If you have lived in Korea for an amount of time, chances are you have spotted a “Sorrento” restaurant around town.

*Updated with a few better quality photos!*

Sorrento is a Italian restaurant chain here in Korea that is affordable, cozy to eat at, and fairly common~ maybe you could compare it to the Olive Garden or something….but cuter.

Each restaurant is a little different inside~ usually decorated with lots of plants, floral pillows and covers in the booths, pastel picture frames, and pretty little glass things hanging from the ceiling.

Feels like you are eating spaghetti in a girly cottage someplace, I love it!!  The menu is very affordable and the portions of most things are generous and fill you up.  Sorrento is a fairly typical affair for pasta here in Korea, nothing too special~ but since its a common chain and just so darn cute I figured it was worth a mention!

Since we have a Sorrento right across the street from my apartment we tend to eat here on nights we want cheap Italian.  Even though we have 3 other pasta places surrounding the apartment, we tend to go to this place because its comfortable and a quiet place to hang out and chat together over dinner.  At the end of the day most pasta places in Korea end up serving the same things and they taste the same, the only thing that changes is the price, portions, and atmosphere you want.

Sorrento salads are simple and light, but always very nice and fresh when I visit!  My favorite is the Ceaser salad and the fried chicken with mustard salad~ but they have a few choices to pick from.

Salads at Sorrento are big enough to share if you are eating something else, but may be too small to fill most people up as a main dish.

The pizzas here are a bit pricy for the size and just OK, some can be a little bit bland.  The crust is thin oven baked style, but you can get a better thin crust at chains here like Brick Oven so we only get the pizza when we fill up our point card and earn a free one lol!  When we do get a pizza it is so thin and light that we usually have to order the pizza + a pasta to split!

My favorite is the Gorgonzola pizza because it stopped with potato chips+ honey!

For spaghetti you have several choices, but a lot of the dishes with red and cream sauces taste the same pretty much. They also have a few dishes with oil, white wine, and demiglace but I have not tried those yet! Even though this is a chain, the pasta is always cooked nicely and the sauces I have are all satisfying~ overall I prefer the cream sauce here.

My two favorite dishes here are the fried chicken tomato cream spaghetti…

and the carbonara cream spaghetti which has bacon and a few mushrooms in it. The sauce is really creamy and thick.

They also have things like lobster raviolis, seafood stew, and some rice dishes on the menu.


Like every other restaurant in Korea, Sorrento has a “Couple’s Set Menu” That you can order meals for two at a reduced price.  We really like the set menu here because you get lots of choices for the money and its a great way to get a bit of everything!  We usually go for the “A” set menu because you get two main dishes, two cream soups, one salad, and sodas for 28,000 Won total (about $28) so that’s not too bad for foreign food here.  If you don’t see one, just ask!

♥ We are big fans of the couple sets here ♥

couple set A” at Sorrento gets you 2 cups of cream soup (flavor changes daily), 2 pieces of garlic bread + 1 salad + soda + 2 spaghetti dishes

For drinks they have the usual sodas, coffee, tea, juice drinks, aide drinks, some wine choices, and Cass beer…drinks here are kinda overpriced though.  I have ordered tea which came out like water and Nara got a really gross juice here once… NOT worth the 5,000 won~ just stick to soda (*_*)

They also have a small number of appetizers here, but the fritters and bruschetta are not worth the money at all and are super small. Garlic bread is good here, but like most Italian places in Korea it is not unlimited and very small~ if you order a couple set you get some included though, so that’s a cheap way to nibble on some ♥

♥ ♥ ♥

If you like coming here often a good thing to get is a Sorrento point card! They stamp you for every XX amount you spend and when you fill up the card you can get things like a free pizza.  It is really easy to fill up cards quickly here, we have managed to earn a free pizza several times already. Yay free food!

All in all this is a nice and affordable pasta chain with yummy food for the price! 

To find a location near you in Korea just check out the store listing ♥ HERE ♥ for more info!!

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  • Custom avatar CECE:

    wow, I love here! I think this restaurant has a reasonable price and a variety of menu. 😀 Anyways, I am glad to see your blog posting. Thank you for sharing and that would be nice if we keep in touch online. 🙂

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