At long last the newest Disney animated movie Wreck-It-Ralph (also promoted as 주먹왕 랄푸  Fist King Ralph)  is making its way to theaters here in Korea on 12/19!

Sometimes movies have a late release here because they dub them into Korean~ most animated movies here offer two screening choices, you can watch them subtitled or dubbed (which is obviously better for the smaller kids) which is handy for us since I obviously prefer English audio and actually so does Nara nowadays.


For the last month they have had a very fun promotional event to build up interest for the movie here in Korea, a large traveling arcade bus!

♥ ♥ ♥

I believe the idea behind this was to promote the movie to young adults here in Korea that may have not originally wanted to see the movie thinking it was for kids, because for the past month the promo bus has mainly been showing up in popular areas for people at night on dates or out to party such as Hongdae and downtown Gangnam.

Finally the other night Nara and I decided to step on one and see just what the commotion was about, especially since the pretty promo girl was yelling you could win free prizes from her megaphone.

Inside the bus they had several ipads set up with the vintage-style i-cade arcade box you can buy online (love these, would totally buy one if I had an ipad!) with Ralph’s very own pixel game from the movie “Fix-it Felix Jr.” loaded up for you to play! The gimmick is to try and make it past Level 10 on the game or over 50,000 points to win a prize~we decided to give it a go!!

The game itself is a lot of fun, its fairly straightforward and the graphics were fun and nostalgic~ I love old pixel games so I was really happy to see Disney made this along with some of the other games shown in the movie.

♥ ♥ ♥

You can play this game, plus some of the others on the official Disney site HERE however the version they had on the bus was a bit different in terms of gameplay… I liked it a lot better.  Maybe we played the app version? Dunno~

We thought we had it in the bag, but around level 7 it starts to get really crazy!!!  You could (unofficially) play as much as you wanted if nobody was waiting in line, so after a few tries I gave up~ Nara was determined to win though.  On his first try he made it to level 9 and gave me the look, so I knew we would be here for a few minutes till he won that prize he wanted haha.  He loves games and loves a challenge!

I looked around and nobody was winning the big prizes though, it was a lot more challenging than we (or anyone else) expected!  Because so many people had been using the machines the joystick was also a bit stiff, ahhhh I hate when that happens at arcades -_-;

The prizes were all actually really nice!  Proper products from the movie or official promotional goodies so if you see a bus and like the movie you should try to win something!  I guess level 10 is not that easy to win, because all around me the guys started cussing and gave up haha.

After a few tries Nara finally lived past 10 and got a top score for his machine~ SUCCESS!!!! Thank goodness too because it was freezing outside and his hands felt all numb because he took off his gloves to play haha

He won a notebook for getting to level 10 and a really awesome pixel watch for getting a high score!!!

The notebook is pretty cute, but we love the watch!!  Something he will actually wear so it was a good night lol.

The pixel watch is so cute and was really well-made~ it must be an official product. Have you spotted this in stores? Nara put it on right away and it went well with what he had on haha perfect.

Nothing much to say about the notebook~ it is nice and thick with lined paper on the insides and features one of the main characters in color at the bottom corner of every page.

I will most likely use this for interview notes or something in the future~ you can always use a notebook! hehe.

Nara and I looked, but sadly we could not find any blog or official site with more info on the bus, how long it would be around town, where it should show up, etc. ugh too bad~ the movie comes out soon so it may not be around for much longer though!  If you see it you should give it a try and see if you can win something!

Did Wreck-It-Ralph have any fun promo events where you lived? Did you enjoy the movie? Are you looking forward to the Korean dub of this movie? Comment below!

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19 Responses to “Wreck-It-Ralph Promo Arcade Bus in Seoul”

  • Custom avatar Irit:

    Good for you! The watch is indeed awesome. 🙂

  • I loved that movie!! those are some really cool prizes, the watch is something I fancy the most!

  • That is so cool!! The bus, I mean, it’s such an awesome way to promote something, at least it would work for me, that lately I haven’t been interested in any Disney movie (not counting Pixar).
    And that watch is just amazing!!! Congratulations!!

  • Custom avatar Maeva:

    That’s true, the watch is really cute, I like pixelled items, looks great but make us feel so old suddeny -_-” the bus is a great promo idea, I don’t think we have that kind of thing in France, I think they only have a Premiere (well only for big movies) in Paris with the people who dubbed the voice and some “famous” french people. Sometimes they also associates with food company to offer present or do giveaway.

    I really like the purple umbrella on the last photo, looks nice compared to all the black ones we mostly see in the streets here.

  • oh I love that movie! I love the ideas and the concept! And now I even love it more because of the promotions they did in Korea, hahaha… there’s no such thing here *sobs* *sad*

    the prizes are indeed cute! The watch is superb! Hahaha… I love it! Gotta look for it xD

  • I haven’t seen the movie but I’ve seen the posters everywhere. Also, your drawing is so gorgeous.

  • omg that watch is amazing! Congrats to Nara!

  • Custom avatar Suzy:

    I was wondering what kind of marker you used for her skin

  • Happy new year! (‘3’)

  • Custom avatar Lea:

    How did you meet your fiancée cause I saw ur proposal video on YouTube and it was so cute and I want to know the history cause it will be very intresting to know. Also I’m from United States like you how is it like living in Korea?

    • Elle:

      Check out my bio and personal blog posts, I did a little info about it in a post after the engagement last year 🙂 We met in College is the short answer though!

  • Custom avatar ayria:

    are you really Korean or just a Koreaboo? -_-

    • Elle:

      I’m not Korean, I am married to a Korean man and living in Korea~ so this blog is about fun things I find here. You always rude for no reason?

    • Custom avatar NiNJAYURi:

      I hate Koreaboos. With a passion. I personally know Elle and Nara; she is not a Koreaboo. Nara doesn’t even act Korean. -_-

      • Custom avatar Elle:

        I thought I had to be obsessed with K-pop and Dramas to even be that? haha just trying to enjoy living here the best I can xoxo Yuri lol

  • Custom avatar lololol:

    omg! I’m so Jealous! ‘Cause I live in america

  • Custom avatar Shana:

    OMG~! I love the plushy of Vanellope! The watch is adorable too!! They actually have it on Disney Rewards website~

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