Are you looking for a great place to buy shoes in Seoul, Korea? I highly recommend getting your shoe shopping done at the Edae / Ewha University area if you want the best selection of unique styles and prices! The back shopping streets have several large shoe shops literally PACKED with choices for boys and girls, and since it is a young area they offer a lot more trendy choices and colors vs some of the other shopping areas.

I love the huge shops like this~ They will jack the price up, but buy a few pairs and haggle them down!

One thing I love about shopping in the Edae/ Ewha area of Seoul is the amount of shoes they have, the stores are stuffed full with choices!!  Since it is a University area and students shop here you can find a wide range of styles and colors with ease, plus the prices overall are not too bad. Within the back shopping streets they have several stores filled to the ceiling with shoes, plus a few nicer stores like Adidas or the Barbie shoe store.

What size shoes can you buy in Korea / Edae?

Korean shoe sizes are in mm, so before you visit make sure you check a chart to get a basic idea of what # you will be looking for!!

Since these stores deal with a lot of shoppers on a regular basis they have lots of sizes in stock, for men you can find sizes ranging from around 250-280mm and for women you can find 225-255mm  (If you are over a US size 8 you will have a hard time buying shoes on the street here sadly! Korean girls seem to always be a US 5-6, however I have a US size 7 Korean 240 and I have had zero issues shopping here).

This is my favorite shop for cheap shoes in Edae.. well they are cheap AFTER I get the price down.

(lol have I captured the tone of haggle friendly shops well enough with this pic?)

In Edae anything on a sale rack, or in a small boutique store you can not haggle down the price.  The huge stores on the crowded back streets you should haggle a bit if you are a tourist though, because they will raise the price for you since you are not Korean… in fact I usually just pretend not to be with Nara when we shop here because me being next to him raises the price and it just wastes time.

To haggle you have to pay in cash, and often buy a few pairs…. if you haggle just one pair expect only 5,000 won off or something small.  Don’t ever pay more than 55,000 won ($50) for shoes around here, cheapest you will find is 10,000 won and the average “ok” price is around 30,000 won.

When buying shoes in Korea, make sure you inspect the quality quickly before you commit to a price since you have so many choices.  Shoes come in a wide rage of quality and prices here, but are often grouped together in a massive pile on a shelf so it is in your best interest to look closely before buying.

Check the stitching, make sure everything is glued down properly, feel the material, and make sure the heel of the shoe does not wobble if you are buying something a bit higher.

Shoes in Korea are hardly EVER worth over 50,000 Won (unless its a boutique shoe or something)  but some haggle-vendor places will try and get 90,000+ from you for a short boot or shoe when you first ask!  If you stick to it , about 30,000 – 40,000 won ($30-$40) is an ideal price for a nice shoe in that area, but you can also find plenty that are much cheaper and adorable shoes for 10,000 won if you just keep an eye out for sales or sale tables.

 If you buy several pairs you can REALLY haggle prices down, but just one pair is going to require some effort.

Things with prices marked clearly are generally already on sale, so don’t ask to make it cheaper.



Directions to Edae / Ewha Woman’s University Shopping

Ewha has a large shopping area that winds down many small streets outside the station leading up to the main gate.  For more info and proper directions please check out my full feature on shopping in Edae / Ewha HERE!  Of course Korea has MANY places you can shop for shoes, Edae was just the focus on this post and one of my favorites to visit when shopping for them 🙂  I enjoy the selection and find the prices cheaper here!

Have you been shoe shopping in Edae or any other area in Korea?  Any tips, favorite places, favorite things you bought etc?  Was this post helpful? Share below!  If you have not been, what are your favorite shoes here in the post that you would love to own? ^^

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50 Responses to “Shoe Shopping in Korea (Edae Feature)”

  • Custom avatar yesy:

    so much color! <3<3 ugh, americans. why must you be so plain sometimes!

  • whyyy??? whyyyy??? all of them are so cute!! how is my purse and saving going to survive when I get there this summer???? *wails*

  • ps. I’m SO going to buy the shoes in the second pic, such colorful sneakers!!! I’m seriously going crazy over here…

  • The sparkley flats with the puffy bows remind me so much of Chubby Bunny’s HK bows!! So cute! 🙂

    • Elle:

      haha YES! Yeah I don’t like the shoe as much as I like the bow on those babies XD

  • Custom avatar Nicole S:

    Do you know where I can find shoes in larger sizes?

    • Elle:

      Since I have not had this issue personally I have never had to look, but I know Miss Partyintherok on Tumblr is really into fashion and has a larger shoe size for Korea so she is always on the hunt! She has a LONG post all where to buy larger shoes in Seoul HERE Perhaps her post can be of some help!! ♥

    • Custom avatar Nadia:

      @ Nicole: there is a site : for large size but they’re not as variate as smaller sizes in this country. Korea is a shoes heaven in condition you’re up to 245. Yes they barely have 250 but their 250 is not really size 40. And if you’re more than 250, there is a zero chance to get any of those colorful shoes except you go for brands. I am 250 and it’s really hard to get shoes here. In case of small shoes since you can get any type of shoes including Chinese, Korean- brand and no brand, you can find shoes under 50,000₩ but it’s not always the case. Many shoe shops apart of those botiques and brand shops are still more than 70,000₩. And of course somewhere like Doota shoes are all from 150- 200 bucks.
       There is also a website: that have really beautiful design with reasonable price. They usually copy perfectly all those celebrity shoes with their own brand and  when you compare the product and the picture of a celebrity wearing the same shoes, you’ll be amazed at how similar they are 😉
      There is also a Japanese shoes shop in Itaewon called Toto that gets order to make your ideal shoes-boots but they’re usually over 200,000₩ as they’re handmade. I had my red enamel long boots made there for 200$ but it was really worth it as I had a chance to choose my style+ the material ( I LOVE enamel) + color plus  I could order a shorter thicker heels, something difficult to find in here 🙂 

      • Elle:

        ^^ This is great info Nadia, thank you for sharing! About Toto, do they have a website? We have been looking for a custom shoe maker here for Nara, so I would be really interested to check them out!

        • Custom avatar Nadia:

          I’m glad it was helpful 🙂 I’m not sure if they’ve got website. I don’t know why I’ve never asked them. But here is the info from Korea Tourism on Toto: Toto specializes in leather goods: carrying bags, clothing, shoes, wallets and belts. Leather clothing in this shop is recognized for its simple design and refined color. Personal orders are accepted.
          Tel: +82-2-794-0447 (Kor)
          Open hours: 09:00 – 21:00
          Closed day: Every second Wednesday of the month, Lunar New Year’s Day and Korean Thanksgiving Day(Chuseok)

          Good luck to you and Nara 🙂

  • Custom avatar zahra(^_^):


  • Custom avatar Nadia:

    I forgot to mention that has shoes up to size 250. My last chance! Haha 😀

  • Awesome! I love shopping at Ewha University and the cafes there too are very cute. Thanks for the tip, I’ll keep that in mind 🙂

  • Custom avatar Moni:

    So many shoes! They’re mostly plastic/synthetic shoes, right? If so up to $30 seems good although I only buy leather shoes lol

    • Elle:

      90% of the time they are synthetic, Leather is very expensive here overall. I was the same way before I moved, if something was not leather (or really by a cert. brand so I knew the quality) I was not very interested~ haha but here you do not have much of a choice! Even the fancy brands and bags seem to always be made with imitation materials now, that makes it hard for me to justify some of the Korean brand handbags… they will be over $200usd but no leather to be found at all.

  • Custom avatar Nara:

    There’s something really liberating about wearing 10 ~ 30 dollar shoes. You don’t feel bad wearing them out and getting them banged up a bit. Seoul streets are not the most walk friendly terrains to walk in ^^

  • Custom avatar Christina:

    OMG This is soo friggen cute as usual Elle ^^ I recently this weekend went to a Korean supermarket and got all these cute knickknacks and things heehee. Asians are awesome ;]

  • Custom avatar Lucie:

    ToT Too bad…. I have BIG FEET!!! 265cm!!!!@.@
    I don’t have many choices about shoes unfortunatly. Bye bye cute shoes :'(
    I only buy on
    So actually I never have a look on shoes on the street. I know it’s not for me 🙁

    • Elle:

      Oh wow, what a neat site! They have lots of the same styles from the street though, that is great they have them all on one site like that VS sifting through Gmarket ♥ ♥

  • Custom avatar Cicely:

    Shoes! Glorious shoes!

    • Elle:

      You need to just come visit here Cicely, buying all the supplies at that market alone would be worth the trip lol

  • This is a really good guide~! ^^ Too bad I suck at haggling! TT^TT

  • Custom avatar Neili:

    Are you allowed to try the shoes on?
    love your blog by the way 🙂

    • Elle:

      Thank you! Yes, I have never had an issue with being allowed to try on shoes here~ even on the street. Usually they have a piece of cardboard down on the ground for you to stand on so you dont scuff the bottoms up though or they have a sample pair out for you to throw on and see.

  • i feel my old shopping urges coming on…T_T oh asia…you so good.

  • Custom avatar Juls:

    Every girls love shoes. Wow, I’d kill for a pair of those. I am jealous.

  • So many cute shoes -_- I would probably be in heaven as a size 6!

  • Thanks for the tips! My brother and his bf are currently visiting Korea and I want to show them a super cute shopping area – Myeongdong was too expensive, and everything in Namdaemun was fake, but Ewha sounds perfect. I think I’ve been there once and regret not buying a knitted jumper with giraffes on it haha! Hoping I can find some menswear (although expecting primarily women’s clothing) there.

    • Elle:

      My pleasure! For guys, we prefer shopping in Edae a lot because you can haggle a bit as well with the jackets and such! Nara finds lots of very nice pieces there every time, actually I am past due to post a haul for him… he shops about as much as I do lol. I’m not sure what style they prefer, but Edae has really great jackets, collared shirts, scarfs, shoes, and shirts. OH if they have time, have them stop by 8Seconds in Gangnam (they have a few locations) We found a very nice selection of mens clothing at that chain. Another good shop to take them do if they like dressy casual is STCO (suit and tie coordination) Seoul is filled with this chain, they have really nice men’s clothing as well for the price! We find really cool collared shirts at that chain for around 20,000 won very often. Best of luck to them! ♥ ♥ ♥ I’ll be writing guys shopping information eventually on this site haha

      • Elle:

        Derp I just realized you posted on the shoe post vs the general Edae shopping post haha. Well you got some clothing info if you need it now 😛 but yes, for shoes Edae is the best place to be IMO. Tell them to bring cash and haggle though, they always try to jack the prices up for foreigners by a good 20,000 won sometimes.

  • Custom avatar Lola90:

    Hi elle. I have a question for you. I bought a pair of pumps in Edae for 27000won. Outside is suede, inside lining seems like leather. Are the linings used in these Edae street shoes are usually made from real leather? Because i actually have concerns abt them being pig skin lining. (Muslim ;)) are pig skin lining shoes cheap or expensive? (For 27000 won its like 27usd, doesnt sound very expensive? Appreciate your opinions, thanks ;))

    • Elle:

      Hello! I would not worry about them being leather, things are VERY VERY RARELY made of leather here (it is 99% of the time imitation/synthetic even from some designers here because I used to ask to justify prices at times) and if it was made of that material you would have paid WAY more for the shoes and they would not have been sold on the street or anything…. maybe just in a department store but even at Lotte and stuff I never see leather shoes even with a 270000 won price tag at times! Getting cheap leather is very common in the USA where I am from, but here it seems to be quite a rare thing so I would shop without much worries unless the price tag has a few added zeros! ♥

      • Custom avatar lola90:

        Thank you so much, Elle! your tips and reviews really helped me out during my shopping trip in Edae! 😀

  • Custom avatar Annabelle:

    Hi! Will there be normal, colour sneakers(as shown in your post) available during winter times around end of November and start of December??^^

  • Custom avatar Christine:

    I was just wondering because I got a bit confused from reading the post but is is better to act as a tourist or as a korean to haggle? ㅋㅋ I generally do seem a whole lot.. non-korean so if it is easier to haggle as a foreigner then im all up for it. ^^

    • Elle:

      haha no not really, if you look like a tourist often the harder shops will ask for more from the start~ this is mainly in the tourist areas though. I find shoe and jacket sellers to be the ones with the higher start prices in this area, so I actually hide while Nara asks the price sometimes if they look like a store that may ask me for more. Tourists are always willing to pay more vs locals, so that’s just how it is!Try and buy several things at one shop and pay with cash, if you are reasonable the owners will usually work with you a bit~ sometimes you have to push and be like “come on, take XXX. Make this cheaper, ok? Take this.” in Korean though, which I still have a hard time doing myself because I cant be that pushy XD

      None are really out to totally take advantage of you, they just want every won they can get out of the sale lol

  • Custom avatar Connie:

    Thanks for including the pricing range and max price, I love knowing that sort of information and find it extra useful!

  • Custom avatar Daisy:

    Great! Website thank you! I am travelling in Seoul and it is great to get the insider information! Pls blog more about beauty products in Seoul^^

  • Uhm, if I want to go there, then I just go to Ehwa University? Is it on Ehwa Univ/ near that univ or ?? How to get there actually? kekek

    Bunch of thanks!

  • Custom avatar C:

    Hi Elle,

    I’m in Seoul now for an exchange and I’m wondering if you know how much to ask for for those New balance sneakers replica. Thanks in advance (:

  • Custom avatar angie:

    great shoes. but is there is website so one can buy online?

  • Custom avatar Joanna:

    OH MY GOOOSH~ those shoes. 😀
    When I hear/read about things like this, I wanna chop of my toes. PUHAHAHA! I have an awfully enormous feet for a teenage girl (about 28-28.5 cm)& weird since I’m Asian. And would you believe that I cannot get something from the Women’s section of Converse?! And it’s just sneakers for god’s sake, just imagine finding something with heels. XD

  • Custom avatar Nzunghe:

    I love your page. I hope it will be helpful to me. I have really large feet and it is hard for me to find my shoe size as all Asian women seem to have really small feet. Thank you.

  • Custom avatar misty:

    I found this page from a taiwanese blogger’s post.
    Really appreciate much for all the comments.
    I have been to korea for few times and yes feel super upset when i see those colorful flats with smaller size T^T i’m 260 and maybe 265 for korea shoes size ><

    Going to korea again in the coming week wheee hope i can get some shoes this time ^^

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