While shopping for some vintage toys online I cam across this amusing Korean Batman puzzle for about 9,000won ($9) Yes that is batman, maybe joker…not sure who the green guy is. Wait a sec tho, who the heck is the anime girl in the front??? haha it looks like she is swooning over Batman and he is about to attack her face. In case you are wondering, it does say “Batman” in Korean.

Well now we know how Chun Li gets her legs so huge. The interior art was not street fighter themed, but still very amusing! I kinda wanna go back and buy this book haha

Captain America is now Asian and likes gut stew.


haha it is Yui from “Fushigi Yuugi” on some glow sticks!!

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13 Responses to “LOL Korea ~ Character Spotting”

  • HAH! That is too funny

  • Custom avatar bho:

    Lol! I love this! Wolverine putting his talents to practical use. xD

  • Custom avatar Tony T:

    I would love to know where you order vintage toys online. I am a collector but I only know about happytoy.kr

    • Elle:

      Happytoy is the only one I order from right now, the rest I find very randomly. I wish happytoy would actually carry more, I kind of bought almost all the inventory they had when I first moved here and they have not restocked it with much over the last year. I plan on featuring some vintage/toy shops in the future, but atm I am still checking around for the best places~ the Korean vintage toy market is not filled with many collectors like it is in Japan sadly.

  • Custom avatar Tony T:

    I know what you mean. I am a vintage game and toy collector and it is tough here! Found a few great things on happytoy, but that inventory is rarely updated. I did find ONE shop in Dongdaemun that occasionally has cool old stuff, but you have to really dig and keep your eyes open. Everything is stacked up like a mountain there. I don’t remember the name of the shop, but it’s on that famous toy alley/street. The last time I went, I picked up these tamogachi type things that featured old k-pop groups for 1,000 won a pop.

    I’m going to be selling old games and bead crafts at a retro game market on December 1st though. Not sure if that is your scene, but thought I would drop that info too.

    • Elle:

      For vintage games do you go to Yongsan ever? They have so many things for vintage console game or import (japan) collectors, I know it is kind of a given~ but just wanted to say in case you may be new or are not aware….not what it used to be 10 years ago, but I went last month and they still have piles of things including old PC games. The best luck for toys I have is in random 문방구 http://cuteinkorea.com/old-school-moonbangoo/

      ooooh~ What is the retro game market? I had no idea about this event, please do shoot me a link or more info if you have the time!

      • Custom avatar Tony T:

        AGH, Good idea on checking out 문방구s. The one near the school I work in had an awesome Slam Dunk anime LCD game, but I am too cheap to spend the 20,000 won they want for it.

        I’ve been in Korea for over 2 years now. Have definitely been to Yongsan, but they are usually jerks to foreign customers. I only dare go there with my Korean friends. Although they have been stocking up on more retro titles these days. Picked up a bunch of awesome Korean licensed SNES games (Or the Hyundai Super Comboy as it was called in Korea). One seller told my friend that they are in demand these days.

        As for the retro game market, it’s not a huge event. I participated in the one they had 6 months ago as a vendor. There were only like 6-10 vendors in total. It was kind of cool though. They had a bunch of old game consoles set up that you could play and had a Street Fighter II tournament with an arcade machine. There were giveaways and auctions too. I haven’t gotten any detailed info about the next one yet aside from the fact that it will be held in the Techno Mart at Sindorim Station on December 1st.

        Not sure on the times or where exactly in Techno Mart it will be. I could pass along the official notice when I receive it from my friend who is organizing it. Do you have an email or contact section on this page that I can post it to?

        I found your site by complete accident btw haha. I was looking for this cafe in Hongdae where you can paint your own toys and stumbled upon your site while searching. Love the site so much. All the places you post about seem right up my alley!

        • Elle:

          haha yeah, keep looking in all the small 문방구 for sure~ when I go on trips out in the boondocks I find they have the best random stuff. I have been meaning to do a post just on all the nostalgic crap candy they sell alone! I’ll mark the event down, but yeah~ if you could pass on any info you hear that would be great just in case I can’t find a naver cafe for it! you can reach me at lizlorini (at) gmail (dot) com 🙂 Thanks!

          Oh man, I know exactly what cafe you are talking about! I have plans on going to that one as soon as I finish my backlog of other cafe posts!! I have some really amusing ones on my to-do list that you may find interesting plus a really random anime/figure market we discovered on the way to the Costco, so hope you will look forward to those posts!

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