got it for 45,000 won. Like new, just needs a button sewn back on…really good deal since this brand is sold at Nordstrom for over $200 usd.  I also got a really nice jacket modified into a K-pop-tastic vest by a designer at the market!

Snapshot at the market we took due to lack of mirrors!  I think it is really interesting!

The jacket she made this out of was a really nice quality and the extras on the sleeve + miss-matched buttons are so much fun!  Cost was about 40,000 won!

While I was taking some photos Nara snuck away and grabbed me this dress as a present from one of the girls selling dresses they had sewn! It looks funny when you lay it flat, but on it falls really interesting and looks good with a big belt~ I love it! Nara said it was 20,000 won but he got it for just 10,000 won since it was the end of the day ♥

“Funky Sweet” by Jenny Lee~ really awesome connected ring + bracelet she made! Cost was 10,000 won

Another cute bracelet by “Funky Sweet” hand braided with studs added, love it! Cost again was 10,000 won

Directions + Info for Platoon Flea Market in Seoul

Platoon Kunsthall | 플래툰 쿤스트할레

When: 1st Saturday of every month

Time: 5pm- 8pm (although some sellers stay later)

Where:  Gangnam-gu Nonhyeon-dong 97-22 | 논현동 강남구 97-22

Please note that the time for this market has changed through the years, it used to run much later~ but now (as of this posting in 2012) it opens around 5pm and the scene changes to more of a party after around 8pm.  To double check the time you should visit the official site or facebook linked below, both are bilingual and kept fairly up to date.  Same thing with costs to set up a both, originally it was free~ but I believe now it costs 20,000 won.

Getting to Platoon requires a little bit of a walk, but it is fairly straight-forward and the building is hard to miss! You can take the Olive Green Line or the Orange Line and both will drop you off in the general area.

Naver map images are a bit old so the building is not pictured, but if you are walking from the Orange Line you can use the larger buildings as a marker for when the street is coming up.  Basically it will a long straight walk and you will be able to see Platoon clearly on your right from the road.

For the Olive Line you are going to exit and keep walking till you hit your first major 4 way intersection and take a left.  Continue down that road for a ways till you hit Platoon on your Left eventually.

♥ ♥ ♥

Sorry if the directions are a little vague (I mainly cab to this location) if you follow a map it should be fairly easy though!

Official Seoul Platoon Site (English)

Platoon Seoul Facebook Page (Bilingual)

Do you like markets like this? Have you been to Platoon Night Market before? Spot anything amazing?  Find out about this event thanks to my blog?  Share in the comments below!

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31 Responses to “Platoon Night Market~”

  • Custom avatar Mimi:

    Wow, this is so neat! We have plenty of flea markets and fairs here in Houston, but nothing quite this hip, ha. LOVE the awesome See By Chloe dress (that print *__*) and that Kpop style jacket fits like it was made for you! Also, you are so lucky Nara is always well-dressed and enjoys shopping!

    I had no idea that bags/clutches were so popular with Korean men. It seems pretty practical to me, but I don’t think it’s something that will catch on on this side of the Pacific. There’s only so much pant pockets can hold though! :/

    • Elle:

      haha That print will def get me some attention! lol I think I will wear it when Nara is wearing something flashy so we can be a flashy set, we do that sometimes… I know we are dorks! XD

      Yeah, this year large clutches for guys are really catching on! Before I would see one every so often and kinda lol about it… I am used to manbags here and really love how korean guys rock them, but a clutch seemed SO girly plus I could not picture a guy being able to stand lugging around a clutch bag all day without a strap. Now I see them several times a day (they are always very flat and over-sized) and it is always really sharply dressed guys, so I am used to it and enjoy it now. I agree though, I doubt the guys will ever catch on to it at home haha.

  • Custom avatar Airi:

    That’s so cool! I’ll have to visit this next time I go to Korea~! I couldn’t help but notice people smoking though…is the air inside pretty bad then? >.< Cigarette smoke gives me too much of a headache to enjoy the festivities!

    It's so nice to see such colorful and Harajuku-inspired accessories! Are there a lot of "hipsters" in Korea? Whenever I went all I mostly just saw dark colored, OL-type style.

    • Elle:

      haha yeah, smoking is a bit too common here still… I hear they are trying to put some new laws in place and I know one busy area of Gangnam has smoking banned on the street. In the expo a few sellers lit up, but the whole location was opened up so it was only mildly annoying and just like 2-3 people total ^^

      I see more “Hipsters” in Apgujeong and Hongdae, but those two areas seem to have the most diverse fashion overall VS everyday stylish Korean style which is a little clean cut and conservative. That being said, the numbers overall are a bit low I think… most Koreans go for “Safe” when it comes to fashion, but it is still very stylish haha. That K-pop white vest I bought felt TOTALLY Apgujeong/Garosugil to me, but if I wore it around where I live people would find it a bit too flashy I think!

    • Elle:

      btw your blog is adorable!! ♥

  • dude. those custom nikes are awesome! WHY YOU NO BUY?!

    and funny with the other nikes, i was thinking, doesn’t liz have those? such cute stuff man!

    • Elle:

      I got cheap because it was like $40 and I had already spent over $100 hahahaha XD NOW I HAZ REGRETS. Maybe they will still have them next month though, they are a little funky for girls here so I may be able to snag them first muhaha

  • The See by Chloe jacket/dress is very cute! I like the pattern and color. 🙂

  • That’s SO cool! You should open an online shop to sell some stuff for people who leaves overseas~ <3

    The cool thing is that they sell lots of colorful and neon stuff there! It's hard to find markets like this here… The ones I know sells more rock'n roll and vintage stuff T_T I want colors~

    I love your jacket but mostly your purple-yellow dress *-* So unique!


  • I really like that they have Night Flea Markets. I’ve never heard of flea markets at night before. Fun.

  • Custom avatar Moni:

    wow i love it! living in korea looks like a lot of fun!
    i’m wondering if korea has any popular clothing brands? for example i know some japanese like liz lisa, ank rouge, milk etc and here in spain we have zara, mango… so i just realized that i don’t know any korean brands >.<

    random comment by the way, but you and nara look so good and cute together 🙂 i rarely see asian men-caucasian girl couples, which is something i don't quite understand since the opposite is more or less common!

    • Elle:

      Good question! I plan on featuring a few soon, but for clothing here it is a little diff vs Japan… like, I love Liz Lisa and I know when I am in a Liz Lisa shop and when I buy something people can tell it came from there because they have a strong brand identity and a line of 100% unique items. Here a LOT of the “brands” are all the same thing from the factory, if anything they just make minor tweaks to the design and nothing is super duper distinctive! After shopping for a bit I have found that some good true brands (VS something wholesale from a factory with a label sewn in) are here and I see more coming around and getting a bit stronger with a more defined brand identity as time goes on… however I don’t think very many command a brand loyalty with a large number of people like foreign brands do here.

      Some popular ones that come to mind right away are SOUP (I love them), ENC, Olive Des Olive, BSX, Teeny Weenie, Poem, Codes Combined, and Valley Girl. I will give a few brands proper features soon since most of the internet completely lacks any real brand info for shopping in Korea :/ like I enjoy “Yesstyle.com” but what they list as Korean brands are just a name they slapped on and I nave never heard of a single “Brand” they sell lol.

      As for the Asian boy + Caucasian girl, I cant speak for all backgrounds, but in Korea it is VERY hard to find a Korean guy willing to actually settle down with a foreign girl.. oh, they will (and do) screw around, but most are not serious at all and have no intention of a long-term relationship. This is very sad for the girls that come here thinking to find someone like the men do, I feel bad some girls come here not understanding the culture enough to anticipate this. This is because the men are in charge of the house and the wife becomes part of his household and must cater to his parents…so the parents have a hard time allowing a non-korean woman + in many cases Men here want a typical Korean wife that cooks, cleans, looks a specific way, and fulfills the things required of her too. They play around and go for the typical wife clone when they are done having fun. Korean girls are more open and have a much easier life when they marry a foreigner here, the obligations of the husbands in-laws are not as demanding AT ALL so they are “Free” in a lot of ways from the crushing family life :/ I could write a whole essay on it lol.

      • Custom avatar Moni:

        Thank you for your answer! I’ll be looking forward to your fashion posts 🙂
        I really admire Japanese fashion because you can find every style there (although the price tag normally isn’t that great! lol). Here in Spain we do have Spanish brands but a lot of the stores are from the same company, so even though they have a slightly different styles and targets, the patterns and trens are quite similar. for example, the owner of Zara actually ownes other stores (it’s called Inditex group) so when I go shopping it can get frustrating sometimes because things look very similar.

        Oh that’s quite interesting! I don’t have any koreans or asian friends so I only know about their culture (which includes the dating part) through the internet or reports I see on TV. I guess some girls are delusional about Korean men because of what they see in dramas or their love for a certain kpop idol lol.

        • Elle:

          I think we actually have a Spanish chain here you know, just at like one or two locations in Seoul… aaaaah I cant remember the name though, but it will be in the D-Cube City Mall post I do sometime soon. I think it was kind of like H&M + Forever 21, I remember being surprised about where the chain came from! lol anyway~ yeah, it sounds like Korea has that saaaaame issue. We cant complain too much though, because the clothing is quite cheap here (unless you buy it re-packaged for the department store haha) but after you live here a few months you get used to seeing the same fabric appear or the same basic items, so now I know when I am being over-charged most of the time. I shop too much haha.

          Yeah, some girls come here totally starry-eyed thinking they are sweet soap opera guys, but guys are STILL guys here…. so ya know what they are after :/ just want to say they hooked up with a “White Horse” once (that is the derogatory term for being with a White girl here :P)

  • Custom avatar caz:

    oh cute haul 😀 sweeeeeeeet!

  • Aw man i want one of these!

    also that white jacket is freakin epic. and I dont even like white or pearls and girly stuff that much.

    This Punky Pop trend was made for me clearly. If you start selling stuff I need a lot of this 😀

  • Wow thanks for the informative post, I’ll be going to Korea end of this yr but I don’t think I’ll be there during the first Saturday :(! booo!!!

    Bahh I really love the atmosphere of these places!

    xoxo Wengie

    • Elle:

      Don’t worry! They have many other markets and every Sunday they have a great craft market in Hongdae that I will be blogging about soon, I always find wonderful things there 🙂 ♥ ♥ ♥

  • Custom avatar WL:

    Wow, korean hipster markets look so edgy and trendy, yet cute! The ones here in australia/sydney are not nearly as colourful and have a more 90s grungy hipster feel (i find them a tad less exciting haha).

    that neon dress and studded bag look amaaazing! great haul too!

  • Custom avatar Christina:

    oMG Elle your blog is cute like always!I especially like the Flea market and cute korean DJ guy ^^ Heehee


  • Custom avatar Joe:

    Do they have shopping every night or is it just every 1st saturday? if its only saturday ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ?!?!

  • This is amazing~! I will definitely have to pop in to visit a friend in Seoul some weekend when this is going on! ^___________^

    But…what do they do with all that space for the rest of the time? Do they rent it out for various events?

  • Hi! I will be coming to Seoul this december 🙂 right on the 27th! Do you know the best, most hip flea market to go? or is this one still the hip one? Yeay thanks!

  • Custom avatar mi:

    wow i’m loving all the colours and stuff!
    Definitely on my to do list in Seoul. Thank you for posting ^^

  • Awww!! Too bad! I wanted to visit this place! Why isit open only this first saturday of the month TT cse i am going to korea on 19jan. Anyway. I love ur blog, really helps me on getting precious info for my upcoming korea trip 🙂

  • Custom avatar nagrom:

    only 20 to set up!?!? T_T My job is to help my dad at fleamarkets, but to have a booth at most places is $65!! *__* ack!!

  • Platoon is such a cool venue. Glad they’re doing this.

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