Early this year Korea held its annual Seoul Living Design Fair which I attended and blogged about right HERE a while back. One display in the sea of modern furniture and art deserved its own post though, and that was the installation work of Lee Sang-ill titled “Last Beauty” which was an amazing view of his dream funeral.

The casket installation ~ I love the roots + the flowers on top are the only pop of color in this whole room

“Last Beauty”  had its own blocked off area in the back of the expo, we walked by the outside and saw a huge line of people waiting to enter what seems like some sort of cloud kingdom, so naturally we hopped in line to see!  Due to the crows and fragile nature of the art they tried to limit the amount of people walking in at a time, but it was still pretty crowded when we got a chance to step in!

Lee Sang-ill is actually a hairdresser by profession (as well as a florist + artist) who is the chief stylist at the Park View by Hair News Salon in Shinsa-dong.  He said he had a wish to make his funereal beautiful because he had spent his like making people beautiful and working with beautiful things.  The room was large and felt kind of like heaven with dim lights and piles of soft paper flowers covering the floor and pinned to the ceiling which dipped down and felt like it would encase you in a big puffball.

Really beautiful tissue paper flowers hanging every which way.

love the paper lamp he made~

In the final room they had a large drawing with 30 girls ascending to heaven in traditional clothing (or maybe goddesses since they had the floating shawl) and a table with tons of paper leafs and markers for you to write a note on and leave in a GIANT pile below the artwork.  I wish I had my camera with flash at the time so you could see how massive the pile was!

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