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편강 한의원 // Pyunkang Herbal Medicine Doctor rolled out a massive advertising campaign in Seoul that kicked in early January on Buses + Trains throughout the city and all over the Gangnam 강남 train station where young people flock.  Normally the adds on public transport are very boring and go unnoticed, but Pyunkang decided to do something a bit new and commissioned comic artist Yoon Hye-Jin 윤혜진 to create over a dozen vintage style (and hilariously over-dramatic) Korean manwha girls comic 만화  illustrations with a nice splash of saturated yellow! 

Translation:  What is this? I was told it was for my lungs, but my skin improved too!~

~apparently good breathing is the key to good skin~

you lied herbal medicine doctor~ ♥

The illustrations are all over the top tearful sparkle-eyes maidens with hair blowing in the wind, roses or hanky in hand, and feature pretty amusing text as well!  It really was a VERY clever marketing strategy, I mean… I kind of want to visit his clinic now and get a check-up!  I think this may be inspired by the popular Japanese brand “Kiss Me” who’s line “HEROINE MAKE” features similar classic girls and is VERY popular, or at least VERY available on Korean beauty shelves currently…rightly so, that brand is awesome ♥

the other night I happened to be in the Gangnam train station just after it had closed for the night~ PERFECT time to snap some photos of ALL the adds being used without people getting in my way!  Here they are + basic translations for you to enjoy!!


Whatever good for you tastes bad is such an old saying ♥
Yucky medicine~ Sucky
Tis not Yucky~
My supreme taste!


 my nose is dripping like the Niagara falls !
ahhh aaaahhh~
My Jewel like precious nose
콸 – 콸 – (sound of pouring)


 Now I know! The key to strong immune system is strong lungs!!
immune system is a must for a little damsel in distress
Laa Laa Laa~
I am the immune system boss!


Oh my~ look at this crazy skin. Now that my lungs are clean, my skin is like HD
It’s mesmerizing like jewels.
Amolred (someone’s name) looks like she will be GG-ing (I have no idea what this means…slang maybe?)


I blow my nose too much,  it’s wearing out and its going to disappear!
Ah~ it hurts…
My precious image (reputation) is ruined ~


Am I only allowed to smell it? Can i not taste the deliciousness that is fried Chicken~
These damn tonsils… I can barely swallow my own spit because of it.
This is torture…
(Thing she’s holding 치킨 = chicken)


STOP!!! Tell me I still have time, Tell me I still have time to grow more!!
There’s no way the window of my growth is closed already. It’s not the bank is it? Why is it closed so soon???


That’s right!! I am a girl with Asthma!!
If you feel bad for me, give me money! So I can go to Pyunkang Herbal Medicine Doctor..


I have a blind date scheduled and my atopic dermatitis (eczema) is acting up…
Damn you timing…


Why does she not come to me??
What is the matter with me?
Answer: Your sinusitis.
아흐흥 – Oooooooo ~ (sexual grunting)
꽃미남 (on his badge) – pretty boy.

These are so funny, right??LOL!  They really make me want to visit this clinic too *_* job well done.  This medical clinic is a traditional Korean herbal one that seems to have a focus on illness and chronic ailments overall vs others that just are for your general well-being. The idea behind this clinic is that they have special herbal (duh!)medicines that are supposed to be better for your body VS drugs.  Koreans are very into doing things the “Natural” way, so these sorts of clinics still do very well here!

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9 Responses to “Pyunkang Herbal Doctor~ Adorable new advertising in Seoul”

  • OMG these are so funny. Ive seen them all over the place but couldn’t read the text ㅠ_ㅠ. Thanks for translating them (~_O)

  • Custom avatar Ashley:

    LOL! Omg these ads kill me XD I love how Korean/Japanese cultures word things. It’s not like anything we’d say here haha Very amusing indeed~

  • Custom avatar Caz:

    How seriously cute are they 😀

  • I’ve seen some cute advertising in Korea, but nothing compared to this. I love the innocence behind it, especially. One thing I noticed was that their selling strategies aren’t as “aggressive” as here in the states. There’s always some cuteness tied in or a catchy child-like jingle attached.

    Just look at those- Who could resist a cute girl with nice hair and sparkling eyes? 😉

    • Elle:

      I agree, this add is so darling and many places do use a cute approach~ However, lots of advertising is VERY VERY aggressive/in your face here… I cant go a day without seeing before and after faces of carved up girls from jaw surgery and such. In fact, I will be doing a post dedicated to those creepy adds~ just collecting images for it this month *__* maybe look forward to it? haha

  • I AM THE IMMUNE SYSTEM BOSS! hahahahahahaha

    • Elle:

      hahahaha XD I wish I was!!!! I’m always getting sick here BC of all the coughing in public 😛 I think I should go visit this place. I wonder if its as cute as the adds? XD

  • Custom avatar Christina:

    These Were Very Cute ;}

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