If you would like to read a bit more info about crane, claw, UFO, grab, etc prize catchers here in Korea, please check out my post HERE ♥ for more info and my general exp about it here as a claw game fan!

Prizes!!  The other day we stumbled upon some wholesale sites that actually supply the claw machines here in Korea!  These are sold in bulk to businesses who own the machines and fill them up with goodies to get your money and make you furious when the claw keeps dropping them! Gah!  These are not as great at the toys made for Japanese catcher games, but some are still pretty cute so I wanted to share some of my favorites from the supplier that I have seen in machines here!

As I said in my other Prize Catcher post, many of the toys in the machine are generic cute animals or licensed Korean characters~ Which I find interesting!  Dooly 둘리 the little Dinosaur, Mashimaru, Pororo, and Angry Birds are common characters here that are Korean or licensed in Korea.  Others are Japanese licensed characters, bootleg, or semi rip-offs of other characters/brands.  Rilakuma + Hello Kitty are licensed here so you see a lot of products and plush in stores, BUT they do not appear in machines too often for some reason.

♥ ♥ ♥

Please enjoy the toys !!

via Sopyong.com and cottonfood.co.kr

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19 Responses to “Plush Prizes of South Korea’s Arcade Games”

  • Custom avatar Nadia:

    Hello Kitty are licensed in Korea? I had no idea! I thought they’re from Japan?

    • Elle:

      Hello Kitty is 100% Japanese, but the characters (just some I believe)have a license to be sold in Korea + someone can produce products of her here (not sure if its a sanrio branch or a sub company that is allowed to make the products), just like they do in the USA so it makes the products cheaper VS importing them from Japan directly.

      Its why you can find Kitty at Target, Wallmart, etc now, Sanrio Japan does not make the merch~ Target has an agreement with them to license the character ♥

  • Custom avatar Ashley:

    Korean toys are way cuter than the American ones! There are only so many times I want to win a plush baseball, Spongebob, and smooshie-faced teddies who’ve been pressed against the glass for too long! Though I will say, our machines are also being filled with some Angry Birds these days. Are the stuffed animals filled with Styrofoam balls and cheap fiber stuffing like they are here?

    • Elle:

      Totally!! The USA ones are SO FREAKING UGLY…. My sister won this http://crapsouvenirs.com/wp-content/main/2011_04/bananas.jpg It was a 5′ rasta banana… WTF SERIOUSLY?????? It gave me nightmares. I have not come across any of the horrid foam/crappy paper filled toys yet, but the fabric used is a little cheaper-ish. I think American wins the ugly toy prize for now.
      The first time I came here like 8 years ago they had some pretty ugly ones, but the popularity seems to be building up a tiny bit again so I have noticed improvements over the last 3 years.

      • Custom avatar Ashley:

        I just spit out my soda! The hell is that??? HAHA! This country sucks for cute things I swear! lol OMFG that’s awful >.< bahahaha

        • Elle:

          I think that banana has become a famous horrid toy too~ I googled it and found like 100 funny images of people with them. UGH SO CREEPY

      • WTH!!!! A RASTA BANANA!!! I can see why it gave you nightmares. LMAO!!! It’s fricken scary and UGLY!!! I wish we had better UFO catcher prizes in our US machines. Perhaps someone needs to contact the companies here in the USA to start buying Kawaii items for their UFO Catchers. They would probably be more people who would play them.

        • Custom avatar nagrom:

          i live out in the redneck part of alabama,usa, and when we go to a small town , most of the ufo catchers are better than you’d think! every walmart and grocery store really does have better toys! i’ve seen puss in boots, angry birds, superman, joker, batman, snoopy and charlie brown pulshies! they still have those okay little teddys, but they are getting better.even my familys favorite mexican resturant in the town 5 towns over has pretty good plushies!

  • Custom avatar Nesuki:

    둘리하고 희동이 인형이네요!!
    갔고싶어—ㅇ! ㅎㅎㅎ…

    • Elle:

      I have to admit, 둘리 is growing on me lol. I will be doing a proper post about him + other classic characters soon *_*

      • Custom avatar Nesuki:

        어릴때는 둘리하고 친구들이 불쌍하고, 고길동 아저씨가 세상에서 제일 나쁜사람이라고 생갔했는데요. 다 크니깐 이건 둘리가 완전… 아휴… 말썽꾸러기네요.
        저도 둘리 때문에 보물섬을 매달 샀어요.

  • Custom avatar Danielle:

    Seriously, if arcade games in America had those kind of prizes, I would be drawn!

  • Is there a way to purchase plushes from this site without owning a gaming machine? I teach English at an Elementary school, and these would be good prizes, plus I have tons of Lolita friends back in the states these would make good gifts for.

    • Elle:

      I’m thinking anyone can buy, just in bulk… but you may need a business license or something for the bulk price, since its Korea I have no clue because I have experienced it BOTH ways. They require a log-in to view that information, so perhaps someone at your school can look into it with you? 😀 If not, you can always try hitting up the night markets in Dongdaemun, Namdaemun my exp with that area has been that as long as you are willing to buy in bulk they will sell it to you, no questions asked. You can get stuff dirt cheap on those nights if you buy in bulk, I bought some little girls hair clips by the bag for 500won a piece when they sell for about 4000won each in stores. I have not come across toys being sold, but the area is SO big that I am sure a bulk toy/kids stuff area must exists someplace ♥

  • Custom avatar tracy:

    do you remember what website you stumble across that sells those plushes in bulk?

    • Elle:

      Listed at the bottom of the post, “via Sopyong.com and cottonfood.co.kr” As far as I know its all in Korean and you prob need a business license/tax ID to buy~ at least from the larger wholesale places assuming it works like it does in the USA with wholesale places.

  • Custom avatar Michelle:

    The 10th character, what is it called? I have a plushie like that but my is in a another costume ..

  • Custom avatar Skye:

    what’s the name of the dog character with the circle around its eye? iv’e seen it somewhere….

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