I love toys~ and I think most of you guys that read my blog on a regular basis are aware of that fact! If not, I have a whole related category that I plan to fill up with all sorts of features and eye candy ^^

Today I want to share a place with you that many of us know quite well though~ Toys R US!!

Why is this interesting? Because we are checking out a Toys R Us IN KOREA! CUTE KOREAN TOYS!

For the longest time, Koreans would often buy toys at places like 문방구 which tend to carry mainly cheap toys, but a few good ones for gifts even if they are little hole in the wall places. Dongdaemun toy market is another toy hot spot in Korea which is still a bit of a chaotic jumble of plastic and color, but what about the fancy air conditioned shops we are familiar with?

Yes, nowadays in growing numbers you can find toys western-style as dedicated aisles in large department stores like E-mart or Lotte-Mart (sort of like the Walmart in Korea) and even out beloved Toys R Us has finally arrived in South Korea which has the largest selection of them all!

Toys R Us opened its very first South Korea location in 2007, boasting that it was now Korea’s largest toy store under one roof! Currently Korea has around 26 Toys R Us locations, these are all (to my knowledge) built in sections of larger Lotte-Marts . Usually the store will have a whole floor dedicated to the Toys R Us so even though it is not a 100% stand-alone location it is still a large and legit Korean toy store filled with goodies!

The presentation at Korean Toys R Us stores is top-notch. Lots of places to test things out or fun displays.

In some ways it feels very much the same as a store back home, but in other ways it is very different! You can really tell you are in Asia by the types of toys they sell…. yes, lots of sparkle-tastic kawaii girls toys and giant robot boys toys. A fair amount of what you see in Korean toy stores like this are Korean characters or re-branded Japanese toys, so for a foreigner a lot of it is new and interesting!

You would be surprised how many original characters Korea has for children~ you really realize it when stepping in one of these stores though. Forget Dora the Explorer~ they have Kong-Suni. Forget Mickey Mouse, they have Pororo Penguin!

Korea does have its fair share of imported products too like Marvel, DC, Barbie, I even saw Monster High recently~ but they are a bit more expensive and not as plentiful as the Asian lines/characters.

Nara is not impressed with “I’m Asian” Barbie or “I’m Totally Australian” Barbie.

Currently the boys department seems to be dominated by Japanese shows like Bakugan, Power Rangers, and Gundam. That little boy looks totally overwhelmed lol!

Lots of cellphone toys! I guess so they do not ask to play with yours? lol

Gundams are very much a thing here in Korea, so naturally they have a HUGE section dedicated to it in the Korean Toys R Us stores! Mostly kits and all that fun stuff

Nara has been fighting off the urge to buy a Gundam since we visited the Gundam Base Shop in Seoul lol

I would have totally lived in that tent house as a kid.

aw everything you could every need for your baby doll in one GIANT box

I found a few interesting Korea-specific motherhood roll-playing items for girls, like this Pororo 포대기 (podaegi) which is a type of traditional cloth carrier mothers use in Korea to carry their babies! You still see these frequently used today by young mothers and especially by grandmothers tending to the babies (which is very common)

I want a pink iron and bunny washing machine…..

Naturally Hello Kitty makes an appearance here!

This needs to be in adult size.

Geoffrey Giraffe is so flipping creepy in this store…..

Pororo lego blocks

Ice cream shop!

Or how about an ice cream stacking game? Haha we own this one!! Blogged about it HERE XD

What little girl would want Barbie, when they could get 쥬쥬 Juu Juu instead!

미미 VS 쥬쥬

Korea has two main “Barbie” type dolls, 쥬쥬 Juu-Juu who is a little more sparkle-tastic with a sharper face and 미미 Mimi who is a little like a cheaper Licca-chan from Japan. I really want to feature these dolls in a dedicated post someday~ hard to find any exhibits or proper collectors of them though!

쥬쥬 Juu-Juu has lots of related crafts and accessory kits that are just over the top adorable.

Piano,Vanity, Microphone, AND Jewelery case! I am a princess who does it all!

Almost bought this one like 20 times~ looks like something from Sailor Moon!

Can’t pick between a Juu Juu bag or doll?  Here is a doll that lives in a “bag house” perfect!

Now on to the Mimi aisle! Bit more girly cute over here

Pretty fashion Mimi

Special Hanbok Mimi dolls!

Another line in the Mimi Doll collection is 리틀 미미 Little Mimi! She is like a little sister dolls, but has her own house, car, play sets etc~ they are all really adorable, I actually find them cuter than the regular Mimi doll stuff.

Another large girls brand character is Kong-Suni 콩순이 ~ does the name sound familiar?

Kong-Suni is that pooping + farting doll I featured a while back that seemed to go mini viral and made its way around the internet lol thanks for the traffic Miss fart doll! Too bad several places forgot to credit me as the source for this valuable information 😛

Anyway, Kong-Suni has her own little line of additional (non farting) kids toys~ mainly roll-playing stuff like cooking, doctor, etc.

The most adorable cash register EVER

Kong-suni “laptop” for studying + a Karaoke feature lol why not?

AHH! Sylvanian Families!!! Korean Toys R US has a huge section dedicated to them!

They even have a corner for a photo op with a few GIANT versions of the toys! ADORABLE NARA!

I wanted these fluffy baby kittens so bad, I never could find them though T_T only on display!

Sylvanian Families / Maple Town / Calico Critters ~I used to lLOVE these little flocked animal town toys growing up! I had Maple Town which is long gone now, however the Japanese line Sylvanian Families is alive and well here in the Korean shops!

You can find “Calico Critters” sometimes in the USA at stores, but seriously the detail of the Sylvanian Families stuff is way cuter nowadays. Look at all those little ice creams *_*

Tiny picnic!

If you want to buy cute craft kits, this is the place! They have SO many~ I am way too old, but gah! I WANT TO TRY EVERYTHING! The largest line is “Angel’s” with cute kits, but they have a bunch of others. Some are originally Japanese, and others are Korean-made lines.

One thing I love (aside from the cuteness) is the fact they usually display the kits showing what you can make.

Stamp kit and pencil toppers! These look like fun :3

Clay sparkle accessory kit!

Children’s baking kit to make edible 붕어빵 (red bean hot bread in the shape of a fish, a popular Korean street food) plus corn dogs… because, why not? Wonder how it tastes…

Another adorable kit to make edible shaped rice treats for your 도시락 Dosirak lunchbox!

They also had plenty of inedible food kits for making dough dumplings or steak~ complete with a little fake gas grill like the ones you frequently come across here in restaurants.

This visit to Toys R Us in Korea we found a great selection of Korea’s own Ddung 뚱 dolls PLUS other dolls from Sol Toys like Celli Cat and Blings 블링즈 which I have featured here on the blog in previous articles!

They had lots of really cute Hanbok Ddung dolls in the larger and mini size!

Wedding set!!

They even make some play sets for your mini Ddung~ adorable!

I love Blings 블링즈 so much, the faces are extra cute! Had to buy one for my collection…

I’m an adult! WEEEEE~

If you are in need of party supplies, but can not seem to locate a local party shop you can buy lots of what you need here as well! Invitations, wrapping paper, balloons, etc. Some are cheap and some do have licensed characters on them.

Hanbok sticker dolls!

In the front they have a few final places to blow money on Arcade games or capsule toys (most of these are Japanese for things like Power Rangers, Jewel Pets, Doraemon, etc)


Where to visit Toys R Us 토이저러스 in Korea

Hours vary depending on the location , most open around 10am and close from 9pm-midnight

Seoul (according to the official listing) has 5 locations currently, while Korea overall has around 26~ so even if you are not in Seoul you may have a location in your area. It is important to note that Toys R Us in Korea is always connected to a Lotte Mart in some way, usually it has its own floor or obvious “section” with cash registers.

Toys R Us is not at EVERY Lotte mart, only select locations!

서울 송파구 올림픽로 240 롯데마트 잠실점
2F Lotte World Shopping Mall | Jamsil-dong 40-1 | Songpa-gu | Seoul 138-220

The most popular location is in Jamsil, connected to the HUGE mall where Lotte World and Lotte Hotel is, so if you are visiting Korea this would be an ideal location to visit because it is nested among a ton of other things to do! This whole area is like a huge mall, but just look for signs and it should be on the 2nd floor in the Lotte Mart area

서울특별시 구로구 구로동 636-89번지

A location a bit closer to where I live that I visit normally is at the Lotte-mart in-between Guil and Guro station on the Blue line #1, just off the Green line #2 around Sindorim. It is open till midnight usually which is good, but it is kinda far from the station so I always have to take a cab to and from this spot :/

Check the links below to see which location is closest (or easiest) to get to in your area!

♥Toys R Us Korea listing + info/hours (in Korean)♥

♥International Toys R Us listing (English)♥

What would you like to buy if you could visit Toys R Us in Korea? Have you been to a toy store overseas before? What do you like about it?  Do you have a favorite Korean toy? Comment and share below!

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45 Responses to “Let’s Visit Toys R Us 토이저러스 in Korea! (Image heavy!)”

  • Custom avatar Daisy:

    Ooo…. I would die & go to dolly heaven in there! Will be really broke too! Aha ha ha…

  • Custom avatar Casey:

    The level of jealousy I feel has gone to full blown green with envy. Seriously though, thank you so so so much for finally posting this beautiful entry! I love it!

  • Custom avatar amy:

    OMG i nearly wanted to cry and was just wondering why i didnt grew up in seoul! The dolls with hanbok are just so cute! Ok i think i will have to check the place and i suddently want to eat candies and play with dolls!

    • Elle:

      haha nothing wrong with cravings like that, at least in my book! I know though, right? The girls toys are so over the top amazing *_*

  • Ahh I would be so broke if I lived there. Blings 블링즈 are so cute. I would go nuts for them.

  • Custom avatar Moni:

    I love Ddung, they’re so cute! Especially the mini ones 🙂

    I think you mentioned a while ago that you interviewed Atomaru? I can’t wait for that post, her dolls are amazing but so hard to get!
    By the way, I discovered another Korean doll artist whose dolls kind of remind me of Doran Doran + Licca! You can look at pictures on Flickr under the name Kukuclara.

    • Elle:

      Yes I did! I had the chance to visit her workshop too which was super rare since she is busy and a bit private so she said we are the first that she has allowed in to interview! That will be coming soon, I have just been trying to get one of her dolls before posting to share with everyone…. they are SO hard to get unless you make that small order window!

      Thank you for the new doll maker name, I will have to check it out!!

  • I didn’t expect to see Shugo Chara and Yumeiro Patissiere toys. xD But all those toys are so cute! Why didn’t I grow up in Seoul?! 😀

    • Elle:

      Oh yes, those seem to be mainstays here for the time being~ I always see Yumeiro Patissiere so maybe they made a proper kids toy line out of it. Another one is “Pretty Cure” mainly the mainly the wands and stuff, but they are a bit expensive T_T

  • Custom avatar angelarenee:

    I love this post! Thank you! The girls toy are so much more cuter/magical in South Korea!!! After I read yur post I went on to Ebay and order a mini Hanbok Ddung doll! I can’t help myself she needs to be in my office!!

    • Elle:

      Oh cute!! Which version did you get? 😀 I bought the pink “young girls” hanbok version that day! I wanted to add a haul to the post, but it was too long hahahaha

      • Custom avatar angelarenee:

        Oh I would love to see a haul post but I can understand why you didn’t add it. 😀 I had a hard time picking between the pink hanbok doll and the red one. I ended up getting the red one because I love the Gulle (I hope that is right word…)that she is wearing.

        • Elle:

          aw how sweet! I am sure you will love her, the hanbok ones have a very nice quality to the details *_*
          Dont worry, I will prob do an overall korean toy haul soon!! I’ve been hoarding bwahahaha

  • Toys Rus in Korea seems like a Kawaii toy collectors dream come true. I’m pretty sure if I went to one I wouldn’t leave empty handed. I get really disappointed when I go to a toy store & leave empty handed because I didn’t find anything cute that was worth while.. I live in Panama in Central America & we don’t have Toys Rus but we have other toy stores. I started collecting the Sylvanian Families not to long ago I especially love to get them to take them on my local travels & gather photo ops with them. I’m so happy your posting again your posts with dearly missed I hope that everything is going great for you & Nara. =)

  • Custom avatar Lorraine:

    So informative as usual and it’s nice to see that not everything is Westernised. I love the idea that little girls can emulate their mums and grannies with the carrying sling thing and some of the dolls are so cute. The “Lego” looks fun too. I augment our proper Lego collection with some of the Moshi Monsters and Little Kitty Mega Bloks sets as there are some useful bits for our son to use…
    This delightful post makes me want to explore the Korean stores in London when I get the chance.

  • Custom avatar Amy:

    That Slyvanian collection!! <3 This was such a lovely post to reminisce over some of the toys I loved as a little girl and also some of the things I would have loved if I'd grown up in Korea ^^ (I was a bit of a tomboy, so those Gundam toys would have been perfect for me!) Thank you for sharing <3

  • Custom avatar RosieGlittermachine:

    Oh my gosh, I’d be in toy heaven!
    I think I need an adult-size version of that JuuJuu patent pink handbag with sparkles. Also a whole shelf of Blings, they are quite possibly THE cutest dolls I’ve ever seen!

  • I really love reading your blog its so informative and inspiring and Kyaa… so many cute Items and products in the Toys r us store! (^_^) Keep bringing more cute in Korea! xx

  • Custom avatar Yona:

    I love Toys R Us :)! I had such i fun time there when i went to Florida. BUT i have to admit that i prefer Asians toys lol. They’re all so cute!!! Korea and Japan have the most beautiful things.

  • Custom avatar Katherine:

    Daamn that giraffe *__*

  • OMG!! What a toy paradise! Here in Spain there’s Toys’r’Us too, but I think there are not so many pink and kawaii items, haha.
    One question: the huge versions of Sylvanian Families were for sale, or just for display? They’re amazing!

  • Custom avatar Leann:

    Oh my gosh, I’m having a cutesy heart attack over here. Cute overload!!!! How were you able to resist buying all of those crafting kits and dolls. Soo soo cute, hehe.

  • Custom avatar BritiShawol:

    i haven’t been to Toys’r’us in years!!!
    and wow!!! loving that Sylvanian Families area!!
    so cute!! i want one of those large display versions ahaha!!
    anyway i’ve never bought them because of the price!!

    and aaww the Korean Ddung dolls are so incredibly cuuuuute!!!
    i want them!!!!

  • Custom avatar Leanne:

    Your pictures and captions are too funny! Haha I loved this post a lot! 🙂

  • Custom avatar Meg:

    Hahaha! Man that Aussie Barbie is everywhere, and that’s just one outfit I can’t bring myself to wear. I do have a pink Akubra hat though!
    I like alllllll the toys, but the Blings dolls are still my fav. GIMMMMEEEHHHH

    • Elle:

      Do people really wear those? I always wondered hahaha Do you know the American chain “Outback steakhouse”? We took our AU friends there and he was laughing so hard at all the diggery doos and boomerangs. WE KEEPING IT AUTHENTIC.

      • Custom avatar Meg:

        Some people who think they’re “country” do…not so much “outback.” They were hats for the farm, so a lot of my grand-relatives and the generations previous wore/wear them. Just the hat, not the suit though. My pink one was for the Easter show, which was traditionally an agricultural event.
        Oh man…yeah I wish they’d stop misusing our indigenous culture like that D; It is a bit comical though. This one time at Australian customs this couple from overseas were complaining about having to wait for their bags, wanting to cut in front. The lady got really mad and said in a huff, “shut up and help me find the didgeridoo!” I was like pffttttthahahahahaha!

  • I love the ddung dolls and the Sylvanian Families family toys! So cute!

  • Custom avatar Nagrom:

    omg, because of this post, I now have to ask my parents to buy me a sylvanian family playset for my sixteenth birthday!! XD

  • I would want to buy the Shugo Chara hair drying thing and lots more!!

  • SO MUCH PINK *faints*

    Love those hanbok dolls ♥

  • Custom avatar andria:

    Does anyone know what the name of this bunny character is?

  • Custom avatar Kaitie:

    Wow so nice and clean!! I am a supervisor at Toys R Us in NY (I’m in charge of the video games) and our store isn’t nearly as nice!! Plus THE GUNDAM SECTION OMG. The Toys R Us here in America do not sell Gundams anymore so that was really cool to see! It was very cool to see this post from both the fun aspect and the merchandising aspect!!

  • Oh woah this is such an eye-opener post. I stay in Singapore & I collect Barbies, so I visit doll stores very frequently, including the local TRU. But the Korean dolls – I have never seen them before and would be Googling them to find out more! Love your site!

    • Elle:

      My pleasure!! I have a few brands featured here already from korean toy brands, but I plan to add lots more very soon!

  • I swear we had Calico Critters in the mid 80’s. They were super popular and I had a few, but they seemed to disappear. This really makes me want to start collecting them and/or the Sylvanian Families. Thanks for posting this.

    • Elle:

      Yeah~ I think usa had them! I know we had the cartoon for sylvanian families too though lol its hard to pick them apart from memory though XD

  • Custom avatar S.w.:

    Looking for strollers. Did u notice any at this store? In the states the toysrus usually has a section for baby gear.

  • Custom avatar Sara:

    Awesome place i mean GUNDAM TOYS!!!
    are they available now?
    It located at Lotte World? is that amusement park’s one?

  • Custom avatar CW:

    Is there a Zoobles section ?(Japanese zoobles)

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