Most bus stops around schools have paintings on the wall of kids playing or cute animals.  This one is around 신대방 station and had a bunch of boys playing old games like marbles and.. er…this game of 말뚝박기 just looks kinda wrong. Human Centipede comes to mind.

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5 Responses to “LOL Korea~ I haz a dirty mind…”

  • Sitting here trying to be objective and figure out what the artist was trying to convey….

    I dub thee FAIL 😀

  • LOL. Actually it’s a traditional Korean game for boys called 말뚝밟기. They make a shape of a horse while a person jumps on the horse back and play a game of rock paper scissors, and until the head horse wins, the riding goes on ^^ I can see how this painting can be mistranslated to human centipede tho ^^

  • I saw this played on a K-variety show and all it looked like was a game of who could receive the most groin damage.

  • Custom avatar aylee:

    ummm. not sure if i wanna play this game. wait.. come to think of it, i think i learned about this in one of those korean camps i went when i was younger.

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