The Korean internet is really confusing if you are not used to it… its like swimming through a sea of blogs with id log-ins and maybe finding what you want. UGH. I am only just now getting a folder together of sites to creep on for fun things and events that are to my taste.

Of course, I ran into this amazing doll show that I OF COURSE MISSED by a few weeks. Thankfully I managed to find some images online from it, so we can enjoy them together!

YES. Beautiful BGD doll exhibit featuring Korea’s favorite “Le Petit Prince” as a theme !! DO WANT!

The doll used in this show is the beautiful “Apple” base by Glib~ apparently this show (which was shown previously) helped greatly with the Apple doll’s popularity here in Korea!

The show was on display at the “Green in Land Blue” studio, which is actually the location that Apple dolls are made and designed!  The location has several floor for show rooms, design, store, cafe, and a room for other BJD dolls.  Actually, from reading I think this location may design some of the other Glib dolls, but the Apple ones seem to be the special focus at this location!

Photo by 사진 025 on flickr

♥ ♥ ♥

After some Korean blog digging I managed to find some lovely new photos from someone who attended and actually took pics of the other outfits!! Most blogs just snapped a pic of him on his planet and ignored the others~ gah why?!  The following images are via this great blog ★彡 HERE  ★彡where you can see the original images and some additional ones of the gallery.  The following I have sharpened & brightened quite a bit for your viewing pleasure…


Little prince in PJs!

When I first saw the promo images for this event I thought (since Koreans LOVE little prince hardcore) that this was going to be some amazing character doll they would be selling, so immediately I got into frantic info clicking-mode and mentally prepared to buy this doll… and explain to Nara why I needed this doll…. even though I don’t even collect BJD dolls!  He looks very beautiful and angelic, don’t you think?

I was really disappointed by the lack of the Rose girl though! That could have been such a beautiful addition to the show with a mini doll figure or a full female figure! Seriously, no close why they opted to not have her in the show. ★彡

♥ ♥ ♥

This show had happened a few times over the past few years,  so if I hear about it again I will try to attend so I can write about it from my own exp ♥ Now that I know this location is open to the public I will be making plans to visit and do a full blog about it in a future post~ so please look forward to it!! 😀

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7 Responses to “The Little Prince BGD Glib Doll Exhibit ★彡”

  • OMG! SO CUTEEE! *-* And that’s true, Koreans LOVE Little Prince. Reminds me that I have DDung Little Prince and Fox in my wishlist, so adorable.

    But well, talking about these BJDs. Little Prince looks really angelical, but I love the Fox xD He looks cool… Awesome! <3
    My fav pic of Little Prince is the last one, wearing pajamas *3*

    Do you know which doll company made them? Looks like Custom House, but I'm not sure x.x


    • Elle:

      So glad you enjoy the post! Yes I do, the doll is an Apple doll by Glib ♥ This show was hosted at the workshop/cafe building for Glib/apple dolls~ they are SO pretty! I link to another apple doll I posted about in this article, you should check it out! *_* so tempted to buy one, I really love the faces. OOh lemme know if you get he ddung little prince, he is so adorable!

  • lovely and adorable, I want one too 🙂

  • Oh MY!
    I love the little Prince. It was the first book I read completely in French! I am in France now (for a year but leaving in a month T_T )! I am so happy to see that another country loves Le Petit Prince as France does. I think it would a wonderful exposition to travel to Europe!

    Anyways, the BJD are gorgeous! Each one is… perfect. Gah! So perfect! I think my favorite is him siting on his little plant, but I agree he need to have the little rose with him. She is the most important part!

    Thank you for the post! <3 Love it!

  • *o* I have no words…NO WORDS!

  • Custom avatar Gabrielle:

    I love the little prince but I actually don’t like the doll. I think they could have done it better.

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