For your enjoyment, here are a few cute outfits I spotted on display at the malls here in Korea for the winter season! I have some from Edae, Gangnam, Hongdae, and Seoul general~ maybe you can pick up on the subtle style changes for each area.  I’ll add some more to this post if I find any others~ hope you will find these interesting or maybe inspiring for your own wardrobe!

Which outfit is your favorite?? If you enjoyed this post and would like to see even more photos or a similar post for each season please do comment below

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22 Responses to “Seoul Winter 2012-2013 Outfits”

  • omg! Look at these coats and jackets! You’re so lucky girl! 1 and 5 is definitely my fave but I like them all a lot! The weather might not be as freezing cold over there, but I need one of these coats! hahah Thanks for sharing. Really love your site!

    xx Donah

  • Custom avatar Kuri:

    The leopard print hood/scarf! Eeee, love it <3!

  • Custom avatar The Poop:

    I adore the pink coat in the 3rd photo from the bottom. Plus all the adorable pops of leopard print!

  • Custom avatar soso:

    I always love toggle button coats! The one in third picture is lovely. Also like the first coat and fifth one too. Furry collars seem to be more IN this season, have seen a lot online and in real life. Love your fashion posts, definitely inspiring!:)

  • Custom avatar Allison:

    I love (and want very badly) the dark grey coat with white collar and the black poofy ear muffs!

  • I love that outfit on the right in the second last picture, I love the edgy styles. What area is that from? I really enjoy posts like this and also your hauls 😀 Thanks for blogging ^^

    • Elle:

      That photo is from the D-cube city mall 🙂 the outfits are all from the Japanese store “Glad News”! The only location for this store in Korea is at that mall, its one of my faves for more punky and fun things!

  • I love winter fashion (I think half of that is because I love coats…). The outfits in the sixth photo are totally my style 🙂 I also love the sweater coat in the third <3

  • Custom avatar Maeva:

    I think I can recognise the ones from Edae as they’re the ones I love the most haha
    My fave outfit is the middle one on the third photo, I loooove that dress *-*
    The pink coat and the bow bag on the 9th looks cute as well

    And yes, I’d love to see more of this kind of post, it’s great to see what’s the trend out there ^^
    Thanks for the hard work, as always 🙂

  • Custom avatar aGatta:

    I love them all! 6 not so much, ‘cuz it’s kind of… granny style ; ) but please Elle, give us more! more, more, more! It’s really awesome, it will be fantastic if you post more pics like these.

  • Custom avatar E:

    Love the mint coloured jacket, and snowflake necklace! But… The peach dress next to it though, definitely has to be my favourite~ It’s so cute and feminine~ ^^

    Please continue posting more! ^^

  • Custom avatar ShiningSooyoung:

    Hello dear Elle! ^^ I discovered your amazing blog recently and I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR IT!!! :3 Hehe! I’m so happy to read about Korea , everything is so wonderful and interesting! Your blog is now officially my favorite blog! ^^
    I also wanted to ask you about the Ulzzangs and Ulzzang fashion. Do you see them often on the streets? How do they dress? Actually how do all teens dress in Korea? Fashion in Korea is the most interesting thing to me.. From what I see on the Internet it’s so pretty and girly and sweet! And also Ulzzangs – with their huge, gorgeous eyes, small faces, silky hair and skinny figures! Can you make a post about them sometime in the future? I will be following your amazing blog and look forward to reading new posts! ^^

    God bless!


    • Elle:

      Aw thank you 🙂 my pleasure, I will try to do a more dedicated post on “Ulzzang fashion/style” in the future for sure since it seems to be a popular term online. What most people online not from Korea associate with this style is actually a kinda ultra trendy extreme look that in truth not many girls actually wear in Korea~ the style is mainly seen online in photos, for ads, and in trendy areas of Seoul, but it is not an overall style norm here… it is kinda an ideal representation I suppose. Most Korean teen style is actually extremely boring and bland (simple black hair, northface jacket, ugly sneakers) and most young adult girls wear a more simple and approachable Edae style that is a bit girly, but still quite safe in my opinion.. its not very often that I find someone with a very striking outfit and most colors people wear are basic… tans, black, grey. Maybe think like the styles that you see on some of the Dramas how they are a little bland and toned down, that is a bit closer to the style norm here~ Even large circle lenses are quite rare (you can check some of my circle lens buying in Korea posts) most girls want extremely little enlarging and no color change! The reason is because for girls overall standing out is bad, so they conform to a simple and pleasing traditional look very often~ I was surprised when I first moved here and discovered it for myself.

      Blah that is kinda a downer post, but still I love the styles represented online because I dont mind standing out and I think most of you guys reading the blog are the same way and can take the images as guides VS use what is in reality hot on the street as guidelines 😀 the result is much better! I will post what I can in the future though, because the same thing that you enjoy I also enjoy as well, it is just a pity that it is not something you can actually see on a regular basis here VS someplace like Japan where overall most girls are quite trendy and you see styles and trends echoed in the looks often on the street! <3

  • Oh man I really want that mint coat!

    I love Korean fashion. Not always my thing as I’m more bright and out there but I do love the pastels and muted colours in winter and the warm looking fur.

    I’m in Australia so its 40cel here! very hot!

  • Custom avatar jen:

    I cried like a baby when i watched your profile vid! found your blog this morning and have been poking around in preparation for my trip to korea! 🙂 you and nara are perfect together! 🙂

  • Custom avatar Christina:


  • I’m not a big fan of faux fur/fur looks but I do like the soft pastel colors of 10 and the style of 11.

  • Custom avatar Sarai:

    i love all of it. i love korean fashion

  • Custom avatar Sorina:

    Hey, do you know any online shopping store? I am from Romania but love your fashion sense, i’d like to order some and wear them here :))) Maybe i could start a new trend 😀

  • Custom avatar ange:

    Oh I absolutely adore that tan coat in picture 7 with he blue beanie & picture 9 the blueish grey coat, wheres this store located?
    and don’t mind me asking Whats the usual price range?
    I’m possibly going to korea this december, and have no idea where to go and how cold it gets compared to australia!

    • Elle:

      Sorry I honestly cant say! Korea is kind of like a massive pile of clothing, so everything is everyplace~ not many things are from a store like other countries and hardly anything is a real brand. You just kinda hunt and find what you are looking for at random lol price range for coats depends on the quality and where you buy it, if it is a warm winter coat you can expect to pay maybe around 70,000- 200,000 as a general idea. I found most quality coats to be almost around 100,000 ~ due to the lining and extra layers they are not quite as inexpensive as other types of clothing in Korea. in Dec you will be in proper winter so it can get quite cold and windy, if it happens to snow (it is random, sometimes it hardly does) bring safe shoes for ice and winter because you have to walk a lot and many of the walking areas get gross and soggy or icy.

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