Hapjeong is an awesome artsy quiet spot just one stop before the busy Hongdae area. This place has a unique and creative vibe with some amazing small shops for people with more colorful tastes in fashion plus a slew of cozy cafes! Adding to the setting of Hapjeong are its streets and corners painted with amazing graffiti ~ these paintings are actually starting to outshine the work found at Hongdae.

Maybe more artists are coming to Hapjeong to paint larger murals now because it is a bit quieter vs Hondgae which has *really* becoming overrun with party people… not sure. Regardless, if you want to spend a peaceful afternoon walking and checking out cafes and street art this is an ideal place and now one of my favorite areas to just stroll.

this artist (NANA) always paints very dark things… but I kinda like them. The art above was recently painted over sadly, I thought it was a perfect spot because it always had a massive pile of trash bags below it. LOL Planned maybe?

down NANA’s  little alley of nightmares~


Enjoy the photos? Have a favorite? Know an awesome spot to see more amazing street art here in Korea?  Share below!

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9 Responses to “Pretty Graffiti of Hapjeong”

  • Custom avatar Kitty:

    Ah I wish graffiti was less scribbles and more art here in London!

    I have read all your posts, love them! Sorry I don’t comment on them much. I wanted to let you know you have a reader and a fan here! x

    • Elle:

      aw thank you for dropping a comment! I see the views, but haha sometimes it is nice to read some proof that people came by so I know I am not talking to myself XD
      That’s too bad you guys to not have that much, are they very strict about it? I hate tags and stuff, but some of the larger ones are so vivid and amazing!

  • I went to this area for the first time last weekend, and I really loved it! Just as pretty street-art wise as Hongdae but definitely with less of the ‘being smothered by people’ vibe, ha ha.

    • Elle:

      Totally agree~ Hongdae is so busy nowadays. Did you get to hit up some of the cafes? I blogged about Minon, and I have a post about “Slow cat” coming up~ God the cafes are so cozy in that area. I feel like I am in a storybook or something ^^

      • Unfortunately my friends were not into cupcakes, as much as I pleaded, ha ha, so I’m saving Minon for my next visit. We ended up getting Irish breakfast at Cafe Eire, which was probably the best western-style breakfast I’ve had in Seoul. It’s also adorably tiny.

        • Elle:

          Oh I have not been in Eire yet, I will have to check it out! Always game to get some real breakfast around here haha!

  • Custom avatar Jenny:

    I’ve just stumbled across your blog, loving it! Definitely going to be checking Hapjeong out now. Which exit should I go out of? Thanks!

  • these are so gorgeous! must be nice having such cute surroundings. graffiti = art and if it’s cute, even better!

  • Ahh I love graffiti. Well, pretty/illustrated graffiti like these, not random scribbles just to vandalize. But these rock. Are you thinking of painting a mural over there? =)

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