just a quick snapshot of one of my summer outfits~ No picnic lunch to be had, but I wish I was going on one!  Sorry for the crappy quality of the full pic~ my phone was not getting alont with the lack of sunlight that day!

Sometimes free size dresses in Korea run a bit short, so I have lots of lace skirts and bloomers that add just a bit of length to them PLUS a pretty trim~ It is a great solution for me! I got this dress super cheap for just 10,000 won ($10 usd) at Gaangnam station, I always find the best things for that price in that area below the street. This dress was lined and has an attached sash that is made of nice soft fluttery fabric so it looks quite nice on for the price I paid >:D  Straw hats are kinda last years thing, but I am glad I can still use mine from time to time when I am brave enough.

Dress– 10,000 won find from Gaangnam Station

Hat– $10 from TJ Max USA + Flower Pin

Shoes– 7000 Yen Japan, no brand.

Lace Socks– 3,000 won from Edae

Necklace– Forever 21

White Lace bloomers– Liz Lisa Japan

Bag– Liz Liza Japan

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5 Responses to “Summer Picnic Outfit in Seoul”

  • Custom avatar Leanne:

    omg your shoes *____* <33

    • Elle:

      They had them in brown too, It was so hard to pick!! haha I love shoes in Japan, they are so comfy!!

  • Those shoes are soooo so so cute~! I need them in my closet right now.

  • Custom avatar Shana:

    I love your outfits Elle! ^^
    Could I find any Liz Lisa in Seoul? And are prices extremely expensive or are some decent?

    • Elle:

      Sadly no, they do not have any actual physical shops that sell Liz Lisa currently here in Korea to my knowledge~ only a few Korea-based online import shops! The import shops seem to sell them for a fair mark-up, nothing insanely high… maybe just a few won more sometimes. Liz Lisa Japan has a price range of maybe 3000 yen to 7000 yen, I have never bought anything over 10000 yen if my memory serves me correctly…. most things are about 4000 yen. I have only ever bought this brand from the retail Liz Lisa shops in Japan, but be warned they are bootlegged in China~ so I can not say for sure if things sold on some of the Korean online shops are authentic atm for sure… I would need to see them in person.

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