티앙팡 Tea Angpang  or”Afternoon Tea” is an amazing hidden gem of a tea room located in the back streets of Edae!

I was introduced to this cafe when I went to my first Lolita meetup here in Korea, and I immediately fell in love with the place~ it has quickly become my favorite spot visit and meet friends.

How cozy does this look? I will take this beautiful space over a loud starbucks any day! 

티앙팡 feels very intimate even when it is filled with people and thanks to lovingly selected decor it has a nice authentic vibe that is hard to find here in the city. This is an ideal place for meeting friends to chat or even dates, we always see lots of young couples in here relaxing on the weekend.

The owner of the cafe is a tea fanatic and is actually one of Korea’s leading experts on red tea…. so much in fact that she was approached to write the Wikipedia pages here on the subject.   Because of its very authentic feeling and selection, this cafe is frequently featured in programs and articles as well!  We have so many cheap cafes in Seoul, it is nice to have a proper space that is run by someone that has a real passion for tea!

Filling the shelves around the main walls are a large collection of assorted tea sets and other fun items.

The vintage decorations really make it feel like a true tea house someplace far away. Even the tables and wood floors have a old worn feeling to them~ The whole place was obviously made with a lot of attention and care. I wonder if the owner spent time overseas collecting some of the things used in this space.

 Other areas of the shop are filled with vintage cabinets, my favorite is the wall of colorful tea boxes~

티앙팡 Tea Angpang offers a huge selection of Teas, one article online stated they have almost 200 options!

check the menu in the front for some special sets or items that may not be on the regular menu!

The menu here has a really nice variety of Teas from around the world, blended fruit teas, hot chocolate, royal milk tea and many others.  Prices range from around 6,000 won to 8,000 for drinks, but you usually get a large pitcher or teapot which is good for a least 3-4 glasses.

♥ ♥ ♥

Cafe policy is each person seated must order one drink minimum so keep that in mind if you come with a group!

The basic names of everything are written in English, but the descriptions are written in Korean which obviously makes choosing a bit easier since all the names sound yummy.  They do have a really nice tea set tower that you can order for about 35,000 won, but you will have to call a day or so in advance if you want it because they go out and get the materials special for it.  I do plan on ordering this sometime to try, I just wish they did not need several days notice ^^; I guess for the price it is mainly for special events.

In the back of the menu they have several choices of treats to nibble on such as homemade cookies, scones, milk pudding, crème brûlée, and more.  Everything baked is made fresh when you order, so please allow them 15 min or so to make it for you!  Some things are seasonal or go in and out of stock, so at the end of the week some things may be sold out for the moment.

Ah what to do~ what to do! Everything sounds good…

First up we have cold Royal Milk Tea and Rainbow Fruit Tea

Nara loves milk tea and says what they serve here is good and it has a very natural tea flavor~ not a sugary artificial flavor like at chain cafes or when you buy it bottled from some brands!

I asked for something “pretty” and this tea was suggested because it changes colors when you add the syrup!

One thing I love about 티앙팡 is that the cold drinks come with a large rose ice cube! How pretty is that?

One of my favorite cold drinks here is “Berry Berry”~  If you need something sweet, cool, and refreshing it is great!

“Special Milk Tea” which came out as a cup of fluffy foamy milk that you added your tea to.

Warm mixed berry tea which was a lovely color like the berry berry tea above, but a bit more tart!

Scones hot from the oven with fresh jam and butter

I am not a regular eater of scones, but I do enjoy them when I see them on the menu!  I thought the ones here were very nice, but maybe a little bland for my taste so I had to slather the butter and jam on!

Nara LOVES crème brûlée, but it is a bit hard to find here in Korea! The version they make here is SUPER yummy, although a bit small~ savor it!!

♥ ♥ ♥

They also brought out some homemade biscotti they had baked special that day for customers who placed orders, these tasted delicious!!  When we returned to visit again they had added them as a new item on the regular menu, hurray!

I LOVE the cheesecake here~ it is nice, rich, and creamy!! Another favorite to add to the list ♥

Milk pudding topped with a bit of red bean!  This dish is apparently very popular at the cafe and comes out in a very cute heart shape!  You do not see this kind of pudding very often in Korea, but it was very nice and had a nice smooth milky flavor… hard to describe, but it was smooth and refreshing? hehe

If you want a simple yummy snack you can always order a plate of freshly baked cookies that will come out nice and warm to your table~ the selection changes every so often so it is always a little bit of a surprise! This visit we had shortbread and some chocolate chip cookies with nuts.

While you sit and relax you can enjoy all the little treasures they have around the cafe.

It is a great place to just chat and relax~

Nara is such a good sport~ as long as you feed him yum yums he does not mind how cute the cafe is lol!

Crowds here are hit or miss, we either come in and it is empty or jam-packed with students, couples, or friends chatting.  We have found most weekdays between lunch and dinner are the quietest~ while weekends in the afternoon till the evening seem to be the busiest (as expected)

Directions to Afternoon Tea 티앙팡 Tea House

서울특별시 서대문구 대현동 53-15

Hours: 11am-11pm

Free Wifi~ Ask for password and they will give it to you on a slip of paper

If you are coming via the Seoul Metro take the Green Line #2 to Edae Station / Ewha Woman’s University

use exit #3 which will spit you out right on the main road towards the school. Stay on the sidewalk and keep walking till you can slip into the street parallel to the one you are on, any area is fine~ and you can not walk too far because the street ends when you hit the school.

I usually cross over into the side back street here at this intersection, it is an opening a few buildings before the Burger King.  Just look and you can easily spot the”Pink n Blue” shop filled with cute Japanese character imports just a few feet off the main road! Take this little side road a short distance and go left down the next street~

This back road has lots of little places to eat, including “Rain Tree Cafe” which I also featured here in a previous post.  Tea Angpang 티앙팡  will be a short distance down this road on your left, just look for a small wooden building with “Afternoon Tea” written in English and stairs leading down.  This confused me my first time because I thought it was a different tea house, but nope~ this is 티앙팡  so just head on down!!

Do you enjoy tea rooms? Have you been to 티앙팡 Tea Angpang? What is your favorite thing to order? Please share below!

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27 Responses to “Afternoon Tea at 티앙팡 Tea Angpang Tea Room in Edae”

  • Custom avatar Nadia:

    I sure will try that out 🙂 Thanks for the post XD

  • Definitely added to my list of places to check out. I walk past Edae almost every second day and have been searching for some good tea places. Can’t wait to give it a try.

  • Awwwwh~ I want to go there :O Everything looks so adorable~

  • Very cute spot!


  • Custom avatar rika:

    wow, as a tea addicted I MUST go there when visiting korea! thank you so much for showing us this precious place! every tea and snack looks so special!

    • Custom avatar Nara:

      The owner is one of the most known Red/Black Tea specialist in Korea so I am certain that you won’t be disappointed ^^ If you order a black tea based drink, you can choose to pick your own choice of black tea from their selection. Let me tell you it’s quite a selection. 200~400 selections ^^

  • Custom avatar cristina:

    So cuteee..

  • Custom avatar Gracie:

    Hi Elle Happy New Year! 🙂 Wow looks like a cozy place to hang out & relax. I was in Korea during May last year and also went to Edae area to shop. Didn’t know there’s such a cozy cafe. Would definitely go there if I had known such a nice place than. Look forward to more of your posts this year!
    Btw have u been to haha’s(from running man) Korean bbq place at Hongdae area? The food there is really yummy!

  • Oh my goodness, rose-shaped ice cubes? I already was in love with this place when you first started talking about it, but now I absolutely need to make it out there at some point. *A*

  • Oooh~ I’ve been to this cafe before! I agree 100% with you the ambiance there is soooo nice~ It has a classic romantic victorial vibe going on! I tried the creme brulee (which was amazing~~! So creamy) and the milk pudding (so melty and refreshing)~ ^^ I just wish cafes were a bit more student-budget friendly in Seoul… But I guess the uniqueness of each cafe when compared to the big chains like Starbucks makes it worth it~ ^^

  • Custom avatar Maeva:

    I’m so glad to see they don’t only offer hot traditionnal tea, I’m not a fan of hot drinks so it’s great to see I can go there and try it ^^
    From the photos, everything looks cute, confortable and yummy, I’ll make sure to stop by, when I’ll go to Korea 🙂

    • Elle:

      Oh yes, I am pretty sure you can get just about anything iced if you prefer! I am the same way, I like my drinks cold… even now when it is freezing haha! If you get a chance to stop by when you come to Korea please pop back in here and let us know how you enjoyed it! I’m sure other readers would love to hear 😀

      • Custom avatar Maeva:

        yes of course I’ll come back here and tell you my opinion about it, after all, it’s thanks to you that I now know this place so it’s the least I can do ^^
        Same for other place you introduced to us, you’re like our guide through Seoul and S.Korea 😀

  • Custom avatar James:

    Oh wow…that’s neat! Oo I wonder if doll meet ups happen there too.

    • Elle:

      Not sure about Doll meet ups, I have spotted them at a few other cafes in the area + we have 2 or 3 BJD doll cafes in Korea from what I can remember (still have to write about them) so I think many people just meet up at those or the conventions!

      • Custom avatar James:

        Awesome, hope to see them soon =) In the mean time I think I will check this place out when I head over to Volks on my three day weekends. I really love the interior design this place has. Gotta see it!

  • This cafe looks so dreamy! I really love when a company puts a lot into it’s ambiance and service.

    Honestly I haven’t found a tea that I’ve liked, or even could tolerate, though I do believe it’s just because I can’t/don’t know anyone who can make make very good tea. I don’t think that would be the case at 티앙팡.

  • Custom avatar mumu:

    Vintage… I like this place.. I hope will be there soon….

  • Custom avatar Dima:

    Another great place to visit. I went in April and your directions were spot on. As a tourist I would never have been able to try this great tea shop without your post. Unfortunately it was too cold to try an ice drink when I was there (I had the Turkish apple tea which was amazing), but I did have the cheese cake. And you are absolutely right, it is the best cheese cake EVER! If I ever go back, this is a place I would visit again.

  • Custom avatar Stacy:

    I want to go to this place if I ever get a chance to travel there! Tea places here in San Francisco are so expensive and definitely not as adorable. The drinks and treats look delicious too! Great review and so detailed as always!

    • Elle:

      oooh I used to live in the bay area! If you can make it down to san mateo you should check out “Sweetea’s” by bombshell eyebrows, it was my fave little spot! So glad you enjoyed it 😀

  • Custom avatar Ashley:

    Wow! This café is such a lovely place! >///<
    I hope I'll be able to visit such an adorable place.
    What a coincidence that it was posted on my birthday too.

  • Custom avatar bien:

    nice <3

  • Custom avatar Lothian:

    Hi, Elle!

    Do you know if this place is still open? 🙂

  • Do you know if they have a website/facebook page for large bookings?

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