This will be my little “to do list” and request page for future articles here on Cute in! I started to get e-mails asking me to write about things I am actually working on, or requesting things I never even thought of~ so now I will just make my to do list public so you can see what I have planned and if something you really want to read about is not here please feel free to leave a comment and request it! I want this site to eventually be an info hub filled with lots of useful things for everyone~ so I am working hard to get everything up as quickly as possible so the basics are done!

Feel free to request things like places, brands, foods, snacks, culture, holidays, whatever and I will do my best to cover it in the cutest way possible! ♥ If you see something on the list you are super excited about please do let me know as well~ It may push me to do it sooner!

Planned articles

Clothing/fashion/shopping related

  • Namdaemoon shopping general
  • Namdaemoon shopping wholesale craft supplies/fabric/beads
  • Dongdaemoon shopping general
  • Gaangnam shopping underground
  • Gaangnam area general
  • Myongdong General
  • Korean Fashion brand focus: TOPGIRL
  • Korean Fashion brand focus: Codes Combine
  • Korean Fashion brand focus: Olive Des Olive
  • Korean Fashion brand focus: Rosebullet
  • Korea Fashion brand focus: SOUP
  • Korean Fashion brand focus: ENC
  • Korean Fashion brand focus: Valley Girl
  • Lolita brand focus : Haenuli
  • Japanese brands in Korea (fashion and beauty)
  • Ewha shop focus: HYUN
  • Ewha shop focus: Watchfield
  • School uniforms in Korea
  • 광장시장 (Gwanjang Market) vintage







  • Hello Kitty Cafe



Incheon / Boondocks







  • Sex Park
  • Red haired ann’s house
  • Mini land
  • Glass world
  • Space park
  • Yellow flower field

Beauty / Hair

  • BB cream (general)
  • Etude House (general)
  • Holika Holika (general)
  • Tony Moly (general)
  • The face shop (general)
  • IPOE (general)
  • Korean Perms
  • Korean hairstyle focus
  • Bubs Nail salon review
  • pinky shop
  • Braces and cosmetic dental work in Korea
  • Botox and dermal fillers in Korea
  • plastic surgery people get in Korea
  • Cosmetic face treatments (skin related)
  • Hair removal in Korea
  • Korea skincare vocab worth knowing+routine (rinse, pack, emulsion, etc)


K-pop / movies / star related

  • Kona Beans (cafe owned by some members of Super Juniors mothers) REQUESTED
  • Soo Cafe in Gwangju (Suzy from Miss A’s parents cafe)  REQUESTED
  • Coffee Prince shop (from the drama!) REQUESTED
  • Se7en’s chicken restaurant REQUESTED
  • Where to buy K-pop things in Korea REQUESTED
  • Tiara’s Page One Cafe REQUESTED


  • DMZ Tour
  • Punch and sweet Tea in Korea
  • Korea traditional snacks and candy
  • Korea fairy tales
  • Korea traditional games
  • Fusion Hanbok shop tour/feature
  • BBQ in Korea (general)
  • Superstitions of Korea
  • Sogang language program review
  • Ewha language program review
  • Cute things to help you study Korean
  • Seoul Metro guide for tourists

Holidays/ Special Days

  • Childrens day
  • Halloween in Korea


Anything else to add let me know!  Famous drama spot, cafe, brand, whatever ♥

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118 Responses to “Request / To do list!”

  • okay, those one the list are crazily interesting I can’t even decide which one to choose.. I’m so gonna die! I want to know about them all! Hahaha… okay, maybe not.. let’s see.. hongdae and edae are the ones interests me the most and.. uh, just any cheap shopping place will do <3 hahahah…

  • Custom avatar Reila:

    Eek, I hope “Namdaemoon shopping wholesale craft supplies/fabric/beads” is far up on the list, haha 😀

    • Elle:

      It is! I actually have 80% of the photos I need already, so I am going to start that post super soon 😀 I just have to make a map of the buildings so people know where to go~

  • Oh I thought about something, don’t know if it’s possible. I would like to see something about korean dramas. I really like them, waaay better than japanese dramas. I think Korea has good actors and actress! Of course there are some dramas that I can’t make to the end, like Loving You a Thounsand Times… it’s looong and it’s getting boring. But the ones with 16 chapters are the best! My favs are What’s up fox? and Pasta <3 Because of them I'm in love with MANY korean actors *-* Well… that's it xD


    • Elle:

      Good request!!! I have only watched a few Dramas, but I like them a lot more VS Japanese for the most part (except for Hana Yori Dango/ Boys over flowers.. I LOVE the Japanese Makino and hate the Korean one ugh so its a pref thing I guess). When I get some time to finish watching a few more I will try and do… humm maybe a spotlight on the drama? Or would people want a review? Maybe just a feature would make the most sense so people can discover something to watch. Right now I really like the drama “Rooftop prince” although I have to catch up with the new episodes…. for a few weeks it seemed like EVERYONE was watching that drama haha.

  • Custom avatar stefani:

    hello~ this is not really a request but i was wondering if they sell collagen supplements (in powder/drink form) in korea? if yes, where can i find it? i’ve heard of Ultimate Collagen (korea product) though. thank you 😀

    • Elle:

      Yes! They sell MANY types of Collagen things here, the only one I have exp with right now are the drinks though, I have been looking into the pills. You can find those drinks and supplements at beauty shops like “Watsons” here in Korea. I have not written about that chain yet, but I will soon if you need more info~ they are quite common here depending on the area, Ewha Uni has maybe 3-4 alone and other similar chains. They sell beauty products and “wellness” items as well as import Japanese beauty products and snacks… while looking up Korean Collagen drinks I found that most girls buy a whole case of them and a few of the Japanese brands they sell here are the most popular VS the Korean ones though, at least with bloggers.

      One Korean Collagen drink I have tried here (and will review later..) is a pink bottle called “Innerb eat beauty b” in English and they sell it at MANY of the GS25s, mini stop, 7-11 etc here by the energy drinks, they also have a few other ones right there in that shelf area but I cant think of any other names off the top of my head. If you like Collagen masks I highly recommend the ones by Leaders Clinic that they sell here at Watsons as well for about 2,000 won, that is my favorite line of Korean face masks and I am always very happy with the Collagen “filler” one in particular.

  • Custom avatar pinkslk:

    I absolutely love your blog and im soo glad i found it! I have been searching for a really cool site that is made by an American so i could relate to what was said and try to get an unbiased (spell check lol) opinion on Korea. I have looked at many other blogs made by Koreans (that were really great and cute) yet i rarely saw any with Americans. I see that pple have requested K-pop things, so i wont request that, but if you can show some of the different social tips maybe? Does that make sense? I just would like to know things that they may find rude or attractive things women do or actions that are deemed polite to do in Korea? Umm that would be cool if you could…but love your site and Congrats on your engagement! Love is so sweet! Love from Atlanta!

    • Elle:

      I’m so glad the blog can be of use to you, I had the same issue with finding blogs here so I finally was like UGH OK MAKING MY OWN haha! Your request is a very good one, especially since Korea has a lot of little rules or cues ^^ when you say “attractive things women do” do you mean things to appeal to the guys here or just things that make you “a good girl” here? Gotta love those gender roles XD

      • Custom avatar pinkslk:

        Thanks for answering!! lol but as for the question, I was kind of speaking of things that make you a “good girl”, but i would love to learn about anything concerning that. I love your blog and that you update it and thats really cool! But you know more about what is interesting, so i know you could elaborate on the request way more than i could lol…well good day! and Love from the States. X )))

  • Great blog and follow your stuff on facebook, all great! I’d love to know about wedding cake and decorations! You mentioned on facebook to my comment already that you have something in the pipeline so looking forward to that. I’d be interested in what the bride and groom wear and do they ever have little bride and grooms for the top of the cake as we do? I think you said the cake is mostly for show, so is there another traditional dish to celebrate a wedding? What traditions are there? Are modern couples doing things differently? Oh and i wonder sometimes when i read your blog, do you speak Korean?!! lol! thanks!!x

  • Custom avatar Rafia:

    You should make a post on banana milk! 😀 I heard that its like Koreas national drink, that EVERYONE drinks it. Have you tried it? Is it as good as its hyped up to be?

    • Elle:

      haha yeah, people drink a lot of flavored milk and yogurt drinks here! I Will def do a post about all them soon, Nara loooves banana milk 😀

  • Custom avatar Katy Nicol:

    I’m moving to SK next year from South Africa and have loved reading your blog to see all the cool and quirky things Korea has to offer. Are there any other sites like yours about Korea? Even if they are somewhat about teaching?

    • Elle:

      Hi Katy 🙂 So glad you enjoy the blog! I’m not sure, most are really just about teaching or social commentary~ anything girly or by girls are often very very small/dead sites it seems, which is why I made mine ^^ the most popular Korea blog with younger crowds is the couple, I know a lot of people use them for info when it comes to Korea from a foreigner’s perspective. I have seen a few of the early vlogs and they are amusing

  • hi ^_^
    this is shahi [witchpowerlove@deviantart] ,i don’t think you remember me ne XD
    any way , first , thank you for this site,i know it’s hard work ♥
    so thank you for bringing this cute country a little closer
    it really brighten my day when i open this page ♥
    God know i really need it lol ,since i’m stuck in Egypt TT^TT

    well i’ve been always a fan of ” enakei ” the artist draw these portraits to express womens feelings ,and to use as a skin in the a Korean site “CYWORLD”
    but i think it become brand for stationary and things like that, just like CHO CHO CAT ~ so if you please found something about “enakei” and the products ,that would be nice too ^^

    thank you again ^^

  • Custom avatar Lindsay:


    So I think I have a crazy obsession with reading your blog and FB page on a daily basis. Everything you post is really interesting and I LOOOOVE your photos. Please keep posting the way you do. <3 If you have been making while abroad, definitely post your work too!

    I have a request about the DIY culture in Korea. I'm thinking on the verge of Fablabs (A place that shares CNC routers, Lasercutters), community spaces, artist communities, collaborative studios, and anything else along those lines. I love working at a Fablab because of unique resources and looking at what other people make. It inspires and challenges me to constantly top myself in my making. So naturally I'm really curious to see the DIY community in Korea and compare it to the American DIYers!

    • Elle:

      I cant speak for the labs like you mentioned, because here aside from the Uni labs I think the cost to have a factory produce is so much cheaper that many just do that here! I will be posting about several things you will LOVE I think as a DIY girl~ a handmade craft expo I went to last week, a craft market they hold once a week here in Hongdae filled with the cutest little things, and the wholesale craft markets here…. they are a craft girls PARADISE. 😀 I hope you will look forward to those and if I read about any open crafting labs I will totally post about them! I know they have some sewing labs you can pay by the hour to work in, but actually I had looked up a few weeks ago for a craft lab of sorts because I wanted to try making my own soap (and soap craft is kind of popular here) and I thought since they have cake craft cafes (another thing I will be posting about!!) they may have general craft rooms you can pay a small fee to use and partake in the molds or whatever. No luck finding one sadly! T_T I will have to just try myself haha!! Thanks so much for reading and I hope you keep enjoying the posts~ I have SOOOOOO many things to write about I am going to be keeping up this crazy posting pace for quite some time XD

  • Custom avatar Zach:

    hi Elle :3

    I’m gay, and I want to live in Korea when I graduate college ^_^ I know that homosexuality is sort of a “on the DL” sort of thing in Korea, but are there any places where gay guys meet up or do things?~ (Without being dirty @_@)

    Would it be impossible to meet my gay korean lover @____@ ~~

    • Elle:

      Hi Zach, actually Korea has a very small gay community from what I understand, although I am not sure how much of the community is made up of gay foreigners (from the army and such) vs Koreans. I have seen some guys out and about and a few cross dressers, so they MUST have a safe haven club here. I have been meaning to make a list of some clubs here that people can go to because last week two girls actually approached me in Hongdae looking for one of the lesbian bars because it was really confusing and not much info is online in English.

      Iteawon is notoriously the place you go if you are gay to relax a bit, but I do not go enough to tell you to what degree you can “relax” on the street nowadays. The few gay clubs around seem to be the official safe area for couples (and I will try to provide some info in the future for you!) but on the street overall you have to keep the PDI carefully toned down till you see what sort of interaction is “Ok” here~ Guy friends in general are really touchy here VS the states so they are always walking close, arm around, and that kind of thing. Here is an interesting article on the subject I felt explained thins well but keep in mind it is from 2009 ♥

    • Elle:

      Just to add, I just read that the area “Jongno” is where a lot of the gay scene is here too. I will look into it some more and ask a few Korean friends for a future post though ^^

  • Custom avatar alviena:

    Annyeonghaseyo Elle!:D

    I’m so glad to find your blog when i was looking for enakei’s link. 🙂 I love Korea’s culture, food, kpop and many more ! I’m learning Korean language now and i find it quite tough. 🙁 Hope in the near future i can visit Korea ! ^^ I’ll continue to read your blog hehe !! 😀

    • Elle:

      I’m so glad!! Enakei is so awesome, did you see the feature post here? She has her own brand in Korea now ♥ Please continue to enjoy and I will continue to share cute things + hopefully more youtube videos soon ^^

  • Custom avatar Sai:

    Hello, I love your blog!
    It’s great being able to see all these neat things from Korea!
    I was wondering if you are ever going to do a post on haggling in Korea? Is it any different from how we do it in the states?

    Keep up the good work!

    • Elle:

      I can do that if it is in demand, you can only haggle in certain areas nowadays though~ it used to be a lot easier! Its pretty much the same though, you have to do it with cash and it works better if you are buying several things VS just one thing 🙂

  • Custom avatar Cherie:

    please blog something about skii/snowboard related! Maybe a day trip to a nearby ski resort? 😀 it’s a good time since winters coming! and also where to find reasonably priced ski wear and gears

    will be waiting ! (:

  • Custom avatar KAM:

    I was wondering if you could do like a general piece on Seoul. For example, how often do you see things in English (like menus or signs, etc)? Is it hard to get around without a Korean speaker to translate? I guess like what to expect as a foriegner visiting Seoul.

  • Custom avatar KANA:

    Hi, I’m the girl who worked at Baby’s booth:)
    thx for gave me your card. this blog is lovely!!
    i’m sorry i couldn’t talk with u much cos today was sooo busy.
    you were so cute with black dotted hot pink dress.

    if u don’t mind, could u send me the pics of me to my e-mail?

    hope keep in touch with u

    • Custom avatar Elle:

      Hi Kana! I am so sorry for the slow reply!! I have to edit the photos still, but I will try to remember to mail you 😀 If I forget~ please just remind me when the blog is finished and I will send them ^^ ♥ ♥ You looked great at the event!!

  • Custom avatar Kristen:

    I love your blog! I love reading everything!! I am travelling to Korea in the spring, and would really love if you could elaborate more on where to find Ddung! They are so cute~ your original article says you will add more info… Maybe you could show us the Toys R Us in Seoul or something??

  • Hi, to start off, I love your blog! All your posts are so interesting and fun ^^. I was wondering, since I’m getting a new kitty tomorrow and all the pictures you’ve posted of Milk (both on here and on facebook), if you knew somewhere where I could buy really cute collars and stuff like that here in the US and/or online. I thought you might possibly know because it appears that you know where all the adorable and cute reside. If you can help me with this I would be super happy.
    Thank you so much!

    • Elle:

      Hi Eunice 🙂 Sorry this request page is for Korea-related things. If you are in the USA your best bet will be online or maybe ebay, just give it a google and I am sure you will find something ^^

  • Custom avatar Paige:

    Today, I got a surprise package from a Korean penpal filled with boxes upon boxes of Pepero! She said it was because of Pepero Day, which is November 11th. Past telling me that the 11/11 date looks like 4 Pepero, she didn’t tell me much other than it’s a fun holiday exclusive to Korea and the Internet only tells me that it’s kinda like Valentine’s Day. So what exactly is it and is it really popular? How did it get started? What is Pepero Day like in Korea and have you participated? 🙂 Sorry if I sound annoying but since I got her gift, I’m super curious about it!!

    • Elle:

      Hi Paige!! You will not have to wait long, I am working on a full Pepero day post this week and it should be up soon!!! Sorry it was not up in time for the holiday this year, but I waited to make sure I got lots of photos of the store displays and things 😀 Check the blog in a few days, by early next week at worst I should have all the info and photos up + pics of the pepero I made this year as gifts! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  • Custom avatar yoomi:

    can you please do a tutorial on how you Photoshop your photos? I really like the balance of color in your pictures!!

    • Elle:

      haha it is nothing special at all and not really related to Korea ^^ I just mess with the curves mainly

  • More outfits photos 🙂

  • Custom avatar Kim:

    Hi Elle! I was wondering if you do a thing like “current apps on my phone” because I’m just wondering in general about different apps and customizations for smartphones in korea vs everywhere else. I was looking around for apps and I found out people use Kakaotalk for example as a popular app? I’m also wondering about smartphones in general? Like they can unlock your car, use as a credit card, etc?

    • Elle:

      Hi Kim!! Haha this is a great idea, Nara has totally been telling me to do this as well to show off Kakao and other fun Korean apps! You are correct, EVERYONE has Kakao chat here and it is a bit different vs what you guys download outside of Korea, we have crazy cute themes and animated gifs with k-pop stars, characters, etc so when I use them in a chat with my sister or someone they are always like “HEY! How did you get those?” lol. I’ll add it to the list! I’m not sure about using them to unlock cars or for credit cards, but I will have to ask my friends.

  • Hi Elle, I would like to ask about your advertisement rates on your blog? Could you let me know ?


    • Elle:

      Hi Murphy, Sorry I have not made a proper sub page for that yet! Feel free to drop me a mail at lizlorini (at) with what ad you are interested in~ I offer ad space on my sidebar or sponsored posts/reviews of your shop & products.

  • Custom avatar Gaby:

    Hello Elle~ ^^
    I love your blog tons XD

    I was wondering if one day you could do the cafe “Coffee Cojjee” It is owned by JYJ/DBSK’s JaeJoong (Kpop)

  • Custom avatar stefani:

    hi elle! do you have any idea on where can i do eyelash perming in seoul? perhaps english speaking staffs wld be gd~

    • Elle:

      Hi Stefani! They have a lot of eyelash shops here, but I have not had it done or know of any good shops at this time~ I am keeping my eyes open for one though 🙂

  • Custom avatar Erika:

    Hi Elle!
    I will be visiting Seoul next week for my work trip and I want to pick up some wigs while I’m there (I’m a lolita too xD). I know several Korean online stores for wigs like Gabalnara, Gabalmania, Gabalstory, Pinkage and Funnywig but do they have physical stores in Seoul so I can stop by and purchase? Last time I was there I saw some wigs booth in Myeongdong but the quality wasn’t so good.

    • Elle:

      Hi Erika,
      Pinkage has a store right outside exit #9 in Hongdae, however it is not anything like the selection online…just about 10 styles and they are all black or brown wigs for casual use, nothing very interesting at all and very overpriced. I have yet to find a proper wig store for “fun” wigs (just normal ones for older ladies with thinning hair and stuff) and most of the lolita I know here seem to buy online from the same stores everyone else uses~ so I’m not sure now. Any cute wigs I have found have been of poor quality as well, so I highly recommend just sticking to the online shops sadly 🙁 if I learn of any special place I will be sure to post about it, but it seems most of the better choices are only online.

  • Hii Elle, can you blog about where to get heat packs n how to use them? And which mart is more adviseable to shop for snacks or daily use products like travel size shampoo etc ?

    • Elle:

      Hi Suquan, most of the things you listed are sold literally everyplace~ even bookstores sell heat packs right now or mini stops (GS25, 7-11, and CU) ~ they also carry lots of snacks and are on every corner ^^ if you want beauty products and some snacks a good place to swing by is “Watsons” or “Olive Young” those are like our major drugstores here just without the pharmacy. We also have a larger Wallmart-type store called E-mart that you can get pretty much anything in larger numbers.

  • Custom avatar Maeva:

    Oh, I saw some good request like the program language reviews since I want to do one or the Ehwa shop focus (well I already said on the Edae post that I already love this area soooo haha). I’m also interested in the cosmetic dental work (wants to whiten my teeth but too expensive here), the face treatments (my skin gets red easily T_T) and the bb cream as well, well mostly the beauty topics seems interesting like the shops reviews.
    I also have questions about transports like what’s the best between buses or subway and gym center. I know appearance is important for koreans so I wonder if it’s cheaper there.

    Anyway, your posts are always a pleasure to read and like I said, even better than tourism website so thanks a lot for your work, this is so much appreciated. Hope I’ll experience those cafe, shops, areas very very soon 😉

  • Custom avatar Hunter:

    Hey Elle, where did you get your choo choo cat canvas prints? 🙂 I would love to have one!

    • Elle:

      You can order them from the official website if you speak Korean or buy them usually at Kosney (the store with the big pink shoe) over in Edae. They have them on display there, but sometimes they are out of stock so you will have to place an order at the store if you want one. I have not been to the two Choo Choo cats stores this year, but they should have them for sale as well~ although for a dedicated shop sometimes the inventory is a little low. Best bet is prob Kosney

  • Custom avatar Adore:

    Hi, Elle! Your blog has become a guilty addiction of mine! Much thanks for helping me map out my next trip to Korea. I would like to link you from my blog, but could not find a button to do so. Keep up the amazing work, and grate on sugar pill and your engagement.

    • Elle:

      Hi Adore, thank you! 🙂 So glad to hear that, I have lots of stuff on the way to post still~ so behind! lol
      I do not have any link buttons made at this time, but feel free to make one if you would like! I do have a larger one I made for my sister blogs ( you can see it here, although please save it to host on your own site if you plan to use it) but it is a little big so you may want to size it down! <3 I'll try and make some other banner links soon~ it just may be a little while due to the backlog ^_^

  • Custom avatar jr:

    Hi Elle
    Just starting reading about the popular DAK,dakjongyi doll sold in Korea only. They are hand made and take very long to make. There is a special shop in SEOUL where these are sold….any info u can write on it would be appreciated..the name is:
    Seoul » Jongno-gu » Choi Gi Soon Dackjongyi Doll Institute (최기순 닥종이인형 연구소)

  • Custom avatar Irit:

    Hi, Elle! I have recently discovered the cute accessory brand ROLLIPS, and have even ordered a few jewelry pieces via Rakuten (the Japanese marketplace). Would love to see a feature on the brand!

  • Custom avatar Kim:

    Hello again! I was wondering if you know all the Korean lolita brands, as I’m trying to make a list of all the indie lolita clothing brands outside of taobao. I’ve gotten some of the major shops that promote on egl but it would be awesome if you could tell me more or link me to someone who I can talk to? LINK:

  • Custom avatar Por:

    Dear Elle,

    I plan to visit Korea soon this year!! I have been there once 2 years ago and your blog convinces me to revisit there again!! This time I will focus on travelling in Seoul, to visit flea markets and Pet Shops/Pet cafes are my ‘must do’ list!! Your blog do motivate me a lot. And now, May I trouble you something? I also do a list of places I would like to go this time. One of the interesting places is a Pet shop name ‘Princess Pet Shop’ []. It’s so cute but I have no idea where it is. Have you ever heard about it? If so, it would be so great if you can share on your blog :D.

    Thank you again for sharing your wonderful time there in Korea. Have a nice day ^^

  • Custom avatar Skevi:

    I there! First off I find your blog to be the best thing ever! Second I was wondering if you could do a style breakdown of SNSD’s I got a Boy, like the way you did for HyunA’s Ice Cream!

  • Custom avatar XARNIEX:

    hie! i just wanna ask. is it cheaper to buy MCM stuffs in the Incheon Airport itself or can i get it at Lotte (DFS)???? bcos im planning to get the wallet, keychain and the bagpack!!! im reaching Seoul on Friday morning going back on Monday afternoon!!!! PLS ADVISE!!!!!!!!

    • Elle:

      This page is for future topic requests, if you have a question about the MCM bags please post in the related MCM article ^^

  • Custom avatar Wendy:

    Dear Elle,

    Thank you for setting up this blog to share so much useful information on Korea 🙂 It is really helpful especially for us people who have yet to visit Korea and is planning to do so. I am actually visiting Korea in late April – early May (approximately 10days) and thus would hope to request from you to share on the key/special events that are happening in Spring, the weather in Spring and most importantly, a summary of the key places to shop in Korea – Seoul! I am kind of a shopaholioc and would really wish to know the prime places to shop, specifically for clothes and shoes. I am more of an edae-style, working class style and thus, would hope if you could share places where i can satisfy my shopping craze 🙂 Looking forward to it. Thank you!

  • can you post more Handy Korean Phrases ?? ^_^

    • Elle:

      I sure can!! What sorts of phrases are you looking for the most? <3

      • well may be some thing like :
        how are you? i’m fine and you / nice to meet you …etc
        and also cute phrases to put on art like : this is cute or just cute , chu ,hello …etc

        ^^; that’s all i come up with, but may be you know better ones ♥

  • Custom avatar Shana:

    Hi Elle,
    Please please do a bog post on haircuts or popular trends you see on girls!
    I really wanna try doing something special since I’m going back to Korea after almost 17 years~ 🙂

    thank you,
    lovee your blog and thank you again for your dedication!! <3

  • Custom avatar PA:

    Hi Elle! I’ve just recently found your blog and find it really fun and refreshing 😀
    I’d love to see you blog about the Teddy Bear Museum in Jeju Island, it seems cute and therefore relevant to this blog 😀

    • Elle:

      Thank you so much! We hope to make it down to Jeju sometime, I have not been in about 3 years sadly!

  • Custom avatar Cherry B:

    hi elle! really find your blog interesting and cutie 🙂 ! i read your FAQs for fear of asking something that’s there already :P. wanted to know if you can email me or suggest online sites in korea where i can buy some hello kitty stuff. thank you very much and good luck to you and nara ^^!

  • shirley.. i really enjoy your blog ^.^ please make a review about jimjilbang!! since i’ll visit korea in september and i want to try jimjilbang… i want to know how the ‘procedure’ at jimjilbang 😀
    i’ll wait for the review~~ Thanks if you can make it.. really appreciated it..

    • Elle:

      Thanks so much!! You will be happy to know I am writing the bath house post this month XD I go a LOT so it will be added soon!!♥

  • Hi there! I really love your blog! Helps me a lot while preparing for my first ever trip to South Korea alone.

    I am a street dancer and I understand that the government in South Korea is very supportive of this culture. They even organise the very big R16 event every year where dancers from all over the world come for the grand finals!

    I was hoping if you could cover a street dance event in South Korea so that everyone can see what a lively dance culture South Korea has to offer. (:

    • Elle:

      Actually it is funny that you asked, Nara was a B-boy for years and when we met so he is very much into this aspect of the culture, or rather was when he was younger ^^ He was looking into interviewing some b-boys here ( Physix and Born) and we have a few dance-themed shows to write about here so this subject should make its way to our blog in the near future because it is a subject he has passion about <3

      • Wow Physix and Born! That’s awesome!
        And didn’t know that Nara was a B-boy. Cool~!
        I am going to South Korea at the end of this month to attend a dance event on the 2nd of June! I am really so excited! 😀

        • Elle:

          Hopefully we can find some time to arrange it! 😀 Yeah, he used to be really awesome, the first time I saw him he was dancing on stage and spinning on his head hahaha
          Have a good visit here! 🙂 it is perfect weather atm so hopefully it will still be nice when you arrive!

  • Custom avatar Viviane:

    Hello ^^

    So hi, I’m a 14 year old girl that lives in France, I’m going to Seoul for ten days and I would love to do every thing that you posted but I can’t. I don’t think I will be able to do all of that in only ten day TwT so could you please help me make a short list? I would really love that!

    thank you ^^

    (P.S. I reaaaaally love your blog *3*)

    • Elle:

      Hi Viviane~ Please have a good visit 🙂 simply pick what you want to do on the site and make your own short list based on where you will be and your own personal plans/needs. Have fun!

  • Custom avatar Eliz:

    Dear Elle,

    Nice to see your blog to introduce many Korea info.
    I am planning to have a trip at Korea & would like to try Italian food at Korea as well. found that you have introduced a restuarant of “Sorrento”, would you please share the address of Sorrento at Korea for me?

    Thank you very much!,

    • Elle:

      Hello 🙂 Italian food is very common in Korea, so I suggest waiting till you arrive and picking one close to your location. Sorrento is a chain, please check the original post for more information on the bottom for locations~ I think I link the website address listing!

  • Custom avatar Manaa:

    Hi Elle,i am planning to visit Korea with my Fiancee this Year but as she told me that Korea Summer is not good and it is kinda of scary cos there is too much raining and hot days and so windy ! so i wanna ask you when is the best Weather to be traveling to Korea and thank you !

  • Custom avatar Vivian:

    Hi, its really nice to read your blog which have lots of information in Seoul. May I know where can buy Sanrio hello kitty products? Is there any hello kitty wholesale market in Seoul?
    Thank you very much. ^_^

  • Custom avatar Lindsey:

    Hey Elle, I love your blog! I have a question and it is not in your FAQ, I hope it is not a bother! I was wondering if every time you re enter Korea from Japan do you have to show a return ticket to either Japan or USA? I’m looking to move to Korea for about a year but I don’t want to get a visa. Also did you get an Alien Registration Card? Sorry, I tried googling all this but it is a bit difficult! Thank you so much!!! \(^_^)/

    • Elle:

      Hi Lindsey, you do not need to show a return ticket to re-enter (99% of the time, it is possible ticketing when you check in will say something and may make you buy one~ happened to me in the USA before on my way to Korea with Delta…seems to depend on if ticketing feels like being a jerk or not sometimes tho) ~ however you will have to leave every 90 days to renew if you plan on staying in Korea on a tourist visa depending on the country you are from, I think Canadians can visit longer.

  • Custom avatar Sarah:

    Hi Ellie,

    I really love your blog adventure of the BJD expos you’ve been to. I was wondering but do you know if there are by any chance a BJD store in Korea where I can go and purchase items there in person? Can I buy a BJD somewhere at a store? I am currently living in Korea and if there is one, I would really like to visit a BJD store.

    Also, when you go to the DollFreeMarket expo, can you purchase a BJD doll there or do you have to order online?

    Thank you

  • Hello Elle,

    Well done! A very interesting site about Korea! I was wondering have you been to the Petite France Village in Korea, that has the Little Prince theme? I am working on a Little Prince plush toy project with the authors family estate and was trying to find out a bit more about what people in Korea think of the Little Prince. Do you have any thoughts on this after living in Korea, if so I would love to hear your comments?

    We have been compiling information and visuals on the Little Prince from around the world as part of the project. You can see the collection and toys here if it is of interest:



    • Elle:

      Hello Georgina,

      I have a few related Little Prince posts here on the blog (you can use the search bar above or find the related tag to see all the posts) but sadly I have not made it down to Petite France yet, it is on my to-do list though. Koreans really love little prince, you can always find a little something of him floating around…I think he is just considered a common beloved classic children’s character but I am not exactly sure where this stems from in the Korean mind-set… he could be an early imported children’s book that people latched on to, or required reading in schools, it also could have floated over from Japan’s love of the book since I hear little france is inspired by a location in Japan. The amount of content dedicated to him is fairly steady in Korea though, they have had art shows, stationary, themed doll shows, doll releases with brands, and lots of artists online seem to enjoy drawing him on a regular basis vs my home in the USA where he is a little obscure. Best of luck, sorry I can not be of too much help~ but I do plan on posting things that may be of interest to you in the future 🙂

  • Hello Elle,

    Thanks for the feedback, it was interesting to hear your point of view about Korea. Just to let you know we have launched the toys in Indiegogo a few minutes ago and thought it might be of interest to some of your Korean Fans.


    Georgina La

  • Custom avatar Emma:

    Hi Elle, I’ve been looking at your blog a bit in the leadup to a trip to Korea in mid-October for an exhibition I am in. I’d love to know if you have any recommendations for Goyang, just out of Seoul. Anyway, congratulations on your very fun blog. xE

    • Elle:

      Hello Emma, glad you enjoy the blog 😀 Sorry, I do not know anything for Goyang right now~ I have not gone north of seoul very often!

  • Custom avatar brittanyann fontana:

    im going to high school in japan as an exchange student do you have any tips about living in japan or things to see and do.

    • Elle:

      Hello! Well if you are in tokyo, you will have lots to do! Hopefully I will have more japan-related posts up soon on my blog, but in the meantime you should check out my sister site’s page rainbowholic, she lives in Japan ^^ for advice I would say read up a LOT on japanese etiquette and what they find offensive! It is a culture with lots of subtle things that may not seem rude to us (like eating while walking) but they find poor manners. Hope you have a wonderful time, studying in Japan was one of the best experiences in my life ^^

  • Custom avatar Niki:

    So can I just say I am soooooo happy I stumbled upon your blog!! I will be visiting Seoul this December for two weeks and your blog is helping me out greatly!! I was just wondering if you have a winter list of things to do!! Thanks for your posts, you rock!!


  • Custom avatar Jam:


    First of all, I’d like to commend you for a very informative website! I have an upcoming trip to Seoul in November, and I’m happy that you’ve compiled all these cute, unique and very interesting features about Korea… Visiting unique cafes is definitely on top of my list when I visit, so aside from the ones featured in several blogs that i plan to visit (dog, cat, hello kitty cafes), I was wondering if you can recommend a cafe where you can have your fortune told? I think they’re called Saju cafes? I think it’s something that would be fun and unique to try 🙂 Hopefully a place that’s budget friendly too 🙂 Thank you so much and more power to your blog!

    • Elle:

      Hello! So glad you are enjoying the blog thus far, many things to add still! For the fortune tellers I sadly can not recommend any at this time that speak english off-hand. Thry are around many popular areas… the hongdae area has several sit down tellers set up around the main shopping street, but unless you are fluent in korean it may not be very fun for you since communication is important with that sort of thing!! 🙂

  • Custom avatar Jam:

    No worries! Then I better make a Korean friend asap when I arrive! 🙂 Will be staying in Hongdae area, so I guess I’d just have to count on my lucky stars to stumble upon an english speaking Saju teller..
    I think your blog has enough cuteness to keep me preoccupied in my visit, though! Great features! Congrats on your blog, and keep on writing!

    Jam 🙂
    Manila, Philippines

  • Custom avatar sarah p:

    Hope all is well and your enjoying your stay in Korea! Well.. first off I absolutely loveeeeeeeee animals! and recently i’ve heard that in Korea all those tiny teacup puppy pictures you see all over the web are usually from Korea. Ive heard seeing teacup puppies and dogs in Korea are very common almost as if a seeing golden retriever is just as common as in the states. As if they’ve mastered the teacup size.. Is this even true? Are they truly everywhere? are they even real? They’re size and features are so unique and diiferent! They almost seem too small and adorable to be real! almost like they’re just little stuffed animals.

    If you could go over this id really appreciate it! 🙂

    • Elle:

      Small breeds of dogs are very common here due to apartments being very small, generally the maltese and yorkie seem to be the favorites since they do not shed. Korea has a VERY small handful of “fancy” breeders that seem to know what they are doing and as a result the dogs are extremely expensive, however the general population seems to buy them cheaply from backyard breeders who over breed the moms and the puppies always seem to be sold way too young or discarded too easily. The images you see online are most likely just people showing off babies or wealthy girls that bought them from specialized small breeders internationally honestly, plus photoshop to enlarge the eyes and all that. I know two people in korea with *extremely* small teacup dogs, and they bought them overseas for a few thousand dollars… the rest I see daily are all normal sized so I would take those photos you see online with a grain of salt!

      My opinion and experience with animal treatment and breeding/buying has not been pleasant in korea at all, so sadly I can not address your request. Sorry for the bummer kind of answer, I think its good to know the truth though 🙁

  • Custom avatar Rachel:

    Would be great if you could a write a brief article about Itaewon.

    And it’s great to see that you’re gonna write about myeongdong, namdaemun and the other famous ones.
    I’ll come back and check for updates ^_^
    Keep up the good work (Y)

    • Elle:

      Thanks Rachel! Both are on my list to do~ however I will prob write a general about itaewon last since it is really not worth visiting for tourists and most English blogs focus on that area a lot. I refused to go to it for years, but now it is a bit cleaner and notable food spots have poped up that are popular with koreans (I have a cafe and bar here I recommend, few others on the way) ever since that “itaewon freedom” hit big a few years ago haha.

  • Custom avatar Nana:

    hi i really like your updates, you gave us a lot of good tips on various sector! i am interested about korea traditional hanbok, however, i only know a place located at M plaza, i can wear it for free. is there any other places you know that can wear hanbok or they help you to do your hair in korean traditional ways? maybe doesnt cost a lot? and also, other than dongdaemn and Edae is there any other places that sell clothes at reasonable price? 🙂 (i still have so much to explore in your website! 🙂 i like it when you show us which exit to go from the train station ! all the best and keep this blog updated, i will come check often! ^^ )

  • Custom avatar rayene k.g:

    and please i ned a blog about haircut and style love you girllls bay

  • Hai Elle,
    Mariam here from Malaysia. I need your help to review some restaurant to ensure can eat for muslim visitor. The restaurant is Red Sun, Yoogane and spicy actopus at myeangdong. tq 🙂

    • Elle:

      Hello Mariam 🙂 sorry I am not muslim so I would not be able to help you with reviewing locations based on that because the dietary restrictions are unfamiliar to me.

  • Custom avatar Ardhya:

    Hello! I don’t know whether you’ve posted something about this subject, but can you please list both physical and online shops/stores in Korea that have affordable streetwear clothing? I’ve made some research and looks like Migliore and Doota in Dongdaemun have lots of streetwear available…both genuine and replica. Preferrably the brand is either genuine yet still affordable or replica with premium quality….and ofc pocket-friendly too! 😛 oh and the example of a streetwear clothing’s brand is like HBA, Pyrex, Stussy, BAPE, Liful, etc… Other than that is fine too as long as it’s a good streetwear!

    Please help! Sorry for requesting too much.. >_<" Thank you so much^^

  • Custom avatar Ilovepicture:

    Dear Elle,

    I just found your website and it’s truly amazing!
    There are so many things which I want to try out now thanks to you!
    If I get the chance to visit Korea I will visit a lot of things you talked about!

    But I do have a question for you! Can you do a post about living/being in Korea, especially Seoul, on a budget?
    I would love to know what’s cheap and what’s expensive and where the best places are for people with a small budget.

    Lots of love and thank you so much already!

  • Custom avatar John:

    I’m interested in tea (I write a blog about it) and will be visiting Seoul next week, and was looking for information about tea shops. One post seemed to be about a cafe that would serve tea but I want to buy tea to bring back to Thailand. Nice blog by the way 🙂

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