Have you always wanted some circle lenses that would give you classic shojo manga sparkle eyes that make you look like you cry rivers of shimmering star-shaped tears? Yeah, me too!!! Thankfully Korea has come to the rescue with some beautiful circle lenses!

Lets take a look at my favorites!! ~

For the Milky Way Princess

Style Name: 달고나 Dalgona

Size: 14.2mm

Maker: O-lens

For the Exotic Princess

Style Name: 온앤온

Size: 13.6mm

Maker: O-lens

For the Cosmic Princess

Style name: 별빛

Size: 14.3mm

Maker: O-lens

For the Crystal Princess

Style Name: 스파클 핑크

Size: 14.3mm

Maker: O-lense

For the Ice Princess

Style Name: 눈의꽃

Size: 13.2 mm

Maker: O-lense

For the Forest Princess

Style Name: 립 (Lip)

Size: 13.9 mm

Maker: O-lense

O-lens is a maker of very pretty, natural, and fun circle lenses here in Korea!  They have over 30 retail stores in Korea as well as an online shop~ however for online shopping you may have to go through a shopping service to place orders.  Minarin comes highly recommended for Korean orders, although I have not used her personally

♥ If you know of any online sellers that carry O-lens please do let me know and I will share the info.

pretty eyeball goodies and amazing cooling drops from Japan *_*

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23 Responses to “Pretty Princess Circle Lenses in Korea”

  • Custom avatar Lina:

    Those look super cute and princessy! Are circle lenses safe for the eyes though? My friend said they cant be worn for long periods of time because your eyes need to breathe. I’ve only just recently heard about them, but I really want to try them 🙂

    • Elle:

      As long as they are from a trusted company they are as safe as any other cosmetic lens. Your friend is correct though, you can not sleep in these kinds of lenses or anything, maybe just wear them for the day~ Although Korea has made some VERY nice daily wear ones that are much better for regular wearing that feel very comfy on ♥ I am not sure how these feel since I have not shopped with O-lens yet, but I will be paying them a visit soon and report my findings. ♥ ♥

  • Custom avatar mouse:

    My first pair of circle lenses are in the post (thanks to your previous post). And now I feel like I am absolutely in love with the first pair posted here ~ So amazing ~

  • Custom avatar Annie:

    I have always wanted to get circle lenses, but have heard that they’re not always safe. I’ve never worn contacts before and I’m kind of scared to put them in my eyes. I’ve looked around online, and I just don’t know how to tell who is and who isn’t a reputable dealer, because I’ve heard of a lot of people scamming and selling like knock off brands. :/

    • Elle:

      If you have never worn contacts they may bother your eyes a little till you get used to them because they are not as comfy as normal contacts. Yes, you have to be careful and buy from brands you trust or stick with sellers online that sell GEO with the hologram sticker and certifications!

  • Also you should note that there are one time use circle lenses, which you could get away with wearing maybe 3 times if you take care of the lens. But I think over using the disposable circle lenses cause a lot of trouble. You can ask the store when you buy ^^ ‘일회용’ (Ill-Hwe-yong) is how you call one time use disposable things in Korean.

    Just ask “Ill-Hwe-Yong Ee-Eh-yo?”
    “Is this for one time use?”

  • Custom avatar Colourvue:

    These pictures are fabulous, I love the lenses, I have never tried circle lenses before, but after watching those pictures, I am so much inspired and I would like to try it definitely.

  • Custom avatar arrr:

    I’ve been using circle lense few times..the most comfortable one was geo lens (i used barbie series n princess series)..it makes my eyes bigger but the color wasnt shown…
    I’ve tried other brand such as eos (not recommended!!very uncomfortable and i got itchy eyes for using it just for an hour)….

  • Custom avatar Lina:

    Hi Elle!

    I was wondering if you would know of a good trusted circle lens company that makes circle lenses for people with astigmatism?

    • Elle:

      Hi Lina! Many people trust GEO lenses a LOT and I know they make versions for astigmatism. If you have access I highly recommend lenses by Bausch + Lomb Naturelle or Acuvue~ both make circle lenses here in asia (and I am 90% sure they have torric versions… I will try to do a post dedicated to this sometime) and they feel amazing and are wonderful + trustworthy brands. Happy hunting! On my sidebar I have a image like to pinky paradise~ they are a very nice online store for lenses, but I am not sure what they stock for astigmatism atm!

      • Custom avatar Lina:

        Thank you for the brand recommendations! I hope to find a pair by this weekend. I wish O lens had the princess style for astigmatism. They’re so pretty! I really love reading your blog! My friends and I wanna use your blog as a cute guide around the city so we can visit all the cute places you’ve found. When I usually go, to korea, my aunts take me shopping at the same places so it gets boring for me. I never knew there could be such a cuter side to Korea. I showed my mom the hello kitty cafe and suggested we go on a mother daughter date when we go visit next. She just laughed but we both love sweets and pastries so I think she’ll like it. Plus who wouldn’t like cute hello kitty designer desserts 🙂 anywho love love love your blog. I look forward to reading about your new discoveries of all the cuteness there!

  • Custom avatar Ji:

    Hello! Thanks for the amazing review, I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS BRAND all my life (nearly).
    For some reasons, 14min circle lenses doesn’t suit me, unless I’m make uped like a prostitute. And That’s sad because I put on make up like a regular school girl.
    So I discovered those amazing 13.3 mm, but I live in France, and Minarin wouldn’t tell me how much the one I want cost (I think she’s busy with exams, that makes me feel bad about my own by the way..)
    In short, can u pleaaase please please tell me the price of those two:


    Thanks a looooooooooooot!

    • Elle:

      Hello Ji~ Sorry I can not help you, the site required you to register your Korean SS# for some stupid reason to view the price of these now :/ Korean websites are so dumb sometimes. I can tell you that the Dali browns are very popular and common (they are not unique to O-lens) so they should not cost you over 20,000 won I would think for the set.

  • does o lens comfortable to wear? I’m planning to buy o lens when i’m in korea^^ which one is more comfortable for you? o lens or geo? which one is thinner? because i can’t seem to wear the ones that is too thick.. i had one before but it’s too thick so it cause irritation to my eyes. but i bought another one that’s not too thick and it works perfectly for me^^ sorry for asking many questions>.<

    • Elle:

      I do not have any O-lens yet, so I can not say. I do not use GEO anymore either, I prefer bausch and lomb brand lenses here~ however they are sold by the box. I have no idea which are thinner, I would assume lenses made for daily wear VS cosmetic are thinner though. Your best bet would be to look at them in the store and try and decide that way perhaps, they sell them in bottles and can place them on a sample eye so you can see them clearly before you buy in Korea

  • Custom avatar Josie:):

    Hi Elle:)
    I am trying to find a reliable webside to buy Korean circle lens. Can I buy them from you? or do you have any online resources for me? Thanks!!!

    • Elle:

      Hi Josie 🙂 I do not sell anything through the site or offer shopping services, but I have a link to one of my preferred online sellers right on the side bar (see the image? You can also use “Cuteinkorea” as a coupon code for free goodies *copypaste* http://www.pinkyparadise.com/?Click=23511 ) and soon I will be reviewing one other online shop~ but in the meantime I do enjoy pinky!

      • Custom avatar Caffy Chan:

        Hi, I’m currently buying from Pinky Paradise and I am SO SO SO CURIOUS as to what the free goodies are >.<. Can you please tell me pl0x :3.

  • Custom avatar Yoona11:

    So cute!! OMG I want it!!!!I an find it on line??

  • They look absolutely gorgeous *_*!! I especially like the cristal princess and the forest princess ones :3I wonder if Pinky Paradise is selling these …

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