Up for review today we have an awesome little box kit for pimple treatment that they have been selling at the Watsons stores around my area for several months. Last week they went on sale for about 10,000 won so I decided to grab a box and give it a try since I get a painful pimple or two once every few weeks~ ouch! Why was I so willing?  Well this kit is by Beauty Clinic which is just a sub brand name for Leaders Clinic~ Which is a large brand here that makes a range of skin products that I have always had very good results with! I am a big fan of this brand

♥ ♥ ♥

Also, since its sold overseas (in Singapore I believe its imported often) this brand often has a generous about of English thrown in to the packaging (or sometimes full instructions!) so you are not totally in the dark with what you are buying.

So here is what comes with your lovely zit kit! A very nice XXoz glass bottle of the Trouble+Stop solution, a bag of very cheap Q-tips, and three sample packs of the Acne foaming face wash they sell.

♥ ♥ As you can see, the medicine is settled at the bottom~ DO NOT SHAKE THE BOTTLE THOUGH ♥ ♥

This is not for comedone-type pimples or blackheads (it wont do anything since this is a drying medicine) + open popped zits (the liquid will prob sting like a beeyatch!)

 The Trouble Stop solution is advertised to be safe for day or night, the application just varies a little.

♥ ♥ ♥

At the bottom of the bottle is the thicker treatment stuff  (it kinda reminds me of calamine lotion in texture and application~ which actually turns out to be one of the ingredients) and that is scooped out with your cotton swap and gooped on the zit for night time. For daytime, simply just dab the cotton into the top thin liquid and apply that to help treat it without having pink dots all over your face.

The only thing is you need a nice amount to dab over the zit, but with the cotton its kinda a pain to scoop it out from the bottom and pull through the liquid to the top!  For day time the cotton swab dabbed in the top liquid ideal though!

I actually ended up buying a small scoop for a 1,000 won (the kind they sell for small lotions and beauty products) and that worked MUCH better for a thicker night time application and allowed me to waste less in the long run. I found this one at Daiso, but I am sure they can be found easily online through ebay or something too ♥

Application is a little thin and watery with the swab, for night time I like to apply a 2nd dab of the pink treatment after the first dab dries.  On my pimple I found that it did not sting or anything too bad, maybe just a little cool tingle like astringent.

Thank you for the English info Leaders Clinic!!

One thing for sure though, It has a SUPER STRONG SMELL (from the alcohol I believe) that goes away after you let it dry, but pheeew~ don’t smell the bottle too closely 😛

♥ ♥ ♥

Overall I was VERY happy with this purchase and it is something I continue to use for those deep painful pimples I sometimes get, however for normal common zits I still prefer the pimple stickers they sell here since they keep it covered up so I am not tempted to do anything.  This solution has a lot of the basics in it for zit killing though, so for ones under the skin or still coming to a head its really nice to put on at night to help with drying it out! I found that if I used this as treatment at night after my cleansing routine that it did speed up the drying process of deeper pimples that had not surfaced.

♥ ♥ ♥

My only wish is that maybe they just skipped the liquid and sold this in a paste form! I would totally buy it!!

I have a drying product I use on the same kinds of pimples called “Clearasil: tinted acne treatment” that I have sworn by for similar situations since I was a teenager~ I find it a lot easier to apply since its tube based and it can be put on nice and thick so it stays on over the night, VS this treatment which is a little harder to keep in place while you sleep! That being said, the tinted tube treatment is not available here so this trouble+stop kit was a nice substitute and the liquid does allow for a nice clear dab during the day! Trouble+stop kit also does a better job with the deeper ones, maybe it absorbs better or something ♥

♥ ♥ ♥

Info to keep in mind when I review skincare products:  I get hormonal zits, the kind that give me like one or two deep angry pimples during that special happy fun time every month. My face is not overly sensitive, not really oily or dry.. so I guess I am quite average all around.  Stuff has made me red in the past, dried my skin, or made things worse, but those are kinda rare~ normally stuff either works or does not work on me!

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