I like things that look like food!  Here are a few fun treats I have spotted during my adventures around Seoul~ 

I will add more to this post as I discover them! If available, I will have the photo link to the online shop item.

Cupcake calculators!

Carrot white out tape!

Doughnut Scotch tape!

Cookie Scotch Tape! Do they sell these abroad?  I only ever see them in Asia it seems, WHY? >_<

food erasers!

I own this game!  Check out my post about it HERE

omg I think I need this pretend cake toy…. you can even light up the candles!

These are a Japanese lip balm but are SO expensive so I never tried… like 15,000 won ($15!) bet they taste yummy though.

Doughnut microwave hand warmers!  These things are so useful in the winter, just stuff one in your pocket

Sugar Star men’s underpants!

What about an egg shaped food bowl AND egg shaped house for your pet?


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14 Responses to “Zero Calorie Cuteness in Korea”

  • Your blog makes me want to visit Korea!! I’ve only really been exposed to the cuteness that is Japan but since reading your blog I now have a whole bunch of reasons to want to go to Korea…nacho chip memo might be one reason :p

  • Custom avatar eKai:

    cuteness overload….i hope i could buy a macaroon lip balm in my country too XD

  • Hmm I love the shiny strawberry cleaners and the calculators, math is so horrible, this is the best way to get over it :p

    I’ve seen the donuts and cookies tape in other asian countries but not in other places yet

  • Wah, the macaron lip balms look too cute :3 where can you buy them and how much are they?

  • Custom avatar Suzanna:

    These are so cute! I wish the US had things like this, too. It’s so odd to me that companies manufacture certain things for some countries, but not others. I want a cookie tape dispenser! I think a lot of it has to do with what they view as the key audience for things. There have been asian craft kits like Whipple and clay erasers made in the US, but the packaging was clearly for children and they’re being/have been discontinued.

    It’s really odd because I think if they marketed it right, then people would buy it. I know lots of 20-somethings who like cute stuff, but when it’s been repackaged for a 7-year-old it makes you feel silly buying it. There are things that trickle over from Asia, but it’s really completely random who they decide to gear it to!

  • Hey elle! For some lucky states that have Daiso or an equivalent (for example, FIT in Houston, TX) there are cute everyday items like those that you pictured. Since you were asking, thought I’d share!

    • Custom avatar Jody:

      The FIT store in Houston is so amazing! (for any Houston readers…) They are very welcoming and sell plenty of cute Asian goodies. It’s like a Dollar Tree or Dollar General or whatever you want to call it. xD

      Anyways; very adorbs post! I am attracted to things that look like food too. >w< Or little animals! I saw that Macaron Lip Balm floating around on Tumblr and I'm like… EVEN IF IT DOESN'T WORK GOOD, I WANTS. IT'S SUCH CUTE PACKAGING.

      • Elle:

        Ok now I really need to visit this FIT store sometime haha!! XD omg yessss I am a total sucker for cute packaging!

  • One of everything please! I particularly love that Chupa Chup lipgloss!

  • OMG the cupcake calcultor is so adorable!!!
    i’m a newborn beauty blogger and it would be awesome if you followed or checked it out 😀

  • I love that egg house and dog bowl set. Soo cool. Do all those scotch tapes smell like the colour they are? They look so rad.

  • Chupa-Chups is not a japanese brand, it is from Spain, maybe you can purchase the japanese edition in Korea, but the brand comes from Spain ^_^

    • Elle:

      I know, I meant the Chupa-Chups *balm* is a Japanese import. Japan produces LOTS of its own Chupa branded stuff because it is extremely popular in Asia~ if you look at the image the packaging is all in Japanese as well, hence the huge price tag on it 😀 It is a collab they did with KissXMe gloss.

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