Here is a belated post of some early spring outfits I happened to snap while it was still brisk outside!  It took forever for Korea to get warm this year so I was wearing jackets and long sleeves for what seemed like forever D:

Pastel hobo outfit from my trip to Japan ^^

Stripey version and my outfit that I wore to interview Hyung Tae Kim! Whole outfit is from various areas in Korea~  Spike black shoes I scored for 28,000 won in Dongdaemun underground.  Nara’s mother bought me the pink jacket for about 100,000 which is a little pricey, but this is because the quality of the fabric is very nice.

Shirt was sponsored by The Jamy and is from the Korean shop Aura J that they sell (internationally! yay!) Shoes and skirt are from good old G-market!

gah I love these things so much.  I feel like a retro mod girl in them, plus they are super high!

As most of you know, I am a big fan of finding graffiti in Korea~  Happened to stumble upon this adorable wall WAY WAY WAY back in Hongdae around a cafe we had a business meeting at and needed a car to get to.  Wish it was walkable!

Cute blue knit sweater with bits of rainbow threading in it!!  Scored this for only 15000 won at Gangnam station along with a really cute star blouse for 10,000.

You can find so many amazing cheap rings in Korea ^^ especially around Hongdae! I think I paid 5,000

Nara looking all fancy in his goodies from Hongdae as well… we buy so many accessories there at the Mapo Kiosks!

Saw these exact same glasses on sale in Tokyo for almost 2500 yen ($25!) In Seoul he got them for 10,000 won ($10!)

My shoes are courtesy of the awesome Korean punk online shop Bloody Cat we featured a while ago! Nara bought his online and customized with spikes from Dongdaemun wholesale fabric market ^^  if you like to modify clothing or make things it is HEAVEN!  Will do a feature soon

My Skeleton knit sweater is from Japanese brand Glad News which has a store at the D-Cube City Mall in Sindorim!

Love this necklace~ I got it from Galaxxxy in Japan, but I am almost positive it is just from Dongdaemun.

These are all the brisk spring outfits I think I photographed!  Will add more later if I find them^^ Please let me know if you enjoy outfit posts and Nara and I will try to do them again in the future…or at least maybe seasonally? lol

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26 Responses to “Spring Outfits in Seoul”

  • Custom avatar AngelaRenee:

    Welcome back! I hope your move went well! Thank you for the post, I am in love with the polka dot sheer skirt and the Skeleton knit sweater so cute~~~!

    • Elle:

      Thank you! 😀 Still a process, but hopefully I can share all the details soon! I got that skirt in Japan, but it is totally from Korea 😀 Hongdae area (depending on the season and trends) tends to carry these sorts of skirts a lot for very cheap <3

  • Custom avatar BritiShawol:

    love the outfits!!
    would enjoy more of these outfits posts!!

    i want those sooes!!! looks just like the ones some SNSD members have worn before, and i wanted them so badly!!

    • Elle:

      aw yay, thank you so much! Almost all of my shoes can be found on Gmarket, its a little tedious to find them~ but they are always so cheap so when you find a good shop it is a jackpot!

  • Custom avatar Galaxina:

    That pastel-hobo ensemble is madly beautiful! I love the pink/mint green combination. I also like the black and white stripey outfit. Oh, and those pink tennis shoes..I waaaant! Please do post more pictures of your outfits. They inspire me to put some cute combinations together for myself.

  • Custom avatar CherryCrystal:

    sorry i’ve newly discovered your site (which btw is lovely)
    and i saw some posts on facebook and i’m a little confused, are you still living in Korea?

    great outfits here!

  • Custom avatar Yona:

    I loooove your style!! <3 That skeleton sweater is my favorite :).

    Have you ever wrote a post on how it is living in Korea? It must be so difficult with the language… at least at first.

  • Custom avatar Abby:

    Ugh, I miss cute cheapo shopping in Korea!! I love that skeleton sweater. <3

  • Custom avatar julie:

    OMG! I love your first spring outfit with pastel colors! it soooo cute♥

  • Custom avatar Sora:

    Lovely outfits!! 😀 I specially like the first one because I love the combo of pink x mint ♥.

    You make me want to be on spring or summer NOW!

  • Custom avatar Katherine:

    AAAAAAARG soooo happy you’re back! I literally check your blog EVERYDAY– You don’t know how happy I felt when I saw this! I missed you :’) More pwease :3

    • Elle:

      Aw yay glad to be back!! I am so sorry to keep you guys waiting so long, I have SO SO SO MANY posts and photos to do~ I swear I am just swimming in awesome things to share, so not posting is driving me crazy! Hopefully I can get a new one up soon and get back on a regular routine :3 thank you so much for waiting for me hehe.

  • Your blog makes me so happy! Thanks for updating, these outfit posts are so fun! All of your posts are pretty awesome though 🙂 Looking forward to more~

  • I love your outfits and I love your style..
    You are an example for me.. thank you..

  • Custom avatar mary:

    your first outfit is so asdffghjl stunning! abit kyary feels hihi

  • Wow, I love your style! I think I would wear everything you just posted, I wish I could come over there and go shopping.

  • Custom avatar Nagrom:

    glad you’re back! where do you order online in the U.S. when you want super cute and cuddly clothes? I can’t find any super cute things in the mall, so i wanna know your favorite places to buy at in america! =)

  • Custom avatar Christina:

    I am in love with the Glaxxxy necklace and the Skeleton knit sweater. Tooo cute!The pastel hobo outfit was amazinggg! ♥♥♥

  • Custom avatar Mae:

    Hey~ i’m new new to your blog i found it cute and interesting~ i want to ask where did you buy that pink shoes?~

  • Happy to see you’re back! Love reading your posts, especially now that I’m no longer living in Korea myself!

  • Custom avatar Marchelle:

    oh my godddd..your outfits are sooooooo cuteeeee..
    i’m falling in love with the shoes..T.T
    Elle, i want to ask you something..i have a plan to visit korea next year in middle it already summer in korea.?
    i’m from indonesia, so i think it won’t difficult to decide what kind of clothes that i will bring because all i have is summer outfits xp..
    Thanks before n wish me luck for my visa application(that is my hardest obstacle) T.T

    • Elle:

      Thank you ^^ yes June should be warm! June this year was nice because we had a very long winter, so I could still wear jeans or a sweater some days. I woul plan on it being summer weather, but not the very worst heat juuust yet ^^ good luck with your visa

  • You are so pretty !! ** I like your style ^.^

  • Custom avatar Christina:

    I love the fact that men in Korea can be very fashionable and colorful without being labled as a homosexual.

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