Ran into this really cute Korean flash game tonight! Ramen cooking game!!!  Its so adorable ( and addictive… just a bit tricky at first!!)

♥ Shyue Ramen House ♥ 

its a bit like cooking mama, you have one thing to cook and its all about speed.  Get those Ramen pots cooked and off the table quickly before they boil over and burn.


  Pour the water first click the handle and then click the inside of the pot.

  Put in the ramen anytime you wish, green onion & egg you must put in while the water is boiling.

Just like the water, click the objects first & then inside of the pot

  When the cooking is done, click on the bottom of the pot and place it on the tray.

  When the ramen is placed in the tray it is judged and depending on how good it is you are rewarded points. If you fill up to 10,000won before the timer runs out, you succeed!

  Available pots (on the shelf x3) can be switched out with burnt pots.  If nothing is left (on your stove or shelf) you can not switch out

This is actually a running series on ibravo, so you can play other cooking games with the character~ her hair color is just brown now vs the original pink

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