Today I have a sweet little boutique tucked away on the quiet Northern area of Hongdae to share with you! We discovered it one day on our way to Molly’s Pop’s and immediately I was sucked in by all the cute clothing on display outside!  I am pleased to introduce you to “Star Shine” boutique~ sweet and girly vintage style shopping! ★

Inside I could immediately tell the owner was my kind of girl!  Sweet colors, knits, flowers, hello kitty, and charming patterns all around you!

Everything feels so sweet and like it is one of a kind~ I love it! ★ hand-picked with love

Star Shine is a mixture boutique of select items and customized pieces~  I also recall a few thrifted vintage items mixed in as well, so you never know what you will find inside!  She tends to get new items in every week or two, so it can be hit or miss~ but that is kinda the fun with these sorts of places 😀 The owner of the shop was previously a fashion major who decided in 2012 to open up her own shop so she could freely sell what she loved while making accessories and communicating with the customers.

She loves pinks, vintage, print, and cute details~ combined it makes for a very sweet shop!

Adorable fluffy sweater with a lace collar!

My favorites in here are hands down the knits!  She has some made and picks out others, her color and texture choices are the sweetest you will find here in Seoul~  perfect for those brisk spring days here in the city.

inside the store you will notice a lot of little craft supplies~  the owner likes to make a lot of her own accessories and depending on what you want she may be able to make you something special as well!  Her pieces all have a sweet handmade thrift store charm usually!

Earthy mixed with girly sweetness~


I knew I wanted a new sweater and could not decide!  So many cute designs ♥

Pom pom hats and a sweet little leather something really finish off her outfits! I feel like I want to rent a cute little cottage in the forest with heart windows and pick berries or press flowers when I look at her clothing hehe. Hongdae Style is always a bit unique and sweet like this it seems!

cutie pom poms on everything!

Lovely polka dot pink and white stockings!

Star Shine Haul!

So after much debate I finally decided what pretty piece I wanted to buy from Star Shine~

I got this REALLY cute thick knit sweater!  I really love how big and baggy it is on + I love the variation of knit and fun colors!  Currently this is one of my favorite sweaters from Korea ^^  The cost was around 50,000 won, a bit more than I usually am willing to pay, but I found the construction unique and the material nice, thick, and soft so I caved in!

Directions to “Star shine ★ 스타샤인” Cute Clothing Shop in Hongdae

Star shine ★ 스타샤인

서울 특별시 마포구 서교동 331-10

Hours: 12:00 to 10:00 pm (7 days a week)

Price range: clothing ranges from 25,000-50,000 won mostly

If you are coming by the metro, as always Green Line #2 Hongdae Station (aka Hongik University) is the ideal choice!

Star shine ★ 스타샤인 is in a small back street of Hongdae a little bit away from the action, but it is a great area to explore!  Fastest way is to use Exit #8 at Hongdae Station and walk straight down the road.

When you hit the main road of Hongdae you will see the small grass island in the center of the road, the little side street you are going to want to take is just past that!

After a short walk down the small road you should come upon Star Shine on your left!  It should be hard to miss with its nice bright blue sign in English + usually she has lots of clothing out on display in the wooden area!!

Have you visited Star Shine?  Did you find it thanks to this article? What is your favorite thing pictured here? Comment below and share!

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17 Responses to “Star shine ★ 스타샤인 ~ girly vintage shopping in Hongdae”

  • Custom avatar AngelaRenee:

    OMG! I’ve been sick for a week and haven’t been online and I come back and your blog has exploded with posts!!! This boutique is just too cute! It looks like every girls dream come true! I love that the owner makes her own accessories!

  • Custom avatar Teri:

    LOVE the sweater you picked out! Imma have to check it out whenever I fall in to Korea some time this year.

  • Custom avatar anna lee:

    hello!! 안녕하세요 앨리 언니.. your blog is pretty awesome and cute.. 너무 너무 귀여운.. i really like it! there are a lot of information about korea that i get from your blog. thumbs up for you.. you are really 대박!! 화이팅!!! ^^

  • Custom avatar Shana:

    AHHHH! I love posts about clothes/fashion! 😀
    Please continue with the great work, because it helps me out so much to where I wanna go when I am in Korea for 3 weeks~
    What are the price ranges for the dresses?~

  • Custom avatar Leann:

    Ooh so cute I love it! I might be able to buy sweaters there hehe. Thanks for all the cute blog posts. I’m sure I’ll find it very handy whenever I can finally visit Korea. 🙂

  • Custom avatar Sofie:

    Oh dear!
    i just stumbled upon your blog and it actually made me cry! Haha, I lived in Seoul for a semester and I miss it so much. Your blog basically covers everything I loved abouth that place…..
    So thanx for that 🙂
    xoxo from Sweden

  • Custom avatar Jane:

    Great post! You should do more like this. I was sad you didn’t show a picture wearing the sweater you bought!

    • Elle:

      Aw thank you!!♥ ok I will snap a pic in it XD I thought I had a photo of me in it on hand, but I guess I did not lol!♥

  • Wow, this place is so cute! I’ll be visiting Seoul soon and Hongdae is on my list of places to shop; I’ll definitely be going to this store. I love your shop posts! And your directions are really clear and easy to understand! Thanks!

  • I love your blog! So cute!

  • When I saw the photo I thought it was another store from Ehwa haha
    I love the inside, how she decorate everything. The accessories corner is looking really nice. I find it quite nice she choose what she want to sell and make her own accessories, it’s like we are in her closet and we’re able to buy her favorite clothes, quite amazing. I’m glad you’ve found this store, it seems like it’s kinda hidden, in a small street away from the popular area.
    By the way, I really like how the store looks from the outside on your last picture, I think this kind of house/store with those stairs are my favorite from Korea.

    Ah, another place to see, I guess I should learn some korean before coming so I can say that I came here thanks to you and your site ^^

  • Custom avatar aGatta:

    aww, I want a place like this in my neighbourhood.
    I’ve been waiting for this post, thanks ^^

  • Custom avatar isis:

    those are soo cute!!! i want all of those clothes!! lol

  • Custom avatar kitty:

    I specifically went to this shop during my trip to seoul a few months ago because of this post, but i was really disappointed with the stuff on sale (to be fair, I was just hoping for more knits, and since it was june it’s not really their fault), and the girl in the shop (not sure if she was the owner) was super unfriendly! We did the usual 안녕하세요s and bows but she didn’t even acknowledge us, and just seemed super pissed the whole time we were there.

    • Elle:

      Yeah for June you are in the totally wrong season for knits lol its a small shop so her things are seasonal. Not sure about the unfriendly part though! The owner (who we met and has done other interviews with Japanese blogs) was so sweet!! Let me try on and take photos before I even planned on buying anything.

      As a foreigner some shop keepers bug you endlessly, others totally leave you alone in korea though~ it’s best not to take it personally!

  • Custom avatar Oon:

    they all are very beautiful 🙂

  • Custom avatar Jessica:

    hi Elle !
    i’ll be in Korea ~mid May through early June and was wondering if knits will still be available in Korea during that time? Whether online, at shopping places, or even at Star Shine? I really love Korea’s sweaters but due to school, can’t go anywhere in the winter so I’m hoping to stock up this summer :/
    I saw you posted this entry in May so I’m keeping my fingers crossed but of course it’s possible that you took pictures back in like March and saved it for May to post as well :s

    Thank you in advance !

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