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So after 5 months of not uploading anything I finally sucked it up and recorded something again for my neglected Cute in Korea youtube channel!  My plan has been to do a weekly Q&A vlog of some kind, shopping haul, review, just basic interesting things that maybe some of you would enjoy watching on screen, however I underestimated how time consuming it would be so I kept putting it off!  I’m painfully awkward right now, so please excuse me while I adjust to this sort of thing~ I love doing livestreams, but to sit down and do it all in a sitting by myself feels funny still haha.  I love to talk though, so I hope this will start to click for me soon~ and I can share my thoughts with you guys about whatever you want to know!

♥ ♥ ♥

I will be investing in a new webcam so I can actually record things properly with a bit more ease…. currently I am just using my digital camera which is great and gives me HD videos, but the files are huge, I can’t see myself, can’t pause, and it’s just a pain to adjust the results for uploading and transfer them around. Case in point, my thumbnail above is what the photos look like on the camera, but when I uploaded I messed it all op so its kinda dark and the size is wrong.  Got to study up a bit on this, because I hate low-res youtube videos personally so its driving me crazy to not have the results I want! If anyone has a webcam or youtube tips they recommend please do share with me in the comments

Thumbs up so I can have some cool points lol.

I didn’t come into this thinking I would do vlogs since youtube has a bit of a surplus of “hur I’m in Korea, let me tell you what its like” people, but I realized a lot of NEW people found me through youtube so maybe it would be a good way to reach out to a wider audience in addition to this blog.  I also realized that (just like with blogs) almost everyone sharing currently is usually coming from a k-pop culture enthusiast or a teachers perspective who is not involved with Korean family life or social pressures~ lots of people live in a bubble world here.

♥ ♥ ♥

In that sense I hope maybe I can share a different spin on certain things and my thoughts will be of interest as someone who has to experience pressures of trying to at least somewhat integrate here….as a female it comes with a lot of expectations and demands which is most likely why you do not see very many foreign females married to Korean men~ except maybe out in the boondocks where being “exotic” seems to slide a bit more with some in-laws. Plus I can also draw from my time living in Japan and also ooze rainbow colors and pastels, so maybe that is amusing as well? XD

♥ ♥ ♥

♥Please subscribeto my channel to see more videos in the future, and as always I greatly appreciate every comment and thumbs up I receive here and also on Youtube since it helps with exposure and lets me know you enjoy what you see. Good for my morale lmao!!

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59 Responses to “New Youtube Vlog~ up at last! Hi, I’m Elle”

  • Custom avatar Nishi:

    I love reading the Cute in Korea blog posts, but personally, I prefer videos because 1) it feels more personal and 2) I don’t always have time/patience to sit down and read a whole post (and sometimes 3) my phone or computer will take forever to load all the pretty pictures).

    For a future video, I think it would be cool if you did a haul/review/tutorial for Korean cosmetics.

    • I’m sort of the opposite. It’s easier for me to scan through a post than to sit through a video. But I enjoyed this video. Have subscribed. And I look forward to more.

      • Elle:

        Well hello there 😀 !! Yeah, I’m the same way… I just love flipping through photos before I even read what is being said with many blogs, maybe I am just lazy hah. Glad you enjoyed the video! Gah so awkward though, this is really going to be a learning process for me!

    • Custom avatar Elle:

      I will totally get some haul videos going soon Nishi! Need to swing by Etude soon for a bunch of new goodies that came out ^^

    • Custom avatar nagrom:

      I liked the video, because I thought Elle had a squeaky dog toy voice. When the video started I was all like “@#$%^&*()*^ , she has a normal voice!” and then how she was talking I was all like ” Woa! she even talks like people from were I’m from! ( alabama, u.s.a.)”. But then again, My computor gets REALLY slow some times and I can’t watch videos, so I have to stick to blogs. T.T

      (by where i’m from, I don’t mean with a southern draw or accent or anything like that)

      • Elle:

        hahaha thank you, I think.. XD sadly no mega kawaii voice for Elle, just normal! lol!
        Yeah I think I have what is called a standard American accent~ My mother has a NY accent, my father has a Mass. accent, and I was raised in SW FL where its a NE melting pot of people usually vs southern so I guess it balanced out except for a few random things. lol

  • Awww! Youre so pretty! Nothing to shy :p

  • Custom avatar Ottermei:

    Hey! I’m really glad you posted this video! I would love to see some videos dealing with how Korea really is, as opposed to Kdramas etc. 😛 Also, maybe some videos of every day life, like the railway system, people, even interviews would be cool. And more Milk! He’s so cuuuuute.

    • Custom avatar Ottermei:

      Oh, and I should add, I currently live in Taiwan, so I’d be especially curious to see how these two countries differ and how they are similar. Have you ever visited Taiwan?

      • Elle:

        Ah I wish I could visit Taiwan! Sadly the only places I have actually lived long enough to draw from are USA, Japan, and Korea. Hopefully I can go on vacation to Taiwan, I would love to see it!

  • Custom avatar Sugug:

    LOVE your blog! same as nishi: we want more vlogs! and for sure know how is live in Korea… pls show us korean makeup, i want to see the lip tints. thx. <3

  • Custom avatar Louisa:

    Great video! I’d really like to hear more about living in Korea (the stuff you mentioned at the end of the video) and I’d also like to see some of your apartment – It looks so cute and colourful!

  • Custom avatar Hiro:

    I’m currently living in Seoul as an exchange student, and I agree with what you said. It’s fun to visit, but it can be hard to live here. Not that I’m complaining though, it’s all apart of the experience for me. I came here with no expectations because I wanted to know what Korea was really like, and whilst I’m having a great time, I’ve met other exchange students who aren’t enjoying themselves because they came here with the wrong impression and ideas, and expected Korea to be like what they see in dramas and movies.

    • Elle:

      I’m so glad you are having a great experience here so far! Yeah, when I was going to classes I saw that SO often… just the joy kinda vanish when they realized Korea is nothing like the movies… haha shocking, I know! That being said, I think almost everyone hits a “omg I gotta get out of here” spell of some kind even if you did not expect sunshine and rainbows… I hear it is usually a few months in, for me it was at about 7 months I just was annoyed by everything and became frustrated with the bad stuff here. Thankfully a lot of people (myself included) can ride that out and eventually you learn to let it roll off your back and you kinda settle into living here completely vs just being here if that makes sense. Its like that moment when you finally stop getting upset that someone literally shoved you out of the way on the metro hahaha

  • 안녕하세요!

    Yay for videos but to be honest I don’t mind reading long posts.

    Also I hope this doesn’t sound odd but do you live by yourself?

    My Korean Tutor said its very uncommon for couples to live together before they are married in Korea.

    <3 Steph

    • Elle:

      Hi Steph~ haha not an odd question at all, especially with all the pink in my house! Yes, its VERY uncommon to have couples live together here before they get married….feels like living in the 1950’s so I can see why the divorce rate is kinda high here honestly. Its hard to know someone that you only see on the weekends for coffee! Nara and I lived together for a long time before (on the DL) but when we came here he stayed at his parents and I got an apartment right across the street. I was staying with him at his parents in the extra room, but I really needed my own space after 5 months! I miss living together a lot and having to kinda play that “I’m pure” game here, but now I have Milk the kitty with me so it has been a lot better! Nice to come home and have someone waiting for you, even if he meows ^^

      • ahh 네

        I thought so. The culture is very focused on girls being ‘pure’.
        So the divorce rate is high there as well? From my understanding divorce is something that many couples don’t do because is shames them. As Korea is all about ‘face’. But I suppose with the influence on western culture it would be more common these days.

        Do you have many Korean friends? I haven’t seen that many on the blog. This of course could be because of them wishing not to be on here. But it seems a little lonely for you.

        <3 Steph

        • Elle:

          Yeah it’s a bit odd because South Korea over the last several years seems to always be in the top 10 countries for divorce (highest I read was #3 at one point) but I have never met anyone divorced~ plenty that seem very unhappy by choices they made quickly or just to please others though. So many people marry based on the families wishes or super quickly here, like within the span of just a few months~ so I can see how now in modern times that is not working out and people who are becoming unhappy would want to split. Married salary men paying to “visit” ladies is also a major thing here… eventually I may do a post to kinda inform people which places are code-word for naughty so that people do not walk in by mistake when visiting here…. for example noraebangs VS noraerooms. Learned that the hard way by mistake one day lol.

          I have a handful of Korean friends, but none that I meet on a regular basis since they are married (so you never see them anymore…kinda a thing here!) or live far. If you saw our proposal video on youtube the cafe was rented out, so we knew everyone there~ although most are Nara’s friends haha.

          At my age most girls are already married or on the hunt for a husband, so I have had a hard time relating to other girls my own age for the most part and it is also hard to relate with the younger ones…people live with the parents till they get married so they often have curfews, mom cooks and cleans, and many have this suspended childhood thing going on till they walk down the aisle. This is why a lot of foreign girls come here and have a very hard time dating guys long-term I think….back home would you date a 30 year old man who lives with his parents, had to be home by midnight, and never really had to cook or clean for himself ever? That being said, I would LOVE to make more Korean friends here because I miss my friends a whole lot~ but I am in this odd limbo here due to my age and unique tastes! lol I wish I was 16, I would have a bit more satisfying social life I think.

          • Ahh 네 I’ve heard the divorce rate is high too but then hear that to divorce is such a bad thing.

            I can imagine that your kinda stuck in this older than the average girl who’s not married but all your friends at your age are married limbo.

            I know people live with their parents for ages until they are married so that doesn’t surprise me that people have curfews and what not. Its still very women do the cooking/housework. over there isn’t it so I guess that would throw a lot of foreign girls. My Korean tutor says it super rare for Korean men to marry a foreigner. She was so surprised when I told her about you and 나라.(Is that how his name is spelt?)

            That sucks to hear that you don’t have a huge amount of people to talk too. I guess its really good for you to have a blog and I’m sure you keep in contact with your friends. Also the proposal was so cute!

            OMO I can just imagine the scene of your walking in and being like… OMG Wrong one.


          • Elle:

            Yeah, its ok though because honestly I have always been a bit of a hermit haha!

            Yeah, the living at home thing is not always the case~ but I am not going to lie, Nara is living at home now and I hate it as a girlfriend and non-korean so I cant see how someone not from here just casually dating would want to deal with it… heck we have been together forever and it drove me crazy in the beginning. Felt like I was 14 again with no privacy or time to just be alone and relax together.

            Nara and I are still quite a bit rare here I suppose… I meet other girls in similar situations/relationships to mine online more often now, but out and about here I never see any white female spouses…seems like many girls living here have Korean husbands from rural areas or humble families. It’s hard to get a family to allow it in general, especially with the…eh… “respectable” families I guess you could say? This is EXTRA hard if the guy is the oldest son in the family… lucky me, I picked that one as well. My in-laws support our relationship now and I am so thankful they accept me, but until I actually moved here I was not acknowledged as someone that “will” marry Nara ~ abandon hope for Korean perfect wife, I’m here to stay haha!

            Oh god, one of those rooms seriously…. Nara and I went in and paid for the room like normal, but when we sat down to sing about 5 min in they played dirty movies on the karaoke screen behind the lyrics! We both kinda stopped and thought it was a joke (O_____O;)

  • Hiii Elle 🙂 Could you please maybe send a Cute in Korea logo picture with your autograph by mail?? It would had been so awesome! I’m a super big fan of you and your blog! I wish I was as sweet inside and out as you are 😀 Have a great day! Hugs Veronica from Norway 🙂

  • Custom avatar alviena:

    Hi Elle !! ^^ I love reading your blog and always drop by to see if you have any new posts up. 😀 I subscribed to your channel long ago haha 😀 I’m learning Korean language level 3 right now but i find it hard to speak up with my tutor as her pace is going way to fast. 🙁 I really hope to see your house tour as i saw some pink and cute decorations in your house ! Love them so much ! ^^ Please upload more videos/posts soon ! Saranghae :DD

    • Elle:

      thank you! sorry for the looooong delay with videos, ok now if I slack off you guys have to yell at me for being lazy, ok? XD I am way past due for a home tour I suppose, although I just live in a single room so it will be a bit short! Ah you are a level 3? I am only like a level 2 ^^; I need to study more vocab badly~ keep up the good work and I feel your pain about the speedy pace, it seems to be Korean style so I had a hard time in some of the programs here…. just so fast, whats the rush!? *_* If you are able to type 한글 free to practice by leaving Korean comments on the blog, I would be happy to reply (good practice for me too) or Nara would as well!

  • Elle, love this vlog!
    Your honest attitude is really refreshing and I appreciate that you let us have glimpses into your life in Korea.
    Will be thumbing up for sure!

  • I like reading your blog, but I also liked watching the video. Actually I saw the video before this blogpost because I was subscribed from before. I think sometimes people are more in the mood to watch videos, and other times text is better, so if you expanded to the youtube industry, it would definitely up your views 🙂 also, we like to see your face 😉 lol /not in a creepy way! -or is it? 😛

  • Custom avatar Joan:

    I love the video for all the reasons others have said; I love reading the blog and photoposts but videos are cool too! Especially if you took video of cool things you stumble upon around the city. I think the general topic of cute & fun stuff is perfect, but without getting too heavy I would be interested in some of the challenges/quirky things you have experienced as an American there… and of course I wanna know more about your children’s book illustrations when the book is published, is it for an American publisher or a Korean one? I’m an illustrator as well so I love to see what kinds of projects other artists are working on, have you worked with any clients in Korea? That would be so interesting to hear about!! <3

    • Elle:

      Thank you so much for the feedback! Yeah, I think I will try very hard to keep the videos lighthearted… I could go into deeper stuff, but I dunno… kinda like my blog here I think I want to focus on positives as much as I can. Anything too intense always sparks a debate which I do not want since this blog is my happy zone away from stress here!

      Ah I can tell you a bit about the books~ they are not published yet (one or two are in print getting ready for distribution I believe) but it is a series of beauty and makeup-type kit things for preteen girls. The client is an Australian publisher for this project which has been my main “thing” for the last several months~ I try to only take jobs I enjoy personally ^^ I WISH I could work with some Korean clients, but many of the places I have seemed to connect with can not afford me sadly~ I would have to take something like a 50% cut. They pay a pretty low industry standard here for artists overall, which is so tragic since I see teenagers with skills I would kill for that never do anything with the talent! My hope is to eventually connect with a stationary company here or something though, not really for profits~ but just because it would be so much fun to see my art in the stores here on pencil cases and folders.

      • Custom avatar Joan:

        Definitely! With the amount of cute merch and stationery items available, there has to be room for your illustrations!! A Miss Kika + Choo Choo cats collaboration maybe lol. Good luck with the book art & wishing for more fun freelance gigs your way~ ^_^

        • Elle:

          oh god, I would die of happiness for that kind of collab! XD thank you so much and best of luck to you as well! ^^ <3

  • I’m actually more likely to read an article over watching a video, but I think your videos will be pretty interesting. I would like to hear more on your thoughts of living in Korea, though more lighthearted stuff is nice to watch as well. 🙂

  • Custom avatar Ameli:

    I loved the video even though I prefer reading posts and viewing images. I usually read via GReader so I don’t visit as often to comment. Don’t worry about the video, it’s cool to be awkward and ramble-y.

    A foreigner’s view on SK and living there would be awesome. I’m really interested in how different it is from expectations. I know newcomers feel the same way about the States too cos TV can be so misleading lol. Stuff about daily activities like the grocery, post office, banking would be cool too.

  • Custom avatar MinMin:

    Haha omo, you are so cute. ^^ I really enjoyed that vlog. To my eyes, you didn’t seem awkward on camera at all… I look forward to more videos. ^~^ I’m really curious about what your average day is like over there. I didn’t think about it until I watched that video, but now I want to know… haha. I absolutely love your blog. You’re doing a fantastic job. I check your blog, like, three times a day to see if you’ve posted anything new… >_> Lol I’m so attached. Anyway! Great job on the video!!

    • Elle:

      Thank you MinMin ^^ I will try to make more videos since everyone has been so supportive about it! hehe my average day here is so boring since I live alone and work at home~ I just wake up and work, have a break for lunch or snack, work some more, Nara comes home and we go for dinner or out to enjoy movie, back home to watch some TV, Nara leaves and I work some more at night, bed! hahaha pretty much the same life I have back home actually~ I would love to maybe work a little part-time here doing something (like extra work as background foreigner on shows or something! That would be neat!) but until Nara and I get married I am not allowed to have a job here~ so I just study and work online 😛

  • HAHA That would have been so funny!

    I can imagine it would have been really hard for you to be accepted by Nara’s family. Being that Korea is all about bloodlines and stuff.
    I’m glad they have come round!

    That’s good to hear your a bit of a hermit and that its not affecting you too much.

    On a completely random note, How’s SK at the moment with all this talk of NK and the nuclear tests? Does it get brought up much there or is it just like a daily thing. Over here news stations are making a big deal out of it.

    sorry I have a millions questions about SK and Seoul. 😛


    • Elle:

      haha no worries, man here NK is always making stupid comments so nobody even bats an eye anymore it seems. Usually I am the one talking about it since I get English news updates on my phone where they are always like “OMG NK SAID THIS” or my poor mother has called me worried sick. Nobody seems to take them seriously at all here and turns a bit of a blind eye honestly, they have always been this way I guess so they know its just a lot of noise.

  • Custom avatar dee:

    hey ..elle…i have been following you for quite some time…i think your blog is very informative…i currently live in korea my self and prior to moving i searched around and found you blog….love it….the artsy, colourful feel about it is awesome…..and a feel good blog.

  • Custom avatar Stephanie:

    Hi Elle! I’m from Australia and I’ve been an avid reader of your blog for the last few months! I really like how you’re approaching blogging about your experiences in Korea, as you said, most people are doing it from a pop-culture slant or are living in Korea, but don’t have the extra dimension of actually being involved with a Korean family or anything of the kind. I’d find it very interesting to hear more on your experiences of that (as much as you’re comfortable revealing!). I’m Chinese by heritage and apparently when my aunt wanted to marry an Englishman… yeah, it took a lot of time.

    Also, it’d be cool if there was more Korean artsy-design stuff??? I’m studying design at the moment so I’ve always enjoyed all the posts about street art and the like! 😀 And of course the food posts are always a hit with me!

  • Custom avatar Danielle:

    I agree with one of the comments. A review of Korean cosmetics would be really fun, and different.

  • Custom avatar dee:

    well like said I live in korea myself and I live in a high rise ….sometimes I see people(korean) in their apartment and i wonder what their life style really like. Are the like us (as in westerners) yet differnt ….I have notice that also you don’t see Korean men with foreigners as spouses but a good chunk of their women are married foreign men. I find it kind of mind bobbling, why such a high standard for their men and not so much for their women…Just rambling allowed. I find that Koreans love to stare also…especially older people, it gets under my skin at times but I guess I shrug it off. Overall the people are nice and I have notice they really try to pick up english…just my two cents.

    But I’m really interested in your intergration into such a strict culture compared to the US culture. And are Korean rally as materialist as they seem on the surface at times….

    • Elle:

      Sure I can try and talk about some of those things a bit, although I think the videos will be more light-hearted. In terms of more Korean women with western men, it is not exactly a “high standard” being set for one vs the other, I think is is a combination of the fact men are the caretakers of the family (including parents) so they have more pressure to do things for the good of the family and they may also want a girl that is able to fit in those expected roles of a good Korean wife. Also, perhaps some Korean girls here find marrying foreigners appealing (aside from it being exotic, interesting, etc) because it gives them more freedom from the demanding roles placed on them from Korean in-laws if they just married normally here. These are just my opinions however, society is changing here so much (every year even) so what was the case maybe 10 years ago when I first came is not always what every young person on the street believes.

      I would say they are a lot like us in the end though, many just place a very high value on how they are perceived by others + family obligations & pleasing them are extremely important.

      as for staring, well in Korea we are not the norm so we stick out! Here, sticking out even for Koreans is not what is always preferred (kind of why everyone wears the same sorts of things and no crazy hair or fashion like in Japan) so if someone pops out they usually stare because of that, just not something they are used to and often they are just curious and do not hide it very well at all. Nowadays Seoul is filled with foreigners though, so I go largely unnoticed here compared to 2003 or 1999 in Japan, so any staring you may be getting is not that bad, trust me it used to be worse! Some foreigners that complain of frequent stares here may have something else attracting attention though… like being overweight, extremely tall, dressing poorly etc.

  • Hi!
    Elle…Nice to meet you…As of today i just read your blog…Cute in Korea what a nice and cute name also…Im as same of you is living now here in korea…But i want to know much better about korean culture as what u said…And r u selling products from yongsan?

    • Elle:

      Nice to meet you too, glad to be of help. Sorry, I do not sell anything

      • Ah ok…About yongsan electronic gadget shop…Wer it is located? And r u working here in korea…I hope to become your friend…and meet u
        in person…Im from busan

        • Elle:

          Please read the related blog post for directions to Yongsan 🙂 I have a map and directions at the bottom.

  • Custom avatar Suzanna:

    Loved the video. To be honest, I enjoy listening/reading about whatever you feel like. From the girly things like salons and shopping to the differences in culture and how we perceive Korea vs. what it is actually like to be there.

    I think with a lot of people, we build up in our minds how something is or should be and then when we get there and it’s different we are suddenly so confused! I often have to correct myself when watching a k-drama because I’ll go “I can’t believe things are like that there” but it might not be! Just like The Young and The Restless isn’t a good take on American life, neither are K-Dramas factually accurate.

    Anywho, you seem happy! I hope that’s so. You’re so very sweet. I’m sorry you have to live apart from Nara but I’m glad you’ve gotten the chance to experience a new culture. Hopefully Milk is good at cuddling. 🙂 Does he still have a little trouble walking? I noticed him swaying a bit in the background.

  • Custom avatar yesy:


  • Custom avatar vvv619:

    You’re awesome. Nara’s the luckiest Korean guy out there! Keep rockin…

  • hi Elle ^_^
    i’m shahira, i’m from Egypt
    i follow you for a few years now from DA
    i love the colors that you use ♥
    my questions is , what do you mean by it’s hard to live in korea ?
    i know in any country it’s different from what it’s shown on the drama from that country , but i mean how bad is it ?
    i’m asking coz it’s my wish is to travel or live someplace else, i never traveled before, and i don’t know if it’ll happen or not, but knowing how is it like would help me form an opinion at least ~
    thank you♥

    • Elle:

      Thanks for your comment!! Ahh such a long time since DA 😀

      hummmm~ The experience is different for everyone and depends a lot on how involved you get with the culture, how you look, how you dress, how you act, language ability, etc. Some people have never experienced things like racism before and may experience such things here, just an example~ I know I fit in that category. Korea in particular can be a bit harder since Koreans in general can be very open and vocal about feelings which may be surprising for other cultures. Being told “ah you look nice and light-skinned today” as a compliment or “you look very fat today, what happened?” can happen, its not awful~ but some people expect to move to places like Korea and have everyone adore and fawn over them for being different when that is not necessarily the case. You are often always different vs one of them, so some people have a hard time with that and the feeling of never being 100% accepted~ this is a common issue when trying to integrate with Asian or other homogeneous cultures though. Marrying someone here if you are not Korean is often met with a lot of resistance and doubts about your adequacy as a Non-Korean as well, just things like that.

      I have lived a very easy life personally in the USA and even in Japan I was met with lots of kindness, but here I have had cruel things shouted at me or just other difficulties / gripes like public spitting, coughing with mouth open etc. Its sooooo different for everyone and some people are better at ignoring things vs others! Keep in mind my exp is someone who tries hard to integrate and is marrying into a culture as a female, so I have a submissive role and expectations of me that men or people just here living and working or having some fun may not have, or may not concern themselves with! Hope that makes sense!

      • Elle:

        I should just note that I have decided to only address “Happy” topics in the vlogs similar to what I do on the blog. As much as I would like to be very honest and spill dirt, that is not the tone I wish to take online or discussion I wish to face with people since many people have very diff experiences here~ soooooo my posts will be overall light-hearted! 😀

        • well first,thank you for replying ♥♥♥
          oh~! of course we only want the happy topics ♥who want to hear about annoying stuff lol

          well i think you are right, it’s different for every one, coz it’s depending on where you are coming from .
          from what you said it sound like Egypt ,about the yelling at the street and noise and coughing …etc
          except here people aren’t very honest ,they wouldn’t mind Lying to u and tell you u look great when u don’t “they call it Courtesy”, in my opinion it’s as worst as saying the harsh truth lol , but at least when u know the truth you can work on it ~ so it doesn’t help
          but as a lot of people don’t know, Egyptians don’t have a specific look ,we r all mixed ,but the majority look the same, but some of us have blond hair, and colored eyes, or like me , i slightly look 1/4 asian , but i’m not sure XD, i get the same comment from a lot of people i meet that i look french Japanese !!! ,any way my point is , i understand what you mean being treated differently because they know you are not from there ,i feel the same way walking around here, being mistaken for tourists few times XD it was funny though, but at other times i walk around paranoid ,like i have a target on my head for bad ppl to hurt or..etc. i don’t go out much because of that!

          and about the marrying a Korean guy , i’m happy it’s going well for you , i wish i find someone nice too ♥ the getting accepted by the parents is kinda the same here, all women who have a son think he is special ,so if i will work hard to get accepted, I’d rather work hard with a korean/japanese family ♥ the men here don’t have manners or even cute >3> *sigh*

          any way ~~ really sorry for my to much talking ^^; *blush*

  • Custom avatar Anna:

    Why did you choose “Miss Kika” as your name, i’ve been wandering about that for a while. It’s really cute!

    • Elle:

      Ah my painting name? I came up with it 7 years ago when I started doing gallery work as an alias~ It was the name of my first pet cat “Kika” and stuck with my online fan base 🙂

      • Custom avatar Anna:

        I see, it’s really cute, it suits you 😛 I couldn’t imagine your work with another signature!


  • I am so glad I found this blog and look forward to reading about your adventures in Korea! I am looking to visit soon and your blog serves as such a helpful reference for places to shop, dine, and explore! Thank you so much and keep it up!!

    • Elle:

      aw thank you, I am so glad to hear! MANY MANY more posts on the way, I just cant edit fast enough! haha! Please follow on Facebook or bloglovin and you can get regular updates 😉

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