The Graffiti in Korea is an interesting mix usually of American (seems like west-coast) urban graffiti from the 90’s, pop art, and a twist of cute+ crude humor that is distinctly Korean.  Hongdae is known for its graffiti which is scattered around the area and sprawls out to large murals covering whole building sides with beautiful detail usually in a whimsical, yet urban style.

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The Hongdae area is a lot of fun to walk around, you never know what you will see and because its kind of an artistic area filled with students the styles of clothing are a little more unique vs what you would find in other neighborhoods!  Please enjoy this collection of images and as I encounter more in the Hongdae area of Seoul (which is bound to happen!) I will most likely add them to this post!

*some of the smaller new images you can click for larger versions *

Enjoy the photos? Have a favorite? Know an awesome spot to see more amazing street art here in Korea? Share below!

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