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The Jamy is a new online shop for Korean fashion that just came on the scene last fall!  Although they are the new kids on the block, they sure pack quite a decent selection compaired to other “Korean Fashion” online shops.  Some stores online will market themselves as  “Korean fashion” when they are really just poorly made replicas or extremely over-priced, but The Jamy actually works together with several legitimate online Korean shops & brands acting as a middle man for international shoppers who are almost always unable to shop with all the adorable stores here since they require things like a Korean bank account and transfers.

All of the listed brands The Jamy sells are actually real active Korean online shops selling the exact same things for a very close price~ and for the icing on the cake The Jamy offers FREE shipping when you spend over $150!  Scratch that, Now they offer FREE SHIPPING no matter what you spend!!! Getting goodies sent from Asia alone is expensive, so free shipping saves you a bunch!

The Jamy allows you to shop for the latest Korean Fashion~

New items are added to the shop everyday from the 24 Korean shops/brands The Jamy currently works with, and because they are updating so frequently you can have access to many of the new items at the same time as the Korean shoppers do here so you can keep up with what is hot in the stores here each season.

The way The Jamy works is you order your items through them, they will either have the items in stock or notify the Korean shops to send the items to their location in Korea. Everything is packed nicely into one box and sent out to you!  Because of this, sometimes it can take an extra few days to get the items from the individual Korean online fashion shops  (kind of like how international G-market works) but it is worth it because everything is combined into a single box for shipping.

Let’s take a glance at some of the popular Korean shops on The Jammy~ Which one is right for you?

Keep in mind, this is not a full list! They have added more brands since I posted! Current listing HERE

Of course you can always shop at The Jamy by category (dress, jacket, shoes, etc) but if you are looking for a certain style of clothing you can also shop with them by store/brand on the index page~  for me this saves a little time since they have SO much stuff it can be overwhelming! Usually I hop into my favorite sellers first since they match my taste, then I wander around the entire site by category and check out the sales.  I would like to give you a brief glimpse at some of the Korean brand shops they work with~

I will note my personal favorite places to visit weekly for new stock~

Tom & Rabbit ~ Feminine, Modern, Cool with a dash of cute  ♥Favorite♥

Pink Banana ~ Casual, Comfort, Layering, Seasonal Basics  |||  Niponjjuya ~ Young, Stylish, Comfy

JADE ~ Fun, Unique, Pattern, Trendy  ♥Favorite♥

Styleonme ~ Natural, Fashionable, Feminine, Details/Embellishments  |||   AKA ~ Simple, Mature, Lady-like

45세분 (45seven) ~ Pretty, Casual, Style-Point, Basics

Apple Tree ~ Feminine, Soft, Accessories |||  Aariamall~ Young, Elegant, Professional Style

PIPPIN ~ Casual, Stylish Daily-Wear , Splash of Color  ♥Favorite♥

Aura J  ~ Trendy, Detail, Unique, Color  ♥Top Favorite♥

Pink n Babi– Sweet, Girly, Colorful, Lace, Bows  ♥Top Favorite♥

I ♥ Ssunny ~ Dress/ Casual, Comfort, Fresh   |||  REDOPIN ~  Sweet, Sporty, Sexy

ippiya ~ Cool, Charming, Casual, Sweet, Colors


Naning9 ~ Mature, Relaxed, Modern  |||   MERSH ~ Unique, Career Woman, Mature

  dodosTyle ~ Young, Cute, Playful   ♥Favorite♥

Vivi Dress ~ Feminine, Sweet, Refined

*NEW* Milk and Cocoa ~ Sweet, cute but refined, schoolgirl, bows, collars


City and the Man ~ Clean, Stylish, Dressy/Casual  |||  Palus ~ Preppy, Dressy/Casual, Stripes, Knits, Nautical

(*Note~ anything past page 2 on City & Man is often sold out, so check the Korean inventory link before buying)

 Aboki ~ Trendy, Unique, Stylish Basics  ♥Favorite♥

Cutiple ~ Korean couple sets!  Sadly this shop is not very full atm, hope they get some more sets soon!

Shopping Eye candy

Tom & Rabbit pretty floral skirt!  Crazy colorful print skirts are really in this season in Seoul it seems

Cute and fun style from DodosTyle on The Jamy

Pretty bow shoes from new addition to The Jamy~ Milk Cocoa

Romantic & Elegant Korean fashion!

Eye-popping two-piece from JADE

Basic black jacket with a unique twist from Redopin on Korean online fashion store The Jamy

Make any outfit pop with yummy Korean fashion blazers! Colored blazers are really popular here in Seoul ^^

Fell in love with this dress!  *__*

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes! You can find LOTS of really cute Korean shoes on The Jamy! I’m kinda addicted haha

lots of yummy and unique styles in the bags section of the shop ^^

Loving this fake two piece dress from the Korean online shop Tom & rabbit! My shirt never stays tucked in so these sorts of dresses are always perfect for me~ throw a belt on and you are ready to go <3 Not sure which I like more, but the white version looks so pretty on the model!

Romantic off the shoulder top by Tom & Rabbit~ comes in 3 colors

Fun color combination shoes by the cute brand “Pink n Babi” on The Jamy!

Beautiful bow cardigan and dress from Milk and Cocoa

Simple and charming girlish style from RibbonTie~  another one of the new Korean brands offered through Jamy

Trendy dot cutaway top from Mimi & Didi! This style is all over Hongdae right now ^^ I got a dress version!

Vividress cute bow bracelets in the accessories section!

The Jamy Korean Fashion Haul

So for this posting The Jamy sent me an awesome box of goodies to enjoy!!

Shipping was very fast overall, but one Korean store was a little slower (not Jamy’s fault though) Just keep that in mind while waiting for products! If you buy from several stores The Jamy has to wait for each store items to arrive.  Most stores are very fast though, in Korea stores generally are expected to ship out within a day or two from buyers, so they are expected to be prompt.

Everything was packed nicely in the box and each item was wrapped individually.

They also stuck in a thank you letter along with some always handy Korean face masks as a gift!

And here is what I picked out!!!   I ordered a knit sweater, dot blouse, long knit top, floral ruffle top, yellow+ blue striped dress, checker mini dress, studded white flats, and a few accessories!   Overall my favorite stores to buy from were Aura-J and Pink n Babi, but I did find cute items in every shop 😀

I’m loving these awesome spike flats from Korean Shop Aura-J on The Jamy!  The studs are clamped on firmly, nice thick sole, and was true to my size! Nara and I are both in love with studded things right now, so I will get a lot of use out of these on days I don’t want to be stumbling around the street in heels!  The studs are nice metal ones too, so the shoes look like they cost 2x more.

♥ ♥ ♥

Heel piece did require a small bit of shoe glue to stick it on a bit firmer, but that is a common thing with Korean shoes~ sometimes you just need a little dab extra! No big deal 😛

I was super happy with each of these jewelry pieces in terms of quality and for the price~  especially the bracelet!  I thought it would be plastic, but it is actually a really nice heavy metal with mirrors and only cost a few dollars!

My new over-sized rose ruffle collar shirt from Pink n Babi!  The print is so pretty~

I seriously love how cute everything in that shop is~  ruffles and bows forever!

LOVE this cut out sleeve blouse from Aura-J!  It’s perfect for summer, especially in Korea where you can not really wear tank tops in the summer~  so lots of girls rock tops like this with bits cut out lol.

My excited reaction is for an amazing interview I had last week~ post coming soon! 😉

Two pieces I have been using the most are totally the black sweater (its actually a boys product so Nara uses it too!) and this really cute and super cheap pearl row ring that only cost a few dollars!

Side Note~ Want proof that you are buying new and current Korean clothing for fair prices?  This sweater I ordered through The Jamy and I actually spotted here in Seoul a few weeks later at a shop, but it was about $10 more. Spotted it in another shop the other day and they wanted double the price!

The mint sweater looked SO pretty in person, it was such a beautiful color~  soft, but still very vibrant!  The material was also very soft and loosely knit so it is perfect for spring~ or later on with a tank top under it.  I was especially drawn to it by how long it was, I like to buy things with longer cuts so length is a main thing I look at when shopping for Korean fashion clothing online.

Checker Dress pic coming soon

The checker dress is super fun and the material was a lot nicer vs what I expected + nice and thick so I can wear it into the fall no problem!  It was a LOT shorter than I expected so my butt hangs out a little bad haha I have to layer it with an additional black ruffle shirt to keep it as a dress or some back leggings~ but that happens to me a lot with Korean and Japanese clothing so I have a box of skirts just for doing this hehe.  I will have to share some tips about this in a future post maybe.  Nara has a similar patterned jacket, so we really want to wear these together to an event sometime!

Yellow Dress pic coming soon

This dress Nara picked out for me because he liked the colors a lot and I tend to not buy yellow~  it is really pretty in person and the fabric is very light+ lined so no see-through issues.  Only bummer is I gained a bit of weight lately so my chest is too big for the dress right now since it does not stretch (-_-;) When I gain weight it always goes to my boobs and thighs first lol.  If you have a curvy figure you should stick to fabric with a bit of stretch or you run a risk of this happening like I did.  I will take some pretty pics in a few weeks after I drop the weight again!

Nara’s Haul from The Jamy

Pics coming soon

If you are a male reader, like larger loose fit clothing like my sweater above,  or feel like buying something for that boy in your life do not worry~  The Jamy also has partnered with a number of men’s clothing shops here in Korea!  Nara ordered this really useful loose fit stripe shirt (I have been stealing it though… it’s very comfortable lol), a really cute spring jacket, and a cool bracelet since we all kinda know by now Nara loves to accessorize haha.

 The fit of everything varied depending on the clothing style~  so just keep that in mind when shopping and eyeball the measurements if you are not sure!  Nara was very happy with the quality of all the items though, everything was well-made and with very nice materials ^^

Final Thoughts / Jamy Review

– Love everything I ordered! Happy with the quality of everything+ presently surprised with a few!

– Sizing varies so mind the measurements posted. Things may fit a bit shorter if you have a larger bust

– If you are curvy stick to loose fits or stretch

– Pricing is extremely fair for nicer “brand” Korean clothing, similar to what you pay here!

– Things go in and out of stock fast because you are buying along with shoppers in Korea

-Always CHECK the Korean shop listing they link to see if item is in stock before buying to avoid headaches.

– New inventory is added daily and always changing so keep an eye out for new goodies. Buy quickly before they sell out.

– Some items may have a factory smell at first (due to dye or material) air out for a day and it goes away!

Ordering on The Jamy

On every product page you will see a “Double Confirm if this item is available” link right at the top of the listing

When placing orders with The Jamy, it is important that you check to make sure the item you want is still in stock since some Korean shops have a limited amount of items and The Jamy has a large amount of products displayed and things that are out of stock do slip in.

The link will direct you to the same item listing on the Korean brand site where you can check at the top to see if it appears to be in stock, if it is out of stock you will see 품절 displayed clearly in this area or the link will not work/redirect you to the store homepage.

If the product is in multiple colors a drop down menu will be there for you to also click, and if a single color is sold out it often be next to the color~ The Jamy displays the Korean next to the English so you can usually compare easily to find your color if the Korean shop does not list it in English.

The newer the items are in the shop, the more likely they are to be in stock (so like the first 5 pages, after that the items are older listings so you should check)

You do not HAVE to check of course, but it does save time and avoids you being disappointed~items do frequently sell out!

The Jamy will ship anywhere in the world that EMS can deliver to!!


The Jamy was kind enough to also send over some prizes for my lovely readers (aka you guys!) to win!  They sent quite a few things, so I have decided to pick 3 winners for this contest! Aside from the orange pants, everything is “free size” which usually fits a S-M size btw!

Prize Pack A: Orange/pink tank, textured stretch blue skirt, and blue/green socks

Prize Pack B: textured ink stretch skirt, soft orange pants (size small), and pink/yellow socks

Prize Pack C: Layered animal print skirt with black leggings (attached & free size)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Enter all the options to raise your odds at winning!! I will contact winners by E-mail, so make sure you check your mailboxes because if you do not come forward to claim the prize within 24 hours I will pick another winner! Good luck everyone!

Any photos watermarked are my own, other images featured on this post are copyright to the original Korean online stores sold through The Jamy and I claim no rights to them and have only used them here to showcase the selection in the store. Items were sponsored in exchange for me featuring them and sharing my thoughts on the products.

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81 Responses to “Shop Korean Fashion Online- The Jamy Feature + Haul + giveaway!!”

  • Custom avatar Julie:

    This is a great giveaway! My favorite item is the pink and white striped dress.

  • So many cute outfits in one single post – unbelievable 🙂

    The thing I like the most in Korean fashion is that you guys (yes, I count you as one of them :P) can pull anything of. I can not imagine myself wearing clothes as colourful and funky as those and not being pointed out by strangers on the streets. Poland is such a grey and dull country when compared to Korea, and that’s a really big shame!

    When I had a blue highlight on my hair for few months people could not get enough of “whispering” behind my back, or not even so much behind. And I have a feeling that not many people would give me a second glance in Seoul (or maybe they would, but because I’m quite tall).

  • Custom avatar Lani:

    Ooh this will be fun! I hope they sell lingerie because American stores don’t sell my size, & they’re HTF online. :/ Gotta shop in Asia for bras with small band sizes!

  • Custom avatar Lani:

    PS I love Korean fashion because it’s FUN. Cutting edge. Unafraid to try new styles.

  • Custom avatar Kery:

    So far my favorite shops are PIPPIN and Styleonme :3 I’m totally buying some clothes today, Jamy is awesooooome!! Thank you much for letting us know.
    btw, everything you bought is SOSOSO cute. That sweater and the pearl row ring are PERFECT.

  • Custom avatar Huimin:

    Cool giveaway! ^^ The Jamy makes it so much easier to shop for clothes and accesories from Korea (especially for us Malaysians who can’t buy from gmarket either)! Thank you for introducing such an awesome site! 🙂

  • Custom avatar Huimin:

    Korean fashion is unique on its own. It can be cute, girly, quirky, elegant at the same time. One outift can be mixed and matched in so many other ways 🙂 love it!

  • Custom avatar J Lim:

    I love Korean fashion because it’s so unique and individualistic yet not over the top. It is just so well put together. Koreans always look great even when they are just supermarket shopping ^^

  • Custom avatar Liz:

    My favorite piece is the pink jacket dress from VIVI! I would love to wear that with the pink bow heels. Unfortunately, my feet are too big to fit into Korean shoes 🙁 Usually I’d hate matching so much but I’m weak for the color pink and bows… Thanks for the great post! ♥

    • Elle:

      Aw dont worry! You can use the images to inspire you and seek out similar things back at home! Sometimes you can find larger size korean shoes online via gmarket and ebay

  • Custom avatar Danielle:

    Normally I am not familiar with foreign clothing brands so this post was really fun. If I had to go with a brand over there, I would definitely fall with Pippin or Pink Banana. 😉 I’m very casual. But I like to look put together/fashionable too. And I won’t fit in their clothes sadly. LOL. It’s ok. Gotta take care of the post baby body ya know. 😛

    • Elle:

      You can always use the pics to inspire you Danielle! 😀 Thats what I usually do when I am in the USA, I hunt around for something similar to the pic… gah they used to have a TV show like that a few years ago….

  • Custom avatar Nisrina:

    Korean fashion always the comfy and casual fashion ever.Why I choose korean fashion?Maybe I love casual trend!

  • Custom avatar Izumi:

    Thank you for posting about Jamy! I’ve been in search of a way to get Asian clothing since I think it’s much cuter than American clothing. Usually Taobao would be my go to, but shipping can get expensive, so this is great!

    Also, you look very cute in your new clothing.

    • Elle:

      Aw thank you! Glad you enjoy Jamy, they are working with a lot of really cute authentic Korean shops so I was very happy to feature them for you guys because I find other shops like yesstyle really overpriced and not very interesting! Jealous you can figure out Taobao… I cant for the life of me lol. Let us know if you buy anything cute from them! 😀 <3

      • Custom avatar Izumi:

        Yeah, I agree with you on shops like yesstyle. I’ve looked through a few times and never found anything to grab me, but since yesstyle is usually a clothing source for a lot of people I use to believe it was the only place to get Asian clothing.
        I wish I understood taobao! My friend is actually the genius behind using taobao. She figured out how to use shopping services and does group orders to cut down on the shipping. I just use guides on LJ for key words to find some items (sometimes that doesn’t work too well, so eh) and then send what I want to her. I still get confused on the site even though it’s just like ebay!
        Yes! I will definitely let you know if I get anything from Jamy! ^.^

  • I love korean fashion because its so trendy and to me, its always where the trends start. I tend to try dressing up in korean fashion but then I live in america and they have weird clothes

    • Elle:

      Have you tried forever 21? I used to find a lot of very similar Korean-style things in F21 before I moved! Sometimes it is more about how you put the outfit together vs the single pieces though, so with hunting you can put it together! 😀

  • Custom avatar Olivia:

    My favorite items from this post are the Milk and Cocoa off-white cardigan with the big bow on the side paired with the light blue dress with the white lace detailing on the chest. That is just a gorgeous combination!!!

    • Elle:

      I agree!! They just added it and I was like “Shoot, I should have waited to get that!” because they add things almost every day I kinda said that a lot this month as I worked on the post lolol

  • Oh my gosh, you totally sold me! Love this post – so full of bright images and great colors and shapes! Really, REALLY cute stuff. I’m about to go check out all the shops you talked about now 🙂

    I love Korean fashion because it isn’t afraid to be fun! There are always so many interesting little details, which I think are lacking here in America, usually!


  • Custom avatar Rumi:

    I love almost all!! But the Fake two piece dress from Tom & rabbit! It’s so cute! >w< I love Korean Fashion because it's colorful and unique without be garish!

  • I really like your rose ruffle collared shirt<33 and pretty much all the things from Ribbontie!! they are all so pretty and girly *O*

  • Custom avatar Princess Victoria:

    Awesome stuff! I will cerntainly check the Jamy out! Also, great giveaway.
    Victoria / Kaachin

  • Custom avatar Papaya:

    I love the stuff this site has omg, with free shipping it’s a bit cheaper than shopping on Rakuten for cute clothes like this. I will definately look into getting some stuff from here in the future.

    I really like that grey ribbontie dress with the lacey part at the top, and those Pink n Babi shoes the pink and mint(??) are killer.

  • Custom avatar roxane:

    I like korean fashion because It can be cute and girly, and you still can put this to go to work o/

  • Custom avatar Donna:


  • Custom avatar Vanila:

    I like it 🙂 thank you so much for sharing it. I haven’t seen such cute clothes besides when I lived in Japan 🙂

  • Custom avatar Vanila:

    I guess my faovrite item is the rose t-shirt that you bought 🙂

  • Custom avatar E:

    I love Korean fashion because it’s cute and girly but without looking really young. 🙂

  • Custom avatar Sashika:

    I love many of the pastel things but the standout piece has to be the romantic off the shoulder top from Tom & Rabbit! For me, Korean fashion is cheap, cute yet also edgy all at the same time~ I love the pastel colours and faerie like, fairytale, woodland style but I also have a particular fondness for edgy hats and daring pieces, and I feel Korean fashion gives a perfect blend!
    Thanks so much for holding the competition!

  • Custom avatar Ciery:

    I really love the school girl looking outfits from Milk Cocoa. I really want to order one now! ;_;

  • Custom avatar IFA:

    looks like gonna be my new fav online shop!!!!

  • Custom avatar Dana:

    Love your website and I think its great that you are doing this giveaway! I really love the pink/orange top with blue skirt!

  • Wow, this post is really great. I’m always looking for korean style clothes but I always find cheap but awful fabrics or great fabrics but expensive price/shipping so that site is probably a total win. I already saw some clothes which looks great so I’m crossing my fingers I’ll be able to find great clothes with great size. Thanks for the tutorial.

    As for the giveaway, I won’t join this time, I’m not a fan of bright color and I don’t think I’ll be able to wear this, my size is not a free size haha but thanks a lot though.

    • Elle:

      So glad you enjoyed the post Maeva! Yeah, when you search “korean clothing” half of it is really awful cheap china stuff. Honestly even buying here we have some hit or miss orders on gmarket, but what is nice about these shops on Jamy is they are stand alone shops vs huge sellers, so they want customers to return and need good feedback~ so for the higher price the quality is nicer… better stitching, lining on thing fabric, etc more often. I’ll hopefully in the near future be posting a shopping guide for asian clothing since I have bought so much and raged in weight over the years lol kinda been through everything at this point!

      Sorry the prizes are not your taste, Jamy picked them out so I did not have much of a say (I cant fit into the pants either lol) but I will be having lots more giveaways once we are done moving…I love giving you guys prizes ^^ xoxo

      • About gmarket, I ordered two pair of shoes once and one was made in China but still looks fine although I think they won’t last for many month. The other one was made in Korea and looking really fine but the problem was the size, I’m a 250 in Korean shoes but those were too short so now I’m afraid to buy shoes again and I can’t see bigger size so bye bye cute shoes ;_;
        I need some cardigans so I think I’ll buy them on The Jamy since it has free shipping and they’re looking totally fine. That “one size” really annoys me, I wish I was a little bit thinner so I could buy tons of dress hahaha Anyway, when I’ll order, I’ll share it here 🙂

        • Elle:

          Yeah, what you said is a common problem here with ordering online or shopping in general~ everyone goes through it! Thats why I like buying my shoes at the shops cheap here, although I do get brave sometimes and buy on gmarket if the price is amazing lol but here it is a lot easier to ship back and exchange~ overall the sizes seem to be right about 90% of the time though, so I would not worry too, TOO much… I own like 100 shoes from here and only 5-6 are a size up or down, the rest are spot on or fixed easily with a cheap pad insert ^^ Lots of things here are made in China as well, but how nice it look really varies item to item! Overall, Jamy items are a higher grade in my opinion though, so they are priced higher because they use nicer fabric and come lined VS the way cheaper stuff 😀 Free size takes a little getting used to (what I can and can not buy) but now I love it.. when I go home I am like UGH I DUNNO WHAT SIZE TO PICK vs free size you just grab and whatever hahaha

  • Oh gosh, the items are sooooo pretty!!
    Now it’s time to earn some cash to buy me some of those lovely items :D)

  • This is one of the CUTEST CiK posts ever!!!! Still staring at everything *-*

  • My favorite items are the color combination shoes and the black/crystal mirror bracelet! Loooove the accessories!

  • Custom avatar Kat:

    This stuff is totally adorable!!!

  • Custom avatar Kat:

    I sooooo am in love with the Pippin stripe shirt with that beautiful black skirt =) I can’t tell if it is 2 pieces..lol oh, I love practically all of the awesome lines of clothes and shoes you posted <3

  • Custom avatar Nicole:

    I love love love the Tom & Rabbit clothes too! the outfit with the yellow skirt and white collared shirt is adorable and chic.

  • Custom avatar Chan, Eileen Mae U.:

    the items are so colorful and cute .. i love the coats featured here 🙂

  • Custom avatar Julie Lyngsøe:

    I have to check out this store.. I’m always on the look-out for cute korean online stores <3 My favorite item featured here is the shoulder-cut out shirt! I love the way it is kind of sexy, but in a very discreet way.. if that makes sense? Haha!

  • Custom avatar Stephanie:

    I love the cute bracelets from vividress and Pink n Babi clothes! Bows and girly clothing was always my style <3

  • I love korean style~!

  • Custom avatar Anya:

    My fav item on this post is shirt from Pink n Babi. Really cute one! =)

    Thanks for this giveaway!

  • Custom avatar Ann:

    I love Korean clothing because the fashion is so original!

  • Custom avatar Linda:

    Love the pink top with the straps.

  • Custom avatar mk:

    I am in love with that striped jacket on the girl in the Tom & Rabbit section. It’s gorgeous! <3

  • Custom avatar Lisa:

    All the colourful jackets really make me want to go and buy a rainbow of them in every colour!! Maybe some new shoes too ^^

    There’s also some great cute dresses and blouses that would be just perfect for the hot weather here in Korea that I can wear to school where I work!

  • Custom avatar 황유리:

    I’m glad that I finally have an online shop I can buy from for Korean clothes at a more reasonable price! Out of the brands in this post, I think I like Aura J’s clothing the best!

  • Custom avatar Liz:

    I love Korean fashion because it is so adorable and fun! 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing, already putting together a shopping list. <3

  • Custom avatar Prasert:

    the black collar white lace dress.

  • I really love Korean style.

    Nice pretty girls in amazing clothing avatar.

    Thanks for the sharing.

  • Custom avatar Rivernik:

    I love your rose ruffle collar shirt!

  • Custom avatar Emily:

    Loving the peachy-orange Peter Pan collared dress from Milk and Cocoa!

  • I really love the entire collection.. Very nice, classy and unique collection. Thanks for sharing.

  • Custom avatar Chin YeevYap:

    New to your blog but I’m truly impressed! Nice sharing of your life in Korea, especially on Korea fashion! Amazing!

  • Custom avatar Anna:

    Thanks for sharing! Been looking for some REAL korean fashion sites which are international shipping friendly~ ^^

    I’ve been browsing a bit. May I ask about double confirm to check availability of an item? What happens when there is no double confirm link to check, as some item descriptions simply don’t have it? Is the item in stock or out of stock? :S Thankyouuu

    • Elle:

      Hi Anna! Oh my pleasure, I will do my best to only feature the best ones on this blog~ I rejected features from a few shops already that sold fake stuff or $3 tops like the kind you find on ebay blah!! I may be in Korea now, but I know how it goes! XD

      Ah about checking the link to see the original Korean online shop’s item to see if it is in stock~ well if the link is not provided I would assume (just my guess) that this is because it is a made to order item (if it is it will be noted on the listing, though this is rare) or it is an item they have stocked in the Jamy office location! Some items they keep on-hand in the actual office HQ so they have the inventory they need, but the vast majority at this time comes directly from the Korean stores. If you are worried you can always drop them a mail and see (if they say anything interesting about it please share here) or ask on their facebook wall! 😀

      Good luck and if you buy anything cute do share with us here! I am sure others would love to hear about your exp shopping with them <3

  • Custom avatar Nami:

    I love the pictures you posted, all their clothing looks so cute. I’d be very interested in buying from their website but I’ve got a problem: absolutely none of the product images show for me. I tried on multiple days with different browsers and it’s just not working. It makes me a little bit sad actually, haha. No one else seems to have this problem though? It’s very strange..

    • Elle:

      weird! None are showing for you on the Jamy website? Have you tried a different browser or checking your ad blocker? Never had an issue and nobody else seems to be, so I am not sure what is up! D:

      • Custom avatar Nami:

        Yes, I know it’s so weird. I tried with IE and Firefox and I don’t have adblocker and turned my javascript-blocker off too. I’m so confused haha!

  • Custom avatar J Lim:

    Just wanted to say thank you again for the AWESOME prizes, they fit perfect too!
    Thank you!^^

  • Custom avatar Lisa:

    I live in the Netherlands, can I also enter this giveaway?

  • Custom avatar Stacy:

    I’m a new follower. I found your website from reviews of cute cafes! Jamy is an amazing website! The free shipping is an awesome addition that makes it my favorite website for Korean clothing. 🙂

  • Custom avatar Yomi:

    Omg, it’s so damn cute! I wish that I visted there when I traveled to Korea!! I miss Korea so much now…

    Btw followed you on bloglovin! check out my blog too if you have time!

  • Custom avatar Sasi:

    I’m so happy to found your blog! Found it through cute magazine article in Korea, since I was looking for Nylon Korea. I’m just into Korea lately, because of Running Man & other hilarious variety shows & take Korean class here in Jakarta, Indonesia. But i’m not so much into K-Pop or K-Dramas, ‘cos that’s the most I can find about Korea on the internet or with my friends from my Korean class. So i’m really glad to found your blog, ‘cos it’s about another side of Korea ^^ I like this post so much ‘cos i love fashion and checkin’ on the jamy rite now. I like Jade & Aura J from you review 🙂

  • Yay! A new shop! I just love korean fashion too! Thanks for informing us of so many inspiring events, shops, and more! I will definitely be back for more! 😉

  • Custom avatar Rosa Margarita:

    I love the Prize Pack A! I can even imagine my self taking a pic with that outfit!

  • Custom avatar Meagan:

    I love the studded flats! I’ve used other Korean and Japanese online shops but this one looks the best, plus who can argue with free shipping!! Thanks for doing the feature!

  • Custom avatar Jenn:

    OMG. This is amazing! >__< Thank you so much for making this post! I'm always trying to find cute affordable korean clothes but with the expensive shipping i'm not really able to buy anything even if i want everything haha. If you have the chance i'd really like to know where else i could find the Romantic off the shoulder top by Tom & Rabbit? I went to the link you provided but it always redirects me to the start of the site! T___T I've been looking for that top for so long and was never able to find it and i really want it and i saw that when you double check the item you get redirected to the korean site, which korean site could i be able to find this in? 🙁 I'd really appreciate it if you could help out. 😀 I seem desperate but i'm not.. maybe a little~ Hahaha. I just LOVE the top. I can't resist. Thank you in advance!

  • Custom avatar mona:

    http://en.thejamy.com/ is now closed…. for made in Korea fashion lover in San Francisco like me, do you have any other website suggestion which carry real made in Korea fashion and will ship to USA?

    Please help!!

    • Elle:

      Wow they closed down so quickly! http://www.thejamy.com/ still works but seems they just service japan now. Such a pity! Please check my other brand features here and hang tight, I have a few I may feature soon that have a plugin for overseas orders, sadly jamy (aside from yesstyle) was the largest I was aware of that dealt with real korean shops. In the meantime you can order through gmarket ♥♥ they are the best option for the best prices

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