Today I want to share a favorite spot of mine located in the trendy shopping area of Garosugil~ the unique clothing shop”POP Boutique

Pop Boutique is a fun small shop that carries a unique selection of hand-picked items mixed with custom pieces, everything is really stylish and often celebrity inspired from the latest music videos on TV.

The shop has been open since last year and has been featured in several Japanese shopping magazines such as “Cawaii”, so as you can probably guess the style is a bit unique and playful overall, with a slight punky twist keeping up with the current trends here of spikes and studs.

Why do I love stopping by POP Boutique? Because I never know what I will find inside the shop, and if I do find something I like it is always the sort of piece that people notice and compliment!

The walls are filled with all sorts of fun pieces!

yummy candy-colored collared shirt!  Sorry some of the photos are so bright, they had very intense overhead lights in the shop ^^ BLIND YOU WITH BEAUTY!

Ah how cute is this??

One of my favorite features of this shop (and the original reason I walked in my first time) is the baby doll chandelier! haha its so crazy and cute~ kinda like the toy chandelier they have at the BOMGOM booth at Doota.

I really love these things 

Most pieces in this store range in price from about 40,000 to 100,000 won ($40-$100) so while it is not as cheap as some places in Korea, it is quite reasonable considering some designs are unique, imported, or limited.

Most of the pieces sold here are for women, however some things are unisex so guys could get away with wearing them….Actually a LOT of fun pieces in Korea are unisex so just because it looks like a girls shop do not completely write it off!

I wonder how heavy it is to wear this hat? XD

Studded hot pink barbie shoes~ yes please!

This skirt was so awesome!  WANT!

Shelf full of fun Korean fashion goodies!

They had many pieces from the Korean brand Lazer Heaven which seems to be quite popular with shops around Apgujeong!  They always have playful and very wearable pieces

POP Boutique also has a small selection of shoes in the shop~ some are a bit basic, but some are really fun!

They also have a small selection of accessories~ usually quirky or punky things!

Jackets, Jackets, Jackets!

My favorite piece of the day!!  Ahh I tried it on and it only comes in one size though, XXS  T_T K-pop star size!

Sizes here do vary based on the brand, some are “free size” and others come in a S-M range usually.  A few designer pieces they carry here are super small, but that is not the norm!

Hey look~ its those “bride to be” glasses from the HyunA music video this month haha.

Really beautiful knit sweaters!

Crazy bags and tattoo leggings~ POP Boutique had lots of prints imported from Japan last time we visited!  We are finally getting some tattoo tights here in Seoul (it has been a huge trend in Japan for the last year or so) but the designs are a little basic still!

This has been a favorite shopping spot of mine since I moved here in 2011~ it is really fun to stop by and see so many fun and unique pieces under one roof!  Compared to what you see on TV, lots of the fashion in Korea gets a bit bland, so if you like more exciting pieces this is a shop you really should pay a visit to once and a while!  The inventory changes often so it can be a little hit or miss, but I always end up finding something I can not live without when I come by!

♥ ♥ ♥

Big thanks to POP Boutique for letting us feature the shop here so that all of you at home could read about them!  Nara and I think shops like this deserve the spotlight way more often xoxox

Directions to POP Boutique in Garosugil

POP Boutique 

강남구 신사동 547-2

Hours: 9:30am-11pm M-F

Pop Boutique is a little bit of a walk from the metro station, but good news is it is VERY easy to spot and right on the main street of Garosugil! You can get to it by wither taking the Orange Line #3 to Apgujeong Station OR the same line to Sinsa Station one stop over.

♥ ♥ ♥

Sinsa Station will put you at the end of the main Garosugil street so you will have to walk all the way up, but it is a pleasant walk~ or Apgujeong Station will get you a bit closer to the store and put you right at the beginning of the main road.  It is easy to spend a full day in this area shopping and enjoying cafes, so it really is just a matter of preference! I personally prefer to reach this area by cab or taking the Apgujeong station though~

Coming from Apgujeong Station you can just use Exit# 5 and walk straight down a ways till you see the main tree lined street on your left!  This is the main road for the shopping area of Garosugil, so you should see a bit of foot traffic as people head in to shop! You will walk down a short ways and pass the giant Forever 21 and POP Boutique will be there shortly after on your left~ the shop is painted bright red so it should be very hard to miss!!

Do you shop at Pop Boutique? Did you visit after reading this article? What is your favorite piece you so pictured in this post? Share in the comments below and let me know if you want to see more of my favorite unique shopping spots here in Seoul!

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31 Responses to “POP Boutique ~ Unique K-pop style in Garosugil!”

  • I like the glittery jacket it’s so sparkly!!! And the tee shirt with the carott about to be kidnapped :o)

    Thanks for sharing every day life in Korea, it’s like a little travel everyday ^_^

    • Elle:

      IRL it was really cute, like a subtle sparkle! Aw it is my pleasure to share with you guys, gotta spread the word haha ^^ you are very welcome!

  • aww..such a cute shop..looks like eyecandy everywhre!
    i like that tatoo stocking.its so popular these days ^__^

    • Elle:

      Do you have any yet? I finally bought some and they look really cute on, I was not sure at first~ but now I love them! 😀

  • Thanks for the post… Another ‘to go’ shopping place for me when I visit yay! The doll chandeliers are quite unique at least they didn’t look that creepy still cute though. Btw, Nara is very stylish.

  • Custom avatar anoushka:

    so cool! i love boutiques like this :3

  • omg I want to live there. *O*

  • Custom avatar Samantha:

    Does this boutique have an online store? That jacket was SO cute, I want it D;

    • Elle:

      sadly they do not, however I plan on featuring some online stores with fun styles very soon! Also I will be featuring some of the Korean brands found here, just getting my things together 😀

  • Custom avatar Chrissa:


  • Such a cool place with so many awesome things; I want everything!! But those blue booties with colourful studs are my favourite thing!!! <3

  • Custom avatar Phoebe:

    too cute! can’t wait to visit korea again in two weeks! just out of curiosity, is the new year’s holiday a big thing for korea? do shops and malls close for a couple of days or do they operate as usual?

    • Elle:

      I am usually gone for New Years, but Nara tells me that New Years day almost all shops will be closed up~ however not too many people actually celebrate new years eve. Some smaller shops may stay closed for a few days because New Years is a family holiday, but the larger department stores should open back up

  • Custom avatar Jasmine:

    I love this district too! So many places to shop, eat, and explore! Esp, I love some multi-label stores in Garosu-gil! Wanna share what I just found a website of Korean upcoming designers labels here and they were on sale now!

  • Custom avatar Nae:

    This post was a lot of fun, loved seeing the unique pieces. But I’m truly commenting because that “BLIND YOU WITH BEAUTY” part literally made me bust out laughing, haha!

  • So many cool things at that store! I can’t believe it, but I saw the exact same hat (the heavy looking one) at a store in Los Angeles! 😮

  • Custom avatar Wad:

    Wow this is awesome!
    I love Korean’s clothes specially those loooong shirts. I’m so in love with them.
    Here in Argentina is kinda difficult find them so the ones I own are a bit shorter.
    Thanks so much for sharing this with us.
    I’m pretty sure that I’m gonna take most of your advices into account when I travel to Korea.

  • Custom avatar Shana:

    Hi Elle~ I find this post to be one of my favorite ones! I really want to go here this summer!:D
    Do you know what the price ranges are, so I have an idea? And would you recommend me to buy many things here or in places like Edae, HongDae, apartment stores as well?
    Could you please give me some more tips as to where I should buy certain items (for example, I am sure that now I will buy shoes at Edae mostly from reading you Edae Shopping post ^^)~

    • Elle:

      Because of the area the price rage is a bit higher at this shop, maybe 30,000-100,000+ for most things. Not crazy expensive, but not super cheap~ most things seemed to fall around 40,000 won. Where you want to buy clothing depends a lot on your price range and taste~ my favorite shopping areas are generally Hongdae, Edae, and Garosugil aside from scoping out Dongdaemun of course. Prices in Korea vary a lot (often for the same item) it just depends on where you buy it, if it is a special made item or mass produced piece bought wholesale, and the location~ areas around schools have better prices sometimes. I always find the best cheap clothing in Edae (although I do get lucky in Hongdae), unique average priced finds in Hongdae, and expensive but unique finds in Garosugil. Dongdaemun/Namdaemun is a grab bag of great finds, rip offs, or things currently being bought wholesale for Japan but not in demand by Korean shoppers (so jackpot for me in terms of pricing) depending on your luck since the areas are so huge.

      • Custom avatar Shana:

        Thank you for your reply Elle, it’s so helpful! I’m just doing my research so I can spend my money and time to the fullest this summer~ I will definitely try to go check out POP Boutique and buy at least something if I get the chance. I love then red bunny beanie!! 🙂
        My fashion taste is girly and modest for most of the time, but I do like to add some punk/daring outfits or accessories at times. I am also very attracted to bright colors, I like dresses a lot and generally if I like a trend or style, I will definitely try it out. So would Edae be the best place to check out first and then go to other areas and see if I find some good decent priced items? I would invest more in good quality items and if they are unique and I fall in love with them 😉 I do definitely wanna go to Hongdae, Garosugil and other places like Dongdaemun as well. And would department stores be recommended or could I do most shopping at the places mentioned?~

  • Custom avatar Shana:

    ELLE! I am in Korea and thanks to you, I went to Pop boutique! I’ve been to so many places and when I was in Garosugil this was my must-go-place! I wish they still had the bunny beanies I wanted sooo much but didn’t~ anyhow, I still bought a really cute dress I can wear with my docs! ^^
    Loved this boutique and other places like Ewha that you helped me know more through this blog! Thank you 🙂

  • Custom avatar Sasi:

    Aaaakk I will go to this shop as well! Thank youuu, I love your blog!!

  • Custom avatar Momo:

    Hi Elle,
    I am no longer in Korea but have a friend there and she’s sending me a birthday gift! I want those tattoo leggings (Chocomoo x Avantgarde) and do you know where else can I get them from?

  • Custom avatar Nikki:

    Thanks for your recommendations!!! love your blog! I’m visiting Korea next week & you got me really excited!!!

  • Custom avatar alpha:

    do they have a website? if they do then what is it?

  • Custom avatar Vivian:

    Hello Elle:)
    I’m from Taiwan and I am planning to take a trip in Seoul this summer.
    This shop attracted me when I was reading a traveling book, and then I found your post:)
    I would like to ask you whether this shop is still located here.
    Because when I was looking at the map, it just showed the Kim’s Boutique, that’s why I want to ask this question.
    Thank u so much if u have time to reply me:P

    • Elle:

      I have not checked in a few months, to my knowledge they are still there though! Regardless it is a popular area so you will have lots of other shops to visit too ^^ this area is a bit more expensive, but the clothing is unique and fun!

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