This is an old shoot from 2010 Vogue Girl Korea, which like Vogue Korea is known for its beautiful editorial photography unique to the Korean issues.  I prefer Vogue Girl Korea sometimes because it can be a little more playful VS normal Vogue Korea, and this is a good example!  A very dreamy and girly shoot in a calm field…. with cotton candy and amazing puffy wigs!!

Anyone tempted to re-create one of these outfits? I am *_*

The originals online are kinda small and meh quality and washed out, so I edited the levels and saturation of these a bit to bring them out a little more! ^^

♥ This amazing “Sweet Blossom” shoot was photographed by Kimj Jung Sun with model Baek Jiwon and styling by Ryumi Young ♥

Does this get you in the mood for spring?  I have noticed a lot of cotton candy themed shoots in misc magazines here, perhaps because its told in beautiful pastel colors on the streets in Korea as a snack in some areas.  It definitely makes a pretty prop!

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